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To. Ask who didn't over indulge this week.

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ChocolateCoins19 · 27/12/2019 20:21

I was chatting to my mum today and we both said how normally we over indulge at Xmas and in fact sometimes at any time, and that we haven't this year. Xmas day I skipped starter as didn't fancy it. Had the main. And then only had 2 mouthfuls of Xmas pud. Again didn't fancy it.
Yet when it was in cupboard for ages I wanted to open it all the time

Same with the Xmas treats, choc and savouries.. I purchased a fair amount as kept getting it when I saw offers and didn't realise quite how much I had.
Then we've been given some and the kids have been given absolutely loads. And it's like it's overwhelming to see it all there. No kidding it's 2 cupboards full.

I have just bagged some up as my DF feeds the homeless with a charity weekly so he will take some there

I look at it thinking I should want to eat it but don't.

OP posts:

ShiningTor · 27/12/2019 20:24

Me. I never buy any chocolates or biscuits for Christmas- got given some but took them to the food bank today.

I just don't feel like eating except for meals.


TheHumansAreDefinitelyDead · 27/12/2019 20:28

I have the same with buffers, seeing all that food puts me off food..

Not sure why! Love the idea of lots of food, love a good meal, love all Christmas food, but when my wonderful MIL presented this table groaning with food (there was food for 20-30 people, for 8 of us) I almost felt my stomach close up at the thought of it Grin

I get horrific heartburn though, so the thought of overeating or eating lots of rich food makes me feel on edge Sad


24hourshomeedderandcarer · 27/12/2019 21:04

i havent eaten any different to another day of the week,we eat cooked dinners a few times a week all year

i eat what i want when ever i want all year around

im teetotal so alcohol dont come in to it and im a chocoholic anyway so eat a shit load day in day out


FudgeBrownie2019 · 27/12/2019 21:06

I had more treats than I usually would on Christmas Day but went out for supper this evening and instead of a great big hot meal had a nicoise salad that was incredible. I can't binge eat any more, it gives me indigestion and makes me so lethargic.


SimonJT · 27/12/2019 21:07

Me, mainly because I’m a type one diabetic and I’m more of an eat to live person, rather than live to eat.


Ninkanink · 27/12/2019 21:10

We indulged, but I wouldn’t say we overindulged - we didn’t buy huge amounts of chocolate/treats/foods. We’ve had a great time though, and continue to eat and drink well, just less of it.


checkingforballoons · 27/12/2019 21:14

Well put it this way, I’ve just finished the rest of a bag of chocolate orange truffles. And I’m in bed Xmas Blush


JaceLancs · 27/12/2019 21:14

Eaten different things - more luxuries here but not huge quantities
Drunk more than usual
I will be back to normal diet on 2 jan
At moment eating lots of leftovers


Ninkanink · 27/12/2019 21:16

I’m going out tomorrow to stock up on just a few more chocolates, as we drastically cut down and we’ve not got many left.

I’m definitely overindulging on wine/Prosecco/port/etc. But I don’t have anywhere to be, and I’m only going live once! Xmas Smile


likeafishneedsabike · 27/12/2019 21:17

Well I did over indulge and remembered why I so rarely over eat. It’s a horrible feeling to be too full - have always hated it. To use up some leftover cream I had pasta, double cream and smoked salmob salmon this evening. Ugh, I feel horrible as I’m not used to rich food.


