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Just got a speeding ticket and no MOT

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totallycommitted · 27/03/2021 15:06

Just got a speeding ticket. 62 in a 50. I was on a motorway diversion and I've just checked and the MOT ran out on the 16th, 5 days before the offence. I've now got the car booked in for this week but I'm really panicking. What can happen?

OP posts:
sunflowersandbuttercups · 27/03/2021 16:16

And it definitely doesn’t invalidate insurance, no idea where people get this crap from.

A quick google says it can and does in some situations.

"If your car is involved in a traffic accident, you’ll be asked to produce an up-to-date MOT certificate. If you don’t possess one, any insurance claims that need to be made could well be affected. This is usually the case if the incident resulted in physical injury."

sunflowersandbuttercups · 27/03/2021 16:18

Also here:

"Is my car or van insurance valid without an MOT?"

In most cases, as soon as your MOT expires, your insurance will no longer be valid. So if you have an accident, your van won’t be covered by your insurance provider and you’ll have to pay for repairs yourself – or potentially have your van written off. If the accident was your fault, you’ll also have to pay for the damage caused to any other vehicles involved, which could be very expensive. And, because it’s also illegal to drive without valid insurance, if you’re caught, you can face an unlimited fine or even disqualification from driving, plus 6 to 8 penalty points.

Gemma2019 · 27/03/2021 16:18

@LizB62A thanks very much for that - I had no idea that existed

suk44 · 27/03/2021 16:18

I'm a bit surprised that a few posters have said that having no MOT will not invalidate your insurance..

From LV's website:

Can having no MOT invalidate my insurance?

Yes. If your car isn’t MOT-ed, you’ll invalidate your car insurance.

That means if you’re in an accident, your policy won’t cover you and you’ll be forced to pay for costly repairs to your own vehicle – and others involved if you’re at fault.

Plus, if you’re driving with invalid insurance because your vehicle doesn’t have a valid MOT certificate, you could receive a fixed penalty of £300 and six penalty points.

You might also have to go to court, which could mean paying an unlimited fine and being disqualified from driving.

If the above isn't accurate then why would a major insurer publish it on their main website?

Somerford · 27/03/2021 16:19

No MOT can affect an insurance claim, that isn't the same as your insurance being invalid and it doesn't mean that the OP could be prosecuted for driving without insurance.

suk44 · 27/03/2021 16:21

LV must have a different definition for invalid then..

Staywithmemyblood · 27/03/2021 16:23

Just signed up for the reminders - thanks @LizB62A 👍🏻

Try not to worry too much OP - these things happen and our minds tend to then get carried away with worst case scenarios. I’m sure it’ll work out fine ☕️🍪

sunflowersandbuttercups · 27/03/2021 16:24

From what I can gather, not having an MOT doesn't automatically invalidate your insurance.

BUT if you're in an accident and you're deemed to be at fault, your insurance can refuse to pay out, and you could end up paying for your repairs as well as repairs to the other vehicle, which could easily run into the thousands.

ArcticSky · 27/03/2021 16:27

I was sent a letter for speeding and there was absolutely no mention of my MOT. Just had to participate in an online course (2nd letter mentioned this) & again MOT was not discussed. I think you should be ok if you sort it asap!

Derbee · 27/03/2021 16:27


I know it's a lot of cost and admin or whatever but I wish someone did send out reminders for MOTs like we get for tax and insurance. I do set reminders on my phone now but have been caught out a couple of times when a car needed it's first MOT and also when I got the date wrong.

But I wouldn't worry about this as they won't check your MOT for this offence.

You can sign up on for MOT reminders. They text you annually
callmeH · 27/03/2021 16:31


You’ll get a fixed penalty for speeding or an offer of a speed awareness course.
Nothing will happen about the MOT.
No, having no MOT certificate will not invalidate your insurance

Too much over the limit for speed awareness, I would be very surprised if the police authority didn't check up with DVLA about the MOT.
Famousinlove · 27/03/2021 16:40

Last year there was an extension for MOTs because of covid, has that stopped?

sunflowersandbuttercups · 27/03/2021 16:43


Last year there was an extension for MOTs because of covid, has that stopped?

That only applied if your car was due an MOT between March and July 2020.

Garages are now open as normal so there's no reason not to get your vehicle MOT'd.
starfishmummy · 27/03/2021 16:45

@LizB62A thanks for that. I have signed up! Mine are all out of sync now due to MOTs being suspended in Lockdown1

Pan2 · 27/03/2021 16:49

Myth - no MOT invalidates your insurance, so a further charge.

Nonsense. Your claim on insurance CAN be refused IF any claim is based on an issue which would have been covered by the MOT.

There will be no further charge in this case. Some folk luuuurve to scare other folk for the kicks.

sarah13xx · 27/03/2021 16:49

I got a fine for my MOT having run out. I had no idea it was due 🤷🏼‍♀️ Wasnt a huge fine though, I think they could tell I didn’t know. Not sure about the speeding though, I’d imagine just the usual points and a fine?

murbblurb · 27/03/2021 16:53

well, now you know:

  • don't drive the car again until you take it to have its MoT
  • take whatever is coming for the speeding
  • DO make sure your insurers know about whatever penalty you get for speeding. Withholding that kind of info can indeed invalidate insurance.
LIZS · 27/03/2021 16:53

NIP is to confirm who was driving at the time. I doubt you will be offered a Speed Awareness Course that far over.

KenAddams · 27/03/2021 16:53

I haven't read the full thread but just to let you know "due to the ongoing pandemic" lol there is some come and go with Mots etc

Markies · 27/03/2021 16:57

Unless you’re in Scotland - no speed awareness here.

RampantIvy · 27/03/2021 17:00

I know it's a lot of cost and admin or whatever but I wish someone did send out reminders for MOTs like we get for tax and insurance

I get reminders from the dealer that I bought my car from. I pay monthly for servicing, so I get an annual reminder for my service and MOT.

Mrsmadevans · 27/03/2021 17:03

Just do the speed awareness course. I was in the same boat , my MOT had expired when l was caught, no one asked me anything about my MOT. I just booked in and got it done asap. Don't panic OP.

Georgyporky · 27/03/2021 17:08


You can sign up for text reminders of when your MOT is due:
(It's easily done, my MOT is January, my road tax is June and my insurance is September....)

Thank you. That's really helpful.
BIWI · 27/03/2021 17:09

Thank you for this thread @totallycommitted! I had no idea there was an official way to be reminded of when your MOT is due!

LadyWithLapdog · 27/03/2021 17:10

3p and £100 fine. You might need to declare it to your employer.

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