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to really hate my quinny zapp???????

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fawkeoff · 07/10/2007 13:32

if i put more than 2 bloody bags on it it just falls over , does anyone else have this problem???? i have just come back from asda and had to literally carry the pram home with ds sat in it and 3 shopping bags on, my back is murdering me

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fawkeoff · 07/10/2007 13:34

i only paid £50 for his last pram, it was a chicco but i could put well over 5 bags on it and it would still stay upright

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2mum · 07/10/2007 13:36

I think its more of a trendy buggy than anything. I dont really like this buggy looks wise tbh It doesnt look like it could hold much either, im not surprised.


fawkeoff · 07/10/2007 13:40

i know i am so annoyed at myself for buying it to tell you the truth, there wasn't even anything wrong with his last pram, i just wanted a new one it is pure evil

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2mum · 07/10/2007 13:41

Sell it and go back to your other one?!


LadyVictoriaOfCake · 07/10/2007 13:43

sell it.

i dont like them for that reason.

i use an Mothercare uban detour for shopping. all fits under the basket.


SpacePuppy · 07/10/2007 13:44

f you had checked the reviews on here about the zapp you would've known the negative side of owning it. You can buy a bag that attaches to the back for carrying things in off ebay.

I drive so don't have a problem with packing things on it. But yes, if you haven't noticed yet, it doesn't recline either.


fawkeoff · 07/10/2007 13:45

i dont know where to seel it, should i put it on ebay....i have only had it 4 months, its immaculate and has the warranty. i threw my other pram away

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LadyVictoriaOfCake · 07/10/2007 13:46

put it on ebay, they sell well on there.


fawkeoff · 07/10/2007 13:46

i am newish to this site and wasnt a member before i bought the pram

OP posts:

LadyVictoriaOfCake · 07/10/2007 14:02

i thought you were an old member fawke


ELF1981 · 07/10/2007 14:20

I have always coveted a zapp, but keep seeing bad reviews.


ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 07/10/2007 14:46

I'm sure a MNer had success using those "buggy weights" to counter balance the shopping.

Mind you, I sling a large bag over the handles and fill it with stuff and provided I'm holding the handles of the Zapp it doesn't tip over. All buggies are prone to tipping if you put bags on the back, it's basic physics. The Zapp is more prone than most because of the weight distribution/shape of the wheel base in relation to the handles..


Sidge · 07/10/2007 15:38


We borrowed a Zapp for a weekend and both DD2 aged 3 and DD3 aged 11 months hated going in it.

The most uncomfortable looking pushchair I've ever used.


alittleone2 · 07/10/2007 17:07

Message withdrawn


ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween · 08/10/2007 10:52

Ironically, Sidge, BabyDragon prefers the Zapp to the larger, more padded pram I used with her before. But she is a contrary little bugger darling.


DoctorFrankenSquonk · 08/10/2007 10:58

YANBU. If you don't like it, sell it on ebay, or on here. Or even put an ad in your local paper.

I love mine but it does have a tendency to tip over if I overload the back. You can get a basket to go underneath for shopping and I believe that it doesn't tip over with that. You can also get a wedge basket for the back which is better than normal shopping bags, but it does still tip if you put too much stuff in.

As someone else mentioned, you can get buggy weights for the front. I haven't used them but again, I believe they are fab for this.

They are a popular buggy and if you did decide to sell it and get something more practical for you, you probably wouldn't have a problem getting rid of it.


morningglory · 08/10/2007 11:02

I like how easy it is to push, and the fact that it is great to keep the frane in the car, and just be able to clip in the maxi cosi car seat (when pushing a baby around).

Don't like the faff involved with taking the seat off the frame, the instability of 3 wheels, and the lack of storage.

All these problems were addressed in the Zapp model which came out in the States (picked one up last time I was there):
-the seat zipps off and on
-there is underchair storage when using the seat

  • ot is a 4 wheeled model giing more stability

    Still is just as compact (can take on board planes and put in overhead compartment), and has the same ease of maneuverability.

    See if you can get your hands on one of these on, it's really worth it.

fedupwasherwoman · 08/10/2007 11:18

I see ours as a going away for the weekend/holiday buggy rather than a shopping buggy. That's what we bought it for. (I have a maclaren for shopping).


ashadasher · 08/10/2007 11:54

so what do people recommend for a lightweight pushchair? i had a quinny buzz and that worked really well, but for travel etc. id like to get something lighter and smaller. ive got an ergo carrier but that is too much weight for me nowadays.


Caroline1852 · 08/10/2007 12:03

How old is the baby/child?


Lovecat · 08/10/2007 13:29

I bought a Combi Dash off ebay for holidays - it's the lightest I could find (4.5kgs) and has a carrying strap and a case to pack it in for air travel (although BA managed to rip it to bits, grrr...). Brilliant lightweight buggy, doesn't recline flat because of the carry strap, but folds away to nothing and is sooo light (I too have a bad back and can carry dd inside this down stairs without issues - I can even brave the buses on it)!

This time last year they were going for around £50 on BIN or you might get lucky with a bid(full price about £150ish).


Lovecat · 08/10/2007 13:31

oops, pressed post too quickly - meant to add that it even has a relatively sizeable basket underneath for shopping!


ScottishMummy · 08/10/2007 13:38

also hate quinny zapp - tips over, rickety, unsteady, feel every bump and vibration. i had it in maxi cosi car seat mosde and it tipped over spontaneously, with baby in it. only usede for a few months then bought another buggy.

dorel the manufacturer most unhelpful said "it is a light urban use buggy only"


GingermonkeySucksBlood · 08/10/2007 13:40

I have a zapp because it was the only way I could convince DH to let me buy a mini (he was so sure I couldn't find a pushchair to put in it). Now I wish I'd forgotten about the mini and got a sensible car instead (and a nice Maclaren!).
I did buy a buggy basket from ebay and a bag to go over the back of the zapp which makes it a little more practical, but I still don't like it very much!


Sunshinecursedmummy · 08/10/2007 15:38

YANBU I hate mine too. You can't hang anything off the back but there is no shopping trolley underneath. The rain cover is utterly useless and the suspension is zero. DS doesn't like it much, but we only really use it as the car pram (popping to shops etc). I'd never take it on holiday as DS won't sleep in it.

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