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To think that 3-yr olds shouldn't be allowed to play out by themselves?

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jigglepuff · 22/09/2007 21:23

We live on a lovely quiet cul-de-sac. There are lots of kids playing out most of the time. They will usually have one or both parents watching them. However, one family doesn't come out to watch their children. I think that as one of their children is only 3, they should be keeping a closer watch on them. Would you consider this acceptable? I don't feel that it's fair that I'm effectively responsible for this child, whether I want to be or not.

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 22/09/2007 22:44
MamaMaiasaura · 22/09/2007 22:45

true 3andnomore, although when i was 5/6 an old man tried to get me in his car to see his wife so she could see how pretty i was. Luckily I had the quick mind to say my mummy was watching him and she would be very cross. The old man then was quite nasty and rushed off. Infact my mummy wasnt watching, my sister was in the shop (9/10 years old). She told me not to tell my mum as she would be in trouble for not watching me all the time.

Did end up telling my mum but so much later that the man was long gone.

MamaMaiasaura · 22/09/2007 22:46
nightowl · 22/09/2007 22:46

but why should other adults, who have nothing to do with that child feel responsible?

i have before, been standing in the street and didnt want to come in the house because im worried about someone elses kid. why should i have to do that? why should other parents assume i will?

i think thats what op was trying to say.

Nightynight · 22/09/2007 22:46

lol Chantilly, the only thread I can recal on MN where there WASNT a discussion, was the one where everyone agreed that we dont fancy Tom Cruise, iirc.

MamaMaiasaura · 22/09/2007 22:47

I thought that was what was suggested harpsi, the OP said the 3 year old had no supervision. My view was not 3 year old should be without supervision.

3andnomore · 22/09/2007 22:48

Awen, how odd, something very similar did happen to me when I was about 6, same excuse...mut have been the "hook" back then you I was lucky that I did know not to go with strangers...however, I was not just infront of my road, but a bit further...indeed I was a serial runner offer, lol...I used to go up to the shop...which was about a mile get some sweeties for a penny...obviously my mum was neglecting suppose in the way she should have supervised me more, but it wasn't done in that day...

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 22:49

lol NN too bloody right we don't!!!!

MamaMaiasaura · 22/09/2007 22:50

I am 32 and lived near Eastleigh at the time. Was down spending pocket money too loved those half penny chews!

LegoLeia · 22/09/2007 22:51

I grew up in a lovely small community minded town, where sadly when I was very little, a child was abducted from an adventure playground.

Even if there's a one in a million chance of something bad happening, no child is 1 millionth run over or 1 millionth abducted. It takes a whole child to meet with disaster for that statistic.

Perhaps I am one of the paranoid ones, but I just don't hold with "well you go in a car, and more people die in road accidents yaddadadada" argument.

3yo, in my opinion is too young to be effectively left to their own devices in a public place, possibly close to traffic and strangers.

Perhaps I sound very harsh, but feel strongly about it

3andnomore · 22/09/2007 22:52

I am german, so...coudn't ahve ben the smae also a bit older then you...ermmmmmmmm

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 22:53

nowt wrong with Eastleigh

miobombino · 22/09/2007 22:54

FWIW I don't think any 3 yo should be trusted to play outside fronting onto a road, unsupervised, however "cautious" they seem. It's in the nature of the beast for it to be impossible to predict just which triggers would cause them to be dangerously impulsive just the once.

A bit like dogs, really. Can't entirely trust them, ever.

I speak as a mother who is now parenting her 4th 3 year old.

Yes, I believe in freedom and yes I enjoy the break when the 3 yo is playing unwatched sometimes in our back garden which is securely fenced in. I also watch him hurtling fast down hills on his like-a-bike, but I'm close enough by, then, for him to feel the thrill of the speed without actually being in any real danger of ending up in the road, or being snatched (yes, vanishingly rare, but a possibility I'd always guard against).

MamaMaiasaura · 22/09/2007 22:54

oo Chantilly - and Eastleigh lady? .. crestwood or toynbee?

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 22:55

actually i was thornden as lived in CFord at the time but since moved to ELeigh

3andnomore · 22/09/2007 22:56

Must be spelling is getting worse and that is not a good

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 22:57

lol 3and, goodnight

MamaMaiasaura · 22/09/2007 22:58

nite 3andnomore - my spelling is always bad

oooo Thornden (get you ) u similar age? I ended up at Barton Pev then Eastliegh college. I was Crestwood before I moved to Wildern (Hedge End)

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 22:59

went to ELeigh college for about 6 motnhs then started work. Long time ago now!!! where are you now then?

miobombino · 22/09/2007 23:00

Jigglepuff, that boy drowning..
Very sad, especially as he'd gone in after his step sister. Why were they allowed anywhere near such a lethal place in the first plce ?

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 23:01

mio - do you not think those PCOs should have gone in? I know I would have done. Thought it would be human instinct

MamaMaiasaura · 22/09/2007 23:02

Sholing for now. Going ot be selling in near future. Looking at NOrth Baddessley or Hythe/Dibden/West Totton area. Want better catchement area and also nicer environement for dsto play out in. NOt an option atm as near to Thornhill and on a main road too.

lornaloo · 22/09/2007 23:02

Its completely irresponsible to allow a child as young as 3 out alone. It seems utterly ridiculous in fact, and to expect older children to be respnsible is just absurd.

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 23:04

spent a lot of my outh in Thornhill and the dear old place seems not to have changed! i love it here, all my friends live in Soton (Which is where I was born) but i'm happy here! Very quiet and a couple of good schools too.

ChantillyLace · 22/09/2007 23:05

obviously that should have read my YOUTH

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