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To still eat chocolate when trying to lose weight?

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Opal93 · 07/04/2021 15:25

Over Easter I’ve been allowing myself some chocolate as long as it’s counted in my calories for the day (1500). So today I had avocado on toast, dinner is chicken salad but I didn’t bother with lunch so that I could have some Easter egg. I’m still within my kcals so surely I can still lose weight doing this? My dh doesn’t think so and says eating rubbish like chocolate will prevent a loss.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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PomBearWithoutHerOFRS · 07/04/2021 16:01

Tell him lard is sugar free and sugar is fat free and watch his head explode Grin

Totallyworthit · 07/04/2021 16:05

Nearly 3 stone down and I eat chocolate and crisps and occasionally cake . As long as I stick to my calorie target I still lose. Enjoy!

folloyourarro · 07/04/2021 16:13

I ate Big Macs and still lost weight! Not the healthiest of ways to get nutrition ha but for me so long as I restrict the number of calories I have I will lose weight no matter what the calories are made up of, even carbs. I eat chocolate every day and still lost a stone (my target) this year.

Alwaysandforeverhere · 07/04/2021 16:29

Nothing wrong with it. The best weight loss/maintain depending on why you want is to eat everything you want to eat but within your daily allowance for losing or maintaining.

Sure cutting out entire food groups might work faster but that’s a diet and people fall off gain the weight back and rinse and repeat.

Learning to eat in moderation is changing your mindset to food and resetting the amount it takes to make you feel full and learning visually how much of what is ok.

Hhusky · 07/04/2021 16:43

Yes, absolutely yes. I've been intermittent fasting and I'm losing weight well. I still enjoy treats. Weight loss is for the long haul so don't worry about enjoying chocolate.
Your DH has a point in that not breaking bad habits can of course stop weight loss but planning healthy meals that allow you to have a treat is not a bad habit (in my opinion anyway)!

readingismycardio · 07/04/2021 16:44

You can absolutely eat chocolate! Losing weight is a marathon. I never cut out anything, I save calories and I even allow myself on Saturdays to have a cheat meal and go over my calories. It's fine. Have your chocolate and ENJOY IT!

willithappen · 07/04/2021 17:01

Don't listen to anything other than the fact you have to be in a calorie deficit: eat chocolate every day if you want! The more restrictive you are the more likely you'll end up over eating as you will stick to your calories and plan but then sneak in snacks

A healthy relationship with food will allow you to not see chocolate as the devil :)

juice92 · 07/04/2021 17:16

100% you can eat chocolate. As long as you average out the week in a deficit it doesn't matter and you will still lose fat. I would show him Dan Wheeler's vids on tiktok, they are brill and have totally changed my mindset on food

SchrodingersImmigrant · 07/04/2021 17:19

There was a doctor (?if I remember correctly) who lost weight just eating maccies. Was not healthy though. But lost weight😂

OneofPansPeople · 07/04/2021 17:26

I'm eating chocolate, drinking wine and still losing weight.
I just have less.
I think the minute you cut stuff out is when trouble starts.
Agree with the person who said have a smaller lunch rather than substituting chocolate though. It all helps as part of retraining for sustainability really.

Cam2020 · 07/04/2021 18:08

As long as you can trust yourself to stick to your set amount, it's a great idea and retraining yourself to eat things in moderation.

FuzzyPuffling · 07/04/2021 18:22

I'm allowing myself limited chocolate every day and have lost 2 stone in the past 4 months. (including days off - scoffing permitted - for Christmas,, my birthday, Mother's Day and Easter.)

ViciousJackdaw · 07/04/2021 19:37

It's probably better to pre-plan the chocolate eating, as you have, rather than diet yourself crazy then snap one day and eat tons of the stuff after you've had all three meals for the day. Plus, it might help you feel less deprived for the next couple of weeks, meaning you stick to the plan.

Hope you enjoy it Grin

SchrodingersImmigrant · 07/04/2021 19:42

I like how everyone here is reasonable! You are making me nervous.😂

OP just try to have it instead of snack rather than lunch next time.
But then again once I couldn't decide between watermelon and lunch salad so I had... Watermelon for lunch😂 A lot of it.

If you don't skip things too often it's ok. But don't make it common occurrence

ZZGirl · 07/04/2021 20:09

Yep! I'm calorie counting and still enjoying my treats
My favourite methods is on Sundays, breakfast, roast for lunch then I can have dessert in the evening!

blubberball · 07/04/2021 20:40

I think it's important and sustainable to keep a little bit of chocolate around in your diet if you enjoy it. I am a chocoholic myself, and I've been losing weight since January this year. I also like to substitute sweet things for low calorie versions, and this is helping me a lot to not binge on real crap.

Alwaysandforeverhere · 07/04/2021 21:23

Also as terrible as it may be some days I dare go over my calories as oh well. Just stay further under on a couple of other days. Your body doesn’t care on a day by day basis is just has to equal out overall.

SchrodingersImmigrant · 07/04/2021 21:30


Also as terrible as it may be some days I dare go over my calories as oh well. Just stay further under on a couple of other days. Your body doesn’t care on a day by day basis is just has to equal out overall.

Exactly. I figured out days I am hungry and days I am not and have different allownaces for each day. MKes it feel pretty normal
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