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To expect the checkout woman at the local Tesco Extra store to help me pack whilst I unload the rest of the trolley instead of her just sitting there like a cat who has just sucked a lemon !!

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CaptainUnderpants · 15/10/2007 15:03

Ok went to the smaller local Tesco today , couldn't be bothered to drive to a Superstore . Needed stuff which I knew I could get in the smaller store .

Had a small trolley and took my owm Tesco Big Blue bags with me .

Anyway get to the checkout and the conveyer belt is quite samll due to the nature of the store , I start unloading my shopping and the checkout woman reaches for the plastic bags I say to her that I have the reusable ones and put them at the end of the checkout .

She puts a few items through, doesn't pack them in my bags , then sits and wiats as the end of the chekoput is getting full of my unpacked shopping and I am still unloading the trolley.

I stop unloading and say ' I'll pack shall I? hint hint !!

So I start packing , then I go back to the trolley and start unloading again. During pauses of not scanning the woman just sits there !

NO bloody help ! I have been in stores in the past when they offer to start packing whilst you unload the rest of the trolley then leave you to do the rest . Fine , no problem with that but when they jsut sit there and you are back and for packing , unloading , it is tiny bit annoying !.

Anyway got a bit pissed off and when I paid for the shopping I went over the fill in a customer 'satifaction' card and found none there !
Was I being unreasonable to expect some initally help in packing the bags ? especailly when I am in the throws of PMT !

If I had used the plastic bags she would have done it !

OP posts:

ivykaty44 · 15/10/2007 15:05

Yes you should unpack quicker - didn't you know


bossybritches · 15/10/2007 15:07

Definately YANBU......

Good god anyone would think she was in a SERVICE industry fgs???!


DirtyGertiefromnumber30 · 15/10/2007 15:08

oooh, complain. you might get some vouchers or something!


indignatio · 15/10/2007 15:08


I wouldn't be able to deal with that.

I choose my Tesco queue according to who is on the till. I have two great ladies I usually choose because they pack, smile and even pack PROPERLY - I amy be a little anal about this but I am on first name terms with them.


Alethiometer · 15/10/2007 15:09

Ah, the stresses of modern life!


Tigaaaarghna · 15/10/2007 15:10

Still more pleasant than lidl/aldi where they fling the items at your abdomen at high speed while you flail about trying to get them back in the trolley without the tinned goods landing on the eggs and the potatoes squashing the grapes.


bossykate · 15/10/2007 15:12

yanbu. if ever i'm in the situation where i don't think i will have unloaded before i have to pack i always ask for help.


notsogummyanymore · 15/10/2007 15:12

I sympathise! I usually pack myself because I'm a bit weird and like all my veg in one bag etc... BUT when they ask if you would like help packing, you say no, then they frantically throw stuff through the scanner as quick as they bloody well can and expect you to keep up and keep your toddlers hands out of the shopping... Now that really gets my goat!


mishymoo · 15/10/2007 15:13

I would have made some sarcastic comment to get her to help me pack! You will always get the odd unhelpful persons in stores like these and it looks like it was your turn today!

The worst is when they give you all your receipts, cards and/or change in one hand while you need to try and get it in your purse, then your bag, etc.. Why do they have to hang on to the cards while waiting for the receipt?


AitchTwoOh · 15/10/2007 15:13

so true about lidl. and they do it even when there's no queue, it's hilarious.


bossykate · 15/10/2007 15:13

i sincerely hope you don't put all your eggs in one basket ...


notsogummyanymore · 15/10/2007 15:15

i put my eggs on top


CaptainUnderpants · 15/10/2007 15:15

Bloody typical whne I have PMT and then no customer satisfaction cards.

I was doing my best to be eco friendly , use reusable bags and not drive further to the bigger store.

Put me right off that store now.

I came home had to sit down and have a cuppa !

OP posts:

notsogummyanymore · 15/10/2007 15:16

ooh can i join you. I'll bring the chocolate biscuits!


clumsymum · 15/10/2007 15:16

As I'm disabled, I ALWAYS have my shopping packed for me, usually I don't even have to ask.

And I don't understand why it isn't standard practise anyway. It was years and years ago in the states, where supermarkets were invented.

Oh and IMHO all those who say "I like to pack it myself so I know this goes with that etc" are control freaks with too much energy and too little to worry about


notsogummyanymore · 15/10/2007 15:17

do I know you?


CaptainUnderpants · 15/10/2007 15:17

No chocolate biscuits ! I'm on a diet ! ( have lost 9lb already )

OP posts:

notsogummyanymore · 15/10/2007 15:18

Well done you! Enjoy your cuppa - off to put the kettle on...


louii · 15/10/2007 15:19

YANBU, I would complian, prob would have said something at the time.

I wait at the bit in Lidl where they are throwing all my food into the trolley and pack it into my bags, then I make them wait till i am finished before I pay.

I do this in any supermarket where they are so fast that you don't get time to pack nor do they offer to help, i wait till i have everything bagged then i pay.
I will not be rushed!

Nothing worse than you trying to stuff your shopping in a bag as the next customers stuff is landing on top of it.


CaptainUnderpants · 15/10/2007 15:25

Good idea lou - I will make them wait before I pay if it happens again !

OP posts:

Notyummy · 15/10/2007 15:29

Just so you know...I used to manage a number of Aldi stores (Lidl have a very similar business model unsurprisingly!), and there are very few staff in the stores to cut costs. The idea is that the low prices are passed on to the consumer (which they usually are...considerably cheaper for most things than other supermarkets, and the supplier quality is exactly the same if not better). The staffing ratio mean that staff need to get through customers as quick as possible to enable them to get off the checkout and start shelf stacking/cleaning/counting inventory etc etc. They are honestly not doing it to be rude, but it has been ben studied by VERY EFFICIENT German scientists who have shown that the quickest way of dealing with customers is loading straight into the trolley, paying, and then allowing the customers to pack slow time, putting everything carefully away, at the shelve running along the back of the shop behind all the tills. That way the staff can get on with their jobs, costs are kept down, and prices as well. So....

If you don't like at Waitrose and pay the prices


CaptainUnderpants · 15/10/2007 15:36

I remeber years & years ago that Tesco had a similar thing where you went off to pack you bags . It must have been a long time ago as I can remember my Mum packing but still using Tesco paper bags !

I would rather go and pack my bags eslewhere but I suppose in store nowadays the space is used for selling goods not helping the customer !

OP posts:

PieMama2007 · 15/10/2007 15:36

Grrr! ALso hate it when all the bags are stuck together and the checkout person sees it as a personal challenge to try and fire all your groceries at you as fast as humanly possible and is busy saying "That's £52 please" as you are still trying to get the blasted first bag open!!! The better ones usually spend their spare minutes loosening bags for the next customer. I try to chill, though, and refuse to be hurried - I make them wait until I've packed the bags before handing over my card for payment. Hate it when people behind you are in a hurry and start tutting - why did they choose a checkout behind a mum on her own if they were in that much of a hurry - I like to make them wait, too....


OrmIrian · 15/10/2007 15:39

lol! I love the Aldi/Lidl shopping race! Can you load the stuff quick enough to beat the checkout staff?


OrmIrian · 15/10/2007 15:41

I agree notyummy! It's so cheap you expect a few cut corners. Its all adds the shopping experience

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