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Would you report or mind your own business?

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thepoorrelation · 29/03/2021 20:49

There is an eighteen year old college student who works at the same care home as me at weekends who is regularly off sick and has had an inordinate amount of time off due to increasing family dramas and various other reasons why she can't attend work. A few days ago she rang up saying she had taken a lateral flow test at home and it was positive and therefore she wouldn't be attending work at weekend which then left us short staffed all weekend. I have her as a contact on snapchat and I have noticed today that she has attended her sixth form college today so therefore she is lying. I'm not a busy body and usually wouldn't dream of snitching on anybody but I am sick to death of picking up her work every weekend when she rings in sick which makes a difficult job even harder and negatively impacts on the residents. Would you report her to the manager or just keep schtum? This is not the first time I have noticed she has rang in sick and has then been drinking with her friends on snapchat or posting selfies with her boyfriend.

OP posts:

islockdownoveryet · 29/03/2021 20:53

Hell yeah I would at best she’s lying to get out of work and and worst she’s ignoring isolation and potentially spreading Covid.
So when she said lateral test was positive was she then getting a pcr test to confirm? Is it possible that was negative? Just maybe check that out first.


lana135 · 29/03/2021 21:08

Honestly i wouldnt say anything. I previously called up work saying i was sick and later went to the pub where i bumped into someone from work. Truth was i had attempted suicide that morning and was just so mentally exhausted. You dont know the whole story from snapchat. Anything could be going on in her life.


partyatthepalace · 29/03/2021 21:17

If she’s doing it regularly then yes.

Whatever her reasons, she can’t continue to work there if she isn’t turning up - someone else could have the job.


StormcloakNord · 29/03/2021 21:20

100% report, say something to the boss at the very least.

It's unfair that you're being left to pick up the slack and she'll just continue to avoid working if she keeps getting away with it.


1Morewineplease · 29/03/2021 21:22

Yes, report.


CoRhona · 29/03/2021 21:22

I would - if it was positive she shouldn't be out. Let's assume that was true!


SeasonFinale · 29/03/2021 21:25

It would surely depend when she tested positive and when she came out of the period whereby she would have to isolate? Maybe the weekend fell in the last two days of that period and the back to school day was the first day she was out again.


BornOnTwelthNight · 29/03/2021 21:30

Yes I would in this situation, pretty shitty thing to lie about having COVID, if in fact she is lying.
And if she’s not, and actually does have it then she shouldn’t bloody well be out.


lanthanum · 29/03/2021 21:33

If a lateral flow test is positive, you are instructed to isolate and get a PCR test, but if that is negative then you can stop self-isolating. So it is possible that it was legit - but perhaps someone could ask her for evidence of both tests. Given past history, it sounds like there's a fair chance she was fibbing (or being very slow about getting the PCR test).


Awwlookatmybabyspider · 29/03/2021 21:33

This is exactly why Im not on SM. I couldn't be doing with that people spying on me.


Bluntness100 · 29/03/2021 21:35

No, I’d not get involved and hate to be that person that snooped and then told tales. It’s so cringe.


StormcloakNord · 29/03/2021 21:35

@Awwlookatmybabyspider it's hardly "spying". She has either lied about the test result or about taking the test at all. Either way, she's lied to get out of working. Considering the current climate, if you're going to consistently skive work then you don't deserve a job.


Awwlookatmybabyspider · 29/03/2021 21:35

Shes a kid ffs. Where you Holier that thou at that age. We've all pulled a fast one to get out of going into work. Well I'm certAinly not gonna pretend I never have.


SchrodingersImmigrant · 29/03/2021 21:37

I would. It's not fair on other staff and residents.
Plus if she is really walking around positive, it's super ahit thing to do and can endanger people. Even vaccines ones


Mum2jenny · 29/03/2021 21:42

MYOB, hope that helps!


HollowTalk · 29/03/2021 21:44

Definitely report. God, you'd hope they had better care staff looking after vulnerable people.


Muchtoomuchtodo · 29/03/2021 21:45

I would assume that the PCR test that she had to take following the positive lateral flow test came back negative.


PersimmonTree · 29/03/2021 21:58

I worked weekends in a care home at her age. Called in sick twice because I just couldn't face going in. It's a very tough job for a teenager but she needs to learn that people are counting on her and she's letting you down. Could you just tell your manager you're having problems getting the help and it's starting to affect your own work, then have a quiet word with the teen when she's next in?


mackleless · 29/03/2021 22:05

mind your own business


NotAPanda · 29/03/2021 22:06

If she’s dumb enough to have added you on social media she deserves it


Cheeseandlobster · 29/03/2021 22:07


Shes a kid ffs. Where you Holier that thou at that age. We've all pulled a fast one to get out of going into work. Well I'm certAinly not gonna pretend I never have.

She is not a kid. She is an ADULT who's actions are leaving her colleagues and vulnerable people in her care struggling. I hate all this infantalising grown adults rubbish.

Either she has tested positive for covid andis spreading it to others, or she is a blatant liar. Neither are good.

Its not easy working in a care home but she chose to apply for a job there. If she hates it that much she should resign and find something else rather than making others lives difficult

Stichintime · 29/03/2021 22:08

I'm torn here. Sounds like she doesn't take the job seriously, or care about the impact of her phoning in sick. On the other hand I don't think it will be long before she's sacked without you telling on her.


thepoorrelation · 29/03/2021 22:09

The worry thing is she's supposedly off to study medicine in September, so I don't think she'll get away with that 'oh she's just a kid' when she gets there. It will be a massive shock.

OP posts:

blowinahoolie · 29/03/2021 22:11

I would report.


diwrnachoflleyn · 29/03/2021 22:13

No, I wouldn't report.

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