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To still eat chocolate when trying to lose weight?

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Opal93 · 07/04/2021 15:25

Over Easter I’ve been allowing myself some chocolate as long as it’s counted in my calories for the day (1500). So today I had avocado on toast, dinner is chicken salad but I didn’t bother with lunch so that I could have some Easter egg. I’m still within my kcals so surely I can still lose weight doing this? My dh doesn’t think so and says eating rubbish like chocolate will prevent a loss.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Queenoftheashes · 07/04/2021 15:26

I always do. Eating chocolate is fine, eating unlimited chocolate is not.


CharlieSocial · 07/04/2021 15:28

It's the sugar that makes it a really bad idea


LavenderLollies · 07/04/2021 15:29

DH needs to educate himself on what a calorie is tbh. CICO. Don’t over complicate this stuff!


MazekeenSmith · 07/04/2021 15:29

Your DH knows nothing


SchrodingersImmigrant · 07/04/2021 15:30

I am sure some will agree with him, but in my experience, eating bit of everything as long as it's accounted for in your daily plan no matter what diet you do is fine. Not just fine actually. Needed. Because you can't build long lasting good food habits if you don't eat things. Like this you learn control, you don't miss it so you don't obsess and that's all positive.


fourandahalfkids · 07/04/2021 15:33

I am dieting also. I broke my easter egg into bits and popped it in the fridge. I allow myself 1 piece a day as a treat.
Saying that dh tried to do the same and his whole egg was gone in 1 afternoon! Naughty naughty.
I reckon the rate I'm going I can eek mine out for 2 weeks or more. Like you it's all counted in my allowed macros so I'm not worrying about it.


BurbageBrook · 07/04/2021 15:34

Well, I’ve always been pretty slim and if I want cake or chocolate for lunch for a change, I have it.


Oneeyeopen · 07/04/2021 15:36

Doesn't matter what you eat it's calories in v calories out.
Obviously healthy food is better for you but a little bit of chocolate is fine.


CheckMate2021 · 07/04/2021 15:36

Yes, you can! I lost 4 stones based on calorie deficit. This didn’t mean stopping any food I enjoyed, just had to ensure I didn’t go other the calories for the day. I love chocolate and going cold turkey doesn’t go well for me (end up binge eating).


ZaraW · 07/04/2021 15:37

I wouldn't replace chocolate for a meal but that's me. If you are losing weight I can't see the issue.


Ohpulltheotherone · 07/04/2021 15:39


You could eat 3 Mars bars a day if you wanted, along as you were under your required calorie intake.

Of course there are lots of reasons to ensure the majority of your foods are whole, nutritious and high volume / low calorie - which means it fills you up but for less calories.

But overall no, if you want to reserve cals for the foods you like and it works for you then you’re doing nothing wrong and you will lose weight.

Restricting is proven to be much worse for you, as it’s much more likely to cause binging and yo yo dieting.


CeeceeBloomingdale · 07/04/2021 15:39

I always do this, I lose weight while eating (a limited amount of) chocolate, cake, pizza etc. If I cut something out I will crave it, nothing wrong with everything but in moderation.


Letsallscreamatthesistene · 07/04/2021 15:41

Eat whatever you want, as long as you stay within a calorie deficit.


LarsErickssong · 07/04/2021 15:42

Chances are if you cut out chocolate and all things bad after a while you would end up bingeing loads falling off plan. By having a little bit of chocolate each day you prevent this happening as you are still satisfied. I lost 3 stone a couple of years ago (and now trying to lose it all over again!) and that was by having 1600 calories a day, 200 of which were on 'rubbish'.


harknesswitch · 07/04/2021 15:42

Everything in moderation. Count it in your calories, job done


thesugarbumfairy · 07/04/2021 15:42

If your diet is simply a calorie deficit, then its not a problem at. As others have said, I wouldn't do it every day, but as a one off why not. I do that at the weekends if I want a drink. For me the best way to diet is not to restrict/disallow anything. That way binges and eating disorder lies. Just try and keep the sugar to a minimum most of the time.
Its Easter. Eat the egg.
And now I want a creme egg...


SchrodingersImmigrant · 07/04/2021 15:43


I always do this, I lose weight while eating (a limited amount of) chocolate, cake, pizza etc. If I cut something out I will crave it, nothing wrong with everything but in moderation.

Same. I don't even like chocolate and sweets but the second I tried to tell myself I can't have that (some diet long time ago) I NEEEEEEEDED them😂
So nothing is out of limits.

Only thing so far to not worth the calories were Maccies Katsu nuggets🤢

AlCalavicci · 07/04/2021 15:46

I think not eating any lunch so you can eat chocolate is not a good idea, a smaller low cal unch such as small piece of grilled fish / chicken and salad and small piece of chocolate would be fine.
If you stop yourself altogether from the occasion treat you are more likely to fall of the wagon and over indulge


Pedalpushers · 07/04/2021 15:46

I started my diet yesterday, ate half an easter egg and was a pound down this morning.


Wingedharpy · 07/04/2021 15:46

We're all different and what works for one will not necessarily work for another.
Your technique wouldn't work for me OP because I'm a feast or a famine type of gal.
I'm also like an alcoholic when it comes to chocolate - once I've had the taste, I just cannot resist scoffing the lot.
I swear it calls to me from the fridge.
If you can stick with that regime, why wouldn't it work?
Good luck.


Purpleguitar · 07/04/2021 15:46

Four years ago I lost 5 1/2 stone through calorie counting and I had chocolate every day. Since Christmas I've used the same method including eating chocolate to lose the stone I'd gained since the start of lockdown . To me it prevents me having cravings and I'm disciplined enough to have some and not need to binge.


AlCalavicci · 07/04/2021 15:47

Fall of . . .was not meant to be underlined Confused


thebillyotea · 07/04/2021 15:48

If you start depriving yourself, it's not going to work.


WonkyCactus · 07/04/2021 15:48

It's not exactly creating good, sustainable eating habits to skip lunch for chocolate. Having a normal lunch and then a small piece of chocolate would be better.


GhoulWithADragonTattoo · 07/04/2021 15:52

I lost 2 stone last year and would have small chocolate thing most days, eg small Kit Kat or Club biscuit. YANBU especially as it’s Easter.

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