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To. Ask who didn't over indulge this week.

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ChocolateCoins19 · 27/12/2019 20:21

I was chatting to my mum today and we both said how normally we over indulge at Xmas and in fact sometimes at any time, and that we haven't this year. Xmas day I skipped starter as didn't fancy it. Had the main. And then only had 2 mouthfuls of Xmas pud. Again didn't fancy it.
Yet when it was in cupboard for ages I wanted to open it all the time

Same with the Xmas treats, choc and savouries.. I purchased a fair amount as kept getting it when I saw offers and didn't realise quite how much I had.
Then we've been given some and the kids have been given absolutely loads. And it's like it's overwhelming to see it all there. No kidding it's 2 cupboards full.

I have just bagged some up as my DF feeds the homeless with a charity weekly so he will take some there

I look at it thinking I should want to eat it but don't.

OP posts:
NextdoorNeighbourIsATwat · 27/12/2019 23:42

I haven't eaten for 48 hours, but that's because I'm stressed. House is rammed with food.

HowlsMovingBungalow · 27/12/2019 23:43

Me - had a stomach bug. Lost over 1.5kgs. No alcohol. No nothing apart from soup and water.
I wouldn't recommend my Christmas 'diet' it has been pretty fucking dull.

alltoomuchrightnow · 27/12/2019 23:47

No I didn't. In fact I've eaten very little. (my work trousers prove this as I need a belt for the first time!) I've had to work a lot so too much alcohol is out of the question (very physical, busy job - in retail...and booze affects my I need to be fighting fit for work... with a chest infection too I can't do hangovers)
Had dinner at DP's mums. Just a normal meal really. Vegetables and a mushroom pie for me and DP (both vegetarians). To be honest the smell of the huge turkey killed my appetite . The only indulging was some cherry trifle.
I didn't receive any chocolates for Christmas. I need to lose about 6 stone so this is probably a good thing (weight gain not from chocolate consumption but thyroid problem!) I want to start losing weight now, to see if I can lose a bit for a March holiday, so I'm glad I didn't over indulge ; it's difficult enough when I eat healthily as it is.
Also I've got awful SAD and eating crap just adds to that

alltoomuchrightnow · 27/12/2019 23:49

Also we haven't brought in (at home) anything typically Christmas. DP has diabetes and I have dodgy thyroid. So no cake, mince pies, crisps etc. Boring but kind of relieved I'm not missing them too much

jelly79 · 28/12/2019 00:31

I've enjoyed my meals and treats but by no means have I over indulged which I am made up with! I haven't drank any alcohol so I think that is the reason!

MissMoogle · 28/12/2019 01:47

@OhCumInMyFaceful I love your plates (missing the point entirely).

I didnt overindulge this year, to be honest, I havent even opened the Christmas biscuits or chocolates yet, and, unheard of for me, havent even bothered to open any of my jars of flying saucers!

BouleBaker · 28/12/2019 06:21

I’ve enjoyed what we had, but not too much chance to over indulge this year. Christmas Day breakfast was cereal, no chocolates out, no bowls of nuts around, lots of stress about! Lots of cheese for the buffet meals which was nice.

Deathraystare · 28/12/2019 07:55

Well, I didn't. Wasn't paid until Boxing Day anyway so had very normal meal, no alcohol until I went to a friend's house. No sweets/chocs/biscuits/cake at home. Probably done me the workd of good. However I am going to a friend's New Years Eve so will probably make up for that!

JustACog · 28/12/2019 08:08

Me, mostly because I've been sick all week.

Oh what I'd give for a box of quality street, a 6 pack of mince pies and a few after 8 chasers.

Bezalelle · 28/12/2019 08:16

Me, but not through choice! Found out I was pg, so haven't been feeling like it, and my beloved chocolate tastes weird. Gutted!

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