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To be annoyed that the only little boys' wellies Tesco sell have "Bad To The Bone" written all over them?

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ladygrinningsoul · 20/09/2007 13:59

It's bad enough the T-shirts with slogans like "little monster" and "0-naughty in 10 seconds". But "Bad To The Bone" with skulls and crossbones, for a 4 year old? What kind of message does that send out!

OP posts:

NAB3 · 20/09/2007 14:06

I hardly ever buy slogan clothes as even though I am sure it is meant to be cute and funny, I don't think it is, or neccessary.


NAB3 · 20/09/2007 14:06

BTW What size do you want? I may have some spare.


TheApprentice · 20/09/2007 14:08

I hate these slogans too. Ds was given a couple of shirts when he was born with "Trouble" written on them. I refuse to put them on him! Its for ME to decide whether or not he is trouble!


Meglet · 20/09/2007 14:26

YANBU. I don't like the ones with trouble on them and avoid slogans. Although I do like the punky skulls , am trying to resist H&M baby boy clothes at the mo.

Even M&S has baby stuff with 'Trouble' on it. If M&S do it what hope is there for the rest of them.


JackieNo · 20/09/2007 14:27

Woolies for wellies - just the plain red or blue ones. And YANBU.


Lizzer · 20/09/2007 14:28

YANBU, I hate this and the 'mine's a pint' babygros - yuck!


haychee · 20/09/2007 14:31

God, you dont actually have to buy these slogans on these items you know! Cant see what the problem is. If you dont like the ones at tesco then go somewhere else.


LadyVictoriaOfCake · 20/09/2007 14:31

dd3 has skulls and crossbones on her wellies, but not 'bad to the bone'


Kathyis6incheshigh · 20/09/2007 14:32

YANBU. Bad to the bone - ffs!


minko · 20/09/2007 22:25

I once saw a babygrow with "i've done f**k all today' (but without the stars) on the front. Now that made me laugh! Imagine that at the local church mums and toddler group!


EmsMum · 20/09/2007 22:32

Sure you don't have to buy them in Tescos but if thats where you are and your DS needs boots... 'go somewhere else' can be a pain in the whatsit with kids in tow. If they are only going to stock one type why don't they choose something without silly words on?

I was a little annoyed when DD was younger and mothercare girls wellies were all pink - yet again. But problem solved cos boys rack had cutest red puppy ones.


Ripeberry · 21/09/2007 09:45

Better still, get yourself some plain T-shirts and T-shirt paint/gel and make your own slogans!


TinyGang · 21/09/2007 09:57

YANBU. Boys clothing is so aggressive and/or dull. It makes me fume.

My ds is nearly 6 and tall too, so all the horrible stuff is really aimed at his size nowadays

I have to really look hard to find him nice clothes. He likes a nice dinosaur, or something fun on his clothes and bright colours too.

But it's all sludgey colours and 'come and hava a go if you think you're hard enough' type slogans. I hate it for him.

There have been loads of threads about this on mn before. Mums on here and in RL mostly say they don't like it; and yet I guess someone must be buying it because the shops keep selling it.


margoandjerry · 21/09/2007 10:12

Totally agree. Have been ranting about this for some time.

Am currently looking for a lovely, interesting shirt for my very tall five year old nephew. One that doesn't look like something an accountant would wear. All the boys' clothes are dull and boring or "naughty". Even boden goes down the "let's put lots of skater boy logos on or people will think they're gay"

He's too big for these unfortunately but how nice if boys were allowed to wear interesting things like this


daisyandbabybootoo · 21/09/2007 10:16

YABU....go elsewhere.


lomondgal · 21/09/2007 10:17

I wouldn't buy them either!


Chloesmumtoo · 21/09/2007 10:21

Is it a problem? No, it doesnt bother me. They are just fashon in the sense of boys clothes! It is your choice whether you want them or not. I personally feel its the way your child behaves thats important not what he wears. Perhaps thats why it doesnt bother me. My ds would beleave them to look cool but not to feel he can behave in any such way dictated


EricL · 21/09/2007 10:36

It's just supposed to be funny surely? Don't buy them if you don't like them.

What annoys me more is the kids clothes that are designed to make our daughters look like prostitutes. I remember some of the Bratz range a few years ago when my DD was into them was truly shocking.


Caroline1852 · 21/09/2007 10:42

margoandjerry - ROFL at those shirts. Are you a Kinks fan?


Nip · 21/09/2007 10:44

i think YABU - there are other places to shop if you dont like what they have. I dont think its such a huge issue if a childs shirt has a comment on.

I'm afraid my DS has worn "trouble", "little monster" etc etc - i dont feel he has been branded - its just a shirt!


Caroline1852 · 21/09/2007 10:54

I wouldn't buy those wellies. It would be a shame though if all shops stocked the same things. (Were the wellies next to the baby girls' sweatshirts with the logo "Psycho Bitch"?


MaryAnnSingleton · 21/09/2007 10:55

arggh - I hate,hate,hate all those supposedly funny or cute slogans for boys or girls...wouldn't buy them ever. yuck


moopymoo · 21/09/2007 10:59

my mum bought ds a tshirt the othe rday that said 'granny magnet' on it. i thought it was pretty vile, then dh pointed out the phrase that it was a corruption of which i being dim and naive had not noticed...then it went in the bin. i hate this stuff. although i also get het up about fcuk.


margoandjerry · 21/09/2007 11:03

Caroline, well yes...also love to see a boy in lovely clothes and hate seeing little boys dressed up like teenagers and forced into brown and navy early just because we are all so uptight.


HonoriaGlossop · 21/09/2007 11:21

In the Glossop stately home, we do not own clothes with writing on The very thought!

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