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How tall is your 12 year old?

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FortunesFave · 23/07/2020 13:40

Just curious really. Mine's 5.2 which seems about average to tall in her class. There's one girl in her class who is 5.8 already...others seem about 5ft.

My older DD is 16 and the same height as her little sister which annoys her!

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Lockheart · 23/07/2020 13:48

What's your AIBU?

sunshineandshowers21 · 23/07/2020 13:51

my 12 (almost 13) year old boy is about 5ft 8 and growing every day! and his voice has just broken so he’ll be going back to school looking and sounding like a completely different kid 😂 it’s actually scary how quickly they change at this age! looking at photos from a year ago my 6 year old looks exactly the same, whilst my 12 year old looks completely different.

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme · 23/07/2020 13:58

Some girls will have already stopped growing at 12, whereas others haven't started their periods and have another 3+ years of growing including the teen growth spurt to come. Heights will vary even more widely than those of adult women do.anything from 4ft 9 to 5 ft 9+ would be normal for a 12 year old girl, depending exactly when she hits puberty/ starts her periods.

Curlyshabtree · 23/07/2020 14:07

DD 5’3 and DS 5’5

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme · 23/07/2020 14:09

My own DD was about 5 ft 0 at 12 but 5 ft 7 at 14. Most of the girls who reach their full adult height at 12 will have started their periods at the end of primary school, though it's very variable and not a hard and fast rule.

Obviously the boys are often still shorter at 12 and will only just be starting teen growth spurts or about to start in the next year or so.

ohtheholidays · 23/07/2020 14:19

My DD12 is 5ft 9 and showing no signs of slowing down.

tiredanddangerous · 23/07/2020 14:22

Dd is 5ft 5

DefConOne · 23/07/2020 14:25

My 12 year old started her periods a year ago. She is 5ft 5 and has gained an inch in 3 months. There are a lot of tall women in the family so I wouldn’t surprised if she had a way to go yet.

lljkk · 23/07/2020 14:30

The rising yr6s (so still 11yo) range from about 4'5" to nearly 5'10"!

My 12yo DS is just a under 5' tall.

PeskyRooks · 23/07/2020 14:33

My ds12 is 5ft 7 and my dd13 about half an inch shorter.

GoGadgetGo · 23/07/2020 14:39

When I was 11. I was 5ft 10. Now I'm older I'm a tiny bit shorter.

When I was in secondary school there were about 4 of us who were 5ft 10 at 11, 12.
Heights vary.

GoGadgetGo · 23/07/2020 14:43

Saying that, kids today are even taller. One girl, who is 10, is already 5ft 10 and I know she will be over 6ft soon if she is anything like her siblings.

2bazookas · 23/07/2020 15:23

One of ours reached 6ft in the summer holiday between leaving primary school and starting secondary school

BarefootHippieChick · 23/07/2020 15:28

My 12 year old is as tall as me, 5 foot 4, and taller than her older sister too!

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit · 23/07/2020 15:29

Wow 2bazookas! 6 ft!
DD is 5ft 7 and showing no sign of slowing down. I think she'll be about 5 10. She already has a woman's body and looks about 17. It's terrifying.

lughnasadh · 23/07/2020 15:30

At what age/height should you worry?

My Ds is just under 5 foot at 12.

Looneytune253 · 23/07/2020 15:30

My (just turned) 10 year old dd is 5'6 lol. She's reached almost my height already

Chocoholic12 · 23/07/2020 15:31

Mine turned 13 last month and is 6ft size 10.5 feet.

FreezerBird · 23/07/2020 15:34

3 foot 6 but she's complicated!

FreezerBird · 23/07/2020 15:36

Hang on, I'm talking total nonsense and measure to the mark of the wrong sibling on the wall...

She's 4 foot 2.

TAKESNOSHITSHIRLEY · 23/07/2020 16:02

hes 15 now but at 12 he was 5ft10.hes now 6ft 2

for reference my 9 y old is taller than your girl,hes 5ft 3 already

at 12 i was 6ft(still am)
their dad is only 5ft6

both were born massive though 28(15 y old) and 29 inches(9 y old)and just went up and up and up and have looked years older than what they were from birth really

Iminaglasscaseofemotion · 23/07/2020 16:05

I was probably about 5ft 8 at 12. I'm 5ft 10 now. 12 year old D's is probably just over 5ft.

EthelMayFergus · 23/07/2020 16:11

My 12 year old (girl) is 5'7", tallest in her class but probably one of the oldest as her birthday's in October, and she has size 9 feet. Ds was 5'6" at 12 but is now nearly 6 foot at 14.

flooredbored · 23/07/2020 16:17

I was 5' 8" at twelve. I have remained 5'8". Some people mature earlier than others.

TheCanyon · 23/07/2020 16:17

Almost 12, she's 4'9 and started her periods a year ago. Tallest in her class is about 5'8 and still not reached puberty, smallest is about 4,3 and her mum is 6ft+

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