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To think this mother and father should be disgusted with themselves?

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Plinkyplonk · 02/11/2007 22:43

I've been out to dd's first show tonight and I am so very very proud of her, but, one thing has marred it.

A young couple (who's daughter was dancing) brought their son with them, I would say he was no older than 5.

As soon as they took their seats he laid down and went to sleep, next thing, he was projectile vomiting over the seats at the back of him and the floor, his mum cleaned him up and he was sat with his eyes rolling into the back of his head, face bright red and sweat dripping down his face. His father sat and did nothing, then, they gave him 2 bottles of cola. When someone mentioned he should be at home she stated very loudly "we've paid for the tickets and we are staying'.

He fell asleep again (very very fifully) and once again threw up for the second time over a poor elderly lady sat at the back of him and then soiled himself, only at this point (10 minutes from the end) was he taken out.

NOT ONCE did his mother apologise, though her dad did say 'sorry, he has been like this since last night' WTF? I am sooooooooooo pissed off, a very special night was marred by the fact we had to sit with a sickly smell lingering all night

I sincerely hope she is not going to be there tomorrow night with the poor little mite, otherwise I may have to say something.

OP posts:

themoon66 · 02/11/2007 22:45

Dear oh dear. Wonder why. How odd to bring a sick child out.


LyraSilverSparklers · 02/11/2007 22:47

for that poor child.


HairyIrene · 02/11/2007 22:47

sick kid with
sick parents

one of them could've stayed home

if they are there tomorrow ask if there is a doctor in the house!

what was the show?


bluejelly · 02/11/2007 22:47

Seems weird but actually coke is good for dehydration


yellowsnow · 02/11/2007 22:48

Perhaps they didn't want to let their dd down and couldn't find a babysitter .


LaylaandSethsmum · 02/11/2007 22:48

Poor little lad, one of the parents should have stayed at home he is obviously ill and shouldn't be there, never mind the fact he ws probably spreading whatever hes got around everyone else!


christywhisty · 02/11/2007 22:48

That's awful, poor little mite. If I had been sitting near them I probably would have been throwing up with him I can't stand the smell, useless when the dc's are sick which is quite rare thankfully.


yellowsnow · 02/11/2007 22:48

Meant to put on the end that feel sorry for you. Not nice for you either


Zog · 02/11/2007 22:49

Good grief. If it's on for more than one night, why didn't they go seperately and leave the poor child at home?


kittycrackles · 02/11/2007 22:49

They shouldn't be disgusted with themselves for bringing him out ,no. They should be disgusted for shoving cola down his gullet.


yellowsnow · 02/11/2007 22:50

didn't read that they gave him cola


Plinkyplonk · 02/11/2007 22:51

I must admit that I felt sick all the way through, you could tell he was ill, it had that horrible acidic smell.

I had heard that tepid flat coke is excellent, but, this was ice cold from the bar.

I didn't want to start anything as it was a special night.

HairyIrene, dd1 has been doing ballet/tap/jazz/modern dance for the past 3 years and it was their showcase. And, though I may be biased, she was BLOODY FANTASTIC

OP posts:

nametaken · 02/11/2007 22:55

Selfish scum - one of them should have stayed at home with him I mean FFS I have missed many many occasions I would have loved to have gone to but couldn't coz one of my 3 was sick.

A classic example of people who think that their needs and comfort come before everyone elses's, including their son.

Cola best thing though.


nappyaddict · 02/11/2007 23:49

why didn't one of them stay home poor boy.


colditz · 02/11/2007 23:52

Oh the poor little thing! How embarrassing for him to mess himself in front of all those people

What a selfish pair of twats!

Cola is very good for sickness, actually, but he should have been at home.

Mind you if they were selfish enough to disregard his needs in the theatre they were probably selfish enough to disregard his needs at home too.


kittycrackles · 03/11/2007 08:56

Flat fizzy drinks are good, NOT cold and full of fizz.
Anyway they don't sound like the kind of parents that would give a shit have a clue about that sort of anti sickness remedy.
I bet they gave him cola 'cos they are pig ignorant.
Anyway cola has far too much sugar in for any child. It should be banned, Vile stuff.
For sickness flat lemonade is better.


CrushWithEyeliner · 03/11/2007 09:01

that is awful - what little respect for their child to take him out ill like that and how AWFUL fo rthe porr lady he threw up over. Flat tepid coke is good sipped not cold fizzy coke FFS.


VeniVidiVickiQV · 03/11/2007 09:18

I dont think they should be disgusted with themselves.

They may have been trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

Or they may not have.

And perhaps they were too distracted by their ill son and performing child to apologise.

Or not.

who knows........Cant say that i've got it right 100% of the time.


zippitippitoes · 03/11/2007 09:20

on the bright side u weren't vomited over


kittycrackles · 03/11/2007 09:26

I agree VVV It's the shite coke that's wrong.


themildmanneredjanitor · 03/11/2007 09:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

qwertpoiuy · 03/11/2007 09:29

Since the performance was on 2 nights in a row, they could have gone seperately and left the poor boy at home. If my DS was sick I would have been so worried about him I could not have justified going to a show and bringing him along.


DesiderSparkler · 03/11/2007 09:34

So, giving your child coke is worse than keeping him at a performance when he's patently very poorly and vomiting all over old ladies.

If there are priorities in this matter, I hardly think that coke is at the top of the list !!


VeniVidiVickiQV · 03/11/2007 09:40

Yes, but coke is evil.........



VeniVidiVickiQV · 03/11/2007 09:40

oooh a rogue "A" lol!

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