ShirleyPhallus · 27/12/2019 21:18

I ate pretty normally but am 30 weeks pg with terrible heartburn so knew it wouldn’t do me any favours if I did!


likeafishneedsabike · 27/12/2019 21:18

Smoked salmob salmon is very similar to smoked salmon Grin


OhCumInMyFaceful · 27/12/2019 21:20

I'm gutted I couldn't because something hasn't been right with my stomach, I've been excessively suffering with heartburn and weird pains up and across my heart. I've attached a photo of my xmas dinner, it was too much for a portion and the photo was after I removed loads of what my OH put on my plate. He also fucked up the gravy so I only managed a few mouthfuls. Gutted. Luckily there was loads left over so I was able to make some up today with a little weak gravy, in the microwave. Not the same but hey. All I wanted was to let loose and pig out on roast for xmas day. If this doesn't stop, I'll ring the GP. Nothing and no one stands between me and a perfect (if very oversized) roast dinner Grin

PS if anyone has any idea what causes general discomfort in the abdomen, heartburn and shooting electric stabbing pains across the heart, inbox me...

To. Ask who didn't over indulge this week.

GinisLife · 27/12/2019 21:27

Me. This time last year I was having radiotherapy for a tongue rumour and spent Christmas Day in bed with a liquid drink for lunch (not alcohol). I've lost 4.5 stone and my stomach has shrunk so I just can't eat the volume any more. I loved what I had but was tiny compared to what I'd have eaten before. And chocolate still isn't great so I barely eat any and most alcohol is like vinegar 😭


BatRobin · 27/12/2019 21:31

I've lost a little weight this week. Not purposefully, I just haven't really fancied much on offer.

I think my DH is right when he calls me fussy Xmas Blush

Boring, though. I wish I could enjoy more food!


BatRobin · 27/12/2019 21:35

@OhCumInMyFaceful I had those symptoms, it turned out my gallbladder was very poorly and needed removing. Could be worth asking your GP for an ultrasound?


InTheCludgie · 27/12/2019 21:41

I would second gallbladder issues. Mine is packed with gallstones and the previous 2 Xmas's I had awful biliary colic. Am now waiting to have my gallbladder removed. Therefore I haven't overindulged this year for that reason!


positivity123 · 27/12/2019 21:44

Me. I'm 8 months pregnant so couldn't over eat as there is no room or drink. I also can't eat chocolate in the evening as I get heartburn. I actually feel quite good for it but it's not as much fun.
It's the wine I miss the most.


thehorseandhisboy · 27/12/2019 21:44

I haven't. Christmases as a child were all about being guilt-tripped into eating vast quantities of food 'so that it doesn't go to waste' or 'I bought specially for you'.

I hated it. I dreaded it every year.

I find it really liberating to go through Christmas without eating a single mince pie nor other things that I don't particularly like, and not feeling overly full to try to please older relatives.


ItIsWhatItIsInnit · 27/12/2019 22:09

Not me - it's so pointless! Roast dinner is bland and meh, and I'm not going to eat pointless nuts and chocolate just because it's there. Don't like mince pies or cheese, don't drink alcohol.

I used to be podgy and no way in hell do I want to look like that again!


pelirocco123 · 27/12/2019 23:09

I have lost half a stone this week , however ive been pretty ill so wouldn't recommend it a weight loss plan


RufusthebewiIderedreindeer · 27/12/2019 23:31

Ive just been at a drinks evening when a few of us were saying the Same thing

We’ve got loads of treaty food left and alcohol

I put it down to my braces but i think a fair few of the people at the party were doing the same thing


RainySnowyDay · 27/12/2019 23:37

Me. I’ve had one glass of wine all week- in saying that, it’s the first I’ve had for about 2 years. No lunch any day, substantial but not huge dinners and no second helpings or snacks/nibbles in between.


CurbsideProphet · 27/12/2019 23:38

On Christmas day we were visiting in the morning then hosting in the afternoon. In the end I only ate cereal for breakfast, a normal sized portion of roast dinner late afternoon, then some meringue pudding in the evening. I also get terrible heartburn and indigestion if I overindulge. I've had a few more treats than I normally would today and I'm regretting it now.


BlueJava · 27/12/2019 23:39

Surprisingly I feel I haven't! I don't drink so that helps, I've only drunk water (no sugary fizz), and made fairly sensible choices. Probably helps that the hotel we're in has a vast selection of tasty healthy food though!

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