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Monthly treat box - Ideas please!

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Poorpigletsrevenge · 18/04/2020 17:42

I would like to treat myself to a monthly box of surprise goodies and would love you to suggest which one I should get.

I don’t care if it’s makeup, kawaii, food items or craft things. I just want a little surprise each month. So I’m open to any suggestions, except for alcohol.

So AIBU to ask you what you recommend if you get a monthly treat box?

(Well yes, I probably am, but this place gets the most traffic)

OP posts:

undercoveraessedai · 18/04/2020 19:13

Haha @Poorpigletsrevenge about as far from an MLM as you can get! Two ex librarians who are a bit obsessed with paper - it's called Ink Drops and is full of fabulous stationery, cards and papery goodness. We're over at Grin

If you're fancying food based treats, I am also eyeing up Twisted Treats' deliveries, she does AMAZING brownies at a couple of local markets I go to, but am a bit nervous I might eat the whole lot on arrival Blush


bridgetreilly · 18/04/2020 19:14

I used to get Boxcitement which I liked because they design/make all their own content, so you know you aren't just getting things you could buy anywhere.

I've also had a few boxes from Spotlight Stationery which are really nice if you like expensive stationery.


WotchaTalkinBoutWillis · 18/04/2020 19:23

I never knew this was a thing?!! shock off to Google up a storm

Me neither, what is this?!
I'm lucky if I buy myself something new once a year lol, but like the sound of this!
If it is something you can easily cancel I'd be up for it lol


Poorpigletsrevenge · 18/04/2020 19:27

@undercoveraessedai I’ve just signed up to your mailing list as all looks lovely.

I’m tempted by the 4 cards a month deal, but as a bulk card buyer it will have to wait until I’ve got fewer in my drawer.

OP posts:

Littlepond · 18/04/2020 19:30

I get a beauty box from Latest In Beauty. You can choose your items and there’s lots of nice things. There’s 3 levels so you can choose how much to spend. I love it!!


Poorpigletsrevenge · 18/04/2020 19:35

@FredericaBimmel just googled the website as I couldn’t find any actual products on the link you sent and I LOVE them!
I have a few bits from Tatty Devine so this is right up my street!

Shame they don’t do a necklace and earrings mix.

OP posts:

Theyweretheworstoftimes · 18/04/2020 19:35


Bottomplasters · 18/04/2020 19:35

Fit and fab is amazing


undercoveraessedai · 18/04/2020 19:37

Aw thank you @Poorpigletsrevenge, that's lovely to hear :) I am a fellow card stasher which is partly how I ended up with a stationery company Grin

Loving the sound of jewellery by subscription too... this might be a dangerous thread!!


Luckyonetwo · 18/04/2020 19:38

Look fantastic is a good beauty one! It usually has quite a good mix in.


DesiDiva2020 · 18/04/2020 19:55

I will be the downer on the thread sorry... I used to get Birchbox but realised that once the thrill of opening up and seeing what I had , and trying a few bits (none of the things I necessarily needed) I just started to realise it was so so much unnecessary small pieces of plastic I couldn't recycle.
I now scout around and purposefully buy a treat every month that I need and has less plastic


thegreenlight · 18/04/2020 19:59

Bokku send bizarre Japanese sweets every month. Weird flavoured Kit Kats and the like


BarbaraofSeville · 18/04/2020 20:15

I also can't see the point. Why not just buy things that you know you want, when you want them instead of having random surprises, most of which are probably quite meh, turn up every month?


Faffette · 18/04/2020 20:45

Universal yums.

Snacks from all over the world.


user1000000000000000001 · 18/04/2020 20:46

I love my bakedin boxes ❤


Bottomplasters · 18/04/2020 20:56

I thought ridiculously rich was going to be Tiffiny earrings or something!

I also love baked inn and baking with my grumpy teen each month


WotchaTalkinBoutWillis · 18/04/2020 21:00


oooh - intrigued by the idea of random Japanese treats, sounds like my kind of thing.
Never tried them, like, but love trying new stuff


clairethewitch70 · 18/04/2020 21:05

Does anyone know of a Korean skincare box? thanks


opinionminion · 18/04/2020 21:11

Place marking Smile


POP7777777 · 18/04/2020 21:14

Pipsticks send a monthly pack of various unusual stickers. I love the excitement of getting them! I pretend I get them for my kids but ...


Fromthebirdsnest · 18/04/2020 21:16

Sorry to jump on your thread I'm but can anyone recommend the on subscription boxes i quite fancy it x I had a birch box for about 18 months i liked it but now I buy a really nice makeup/skin care product or2 every month instead i prefer this as I get to choose what I want x


Fromthebirdsnest · 18/04/2020 21:21

PJ subscription i mean x


TubereuseNordlys · 18/04/2020 21:33

I've had:
Birchbox - for ages, but it became quite samey and there were a lot of hair care products in particular (I don't care much about my hair). I've still got a bazillion tiny things in a drawer.
Graze - also for ages, but it got more expensive and I got bored
Universal Yums - enjoyed for a while but never managed to get through everything. Also was very Europe based in the time I had it, which felt a bit disappointing.
Loot Crate - for a year. Loved it, but too £££
Papergang - had one box because I love the Ohh Deer site, but I wasn't that into it.

Next: First Spotlight Stationery box will arrive in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to it!


farnworth · 18/04/2020 21:34

Craft gin....
Perfect for now....
Get new gin, some tonic, some snacks, magazine with cocktail ideas = happiness


Acrasia · 18/04/2020 21:37

I love Look Fantastic and Papergang too. Is there a UK version of Goodiebox? If so I can really highly recommend that too. If you like drawing/painting then Scrawlrbox is great.

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