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Can anyone tell me about kindles?

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Foodtheif · 27/12/2019 17:04

I got one for Christmas and know nothing about them. I spend a lot of time hanging around clubs for my child so it will come in handy but I’m not too sure on it. I’ve noticed some free books and downloaded a couple. Can anyone recommend any free books? Also feels weird buying books for it when you don’t get something physical for your money 😂

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savethecat · 27/12/2019 17:13

I too spend a lot of time hanging around waiting for kids so LOVE MINE. I wait in the dark in the car so the backlight is great. It is also great for someone who reads a lot but doesn't want the storage nightmare.
As for free books, not sure but I do watch for the 99p daily deals.

StripyHorse · 27/12/2019 17:16

I don't know about the free books. I tend to check the daily deals and buy the same books I would usually read (but for 99p). There is usually a sale of other books on which is worth a look. I treat my kindle the same as buying physical books - I still read the same things.

RedHelenB · 27/12/2019 17:17

All the classics are free.

W0lverine · 27/12/2019 17:18

The 12 days of kindle sale is on now - about 600 books from 99p. There is a lot of rubbish but usually some decent titles as well.

I love my kindle. I've had one for years and I rarely read actual books now unless I get them from the library.

AdaColeman · 27/12/2019 17:18

Sign up to the Kindle Daily Deal email, all sorts of books at around about a pound each, often some great bargains!

Pipandmum · 27/12/2019 17:20

You will get alot of free books but I subscribe to the kindle service and get access to the library where alot of new books are. I can borrow up to 15 but actually just borrow then return and get another.
Ebooks tend to be cheaper than the paper copy. And you buy books for the content not the actual paper!

Pipandmum · 27/12/2019 17:21

Also you can look up words and other references and search stuff with in the book...

ODFOx · 27/12/2019 17:23

I love mine and read a lot more than before I had one as there's always another one when you finish the current one. It's great to carry in your bag for all those 'hanging about after DC' times and reading a good book is more satisfying than candy crush or whatever on your phone!.
There are lots of free classics and then based on your choices they make recommendations which I buy from the 99p list if possible.

iklboo · 27/12/2019 17:23

Agree about the classics. They were the first thing I downloaded.

Jiggeriepokerie · 27/12/2019 17:25

If you're a Prime member a lot of books are free to borrow. There is a hefty amount of dross though.

I used to use a Kobo and could borrow ebooks from my local library. I'm not sure if you can do that with Kindle but might be worth checking out.

I love my Kindle!

ODFOx · 27/12/2019 17:26

Beware the 99p serials from 'new' or 'amazon only' authors though: mostly badly written and barely a novella each as they want you to buy all the episodes so they each have a cliffhanger. I've fallen for it with crime stories a couple of times (spending £8 for a total word count barely a novel and with terrible writing and a disappointing ending). Best not to be drawn in!

Namethecat · 27/12/2019 17:27

Download the app Borrowbox . If you are a library member, it allows you to download titles and keep for 3 weeks, the same as an actual book.

BIWI · 27/12/2019 17:27

I love my Kindle, although it did take a while to get used to it. I much prefer real books, but we simply haven't got the room any more, as we have so many books.

Mostly, though, I read 'rubbish' - stuff that if I had the actual book, would be going to the charity shop after I'd finished it, so it's a lot less wasteful buying them on my Kindle. If I really like a book, or if it's a 'proper' book, then I'll buy the hard copy instead/as well.

There are lots of 99p books on the Kindle store. But just be aware - a lot of stuff for the Kindle is self-published, and can be very poor quality/badly written. Read the reviews carefully!

MimsyBorogroves · 27/12/2019 17:33

Love mine. It's made a huge difference to how much I read. I'm a big reader anyway, but the convenience and having all my favourite books immediately accessible means I read anywhere and everywhere.

If you're willing to review books, have a look at Netgalley. I've read so many fantastic books - including bestsellers - for free in return for a review.

Sp1ke3 · 27/12/2019 17:34

I love my kindle and am gutted that my new job has reduced my previous 2 hour commute. When I was commuting so much I got a lot of the free books. Some are dreadful, some not great and once in a while, there’s something good.

It depends how many books you get through. I usually manage at least a book a week so kindle has saved me money. I combine it with physical books from the library and charity shops. I occasionally buy a “special” book from a book shop.

The daily deal is usually 99p or £1.49. Many other books, often things that have been out a couple of years, are discounted. Have a look at your favourite authors and their back catalogue. Also, you can add books to your wish list and every so often, one will be reduced.

Enjoy your reading!

ChewChewIsMySpiritAnimal · 27/12/2019 17:36

If you're likely to read a lot then Kindle unlimited might be worth a go for you. If you know anyone else with a Kindle you can share Kindle libraries so you can access each others books. This saves me a ton of money as i just read whatever my sister buys!

Foodtheif · 27/12/2019 17:39

Thanks. I have a few actual books I need to read so don’t want to fork out on new books at the moment, especially after spending out at Xmas. I’ve noticed a few of the free books have the first one as free and then the rest of the series is not. I quite like psychological thrillers but have a few actual books to get through. Also like easy reading like Marian Keyes and Sophie kinsella etc.

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Foodtheif · 27/12/2019 17:40

I didn’t know you could share kindle libraries. Will have to get asking who else has one although I’m not sure anyone does.

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bridgetreilly · 27/12/2019 17:42

I absolutely love mine and would not be without it.

One thing worth knowing is that you CAN return kindle books within about a week or so. You have to go to the Amazon website and scroll down to 'Manage your content and devices'. Well worth knowing if you buy something by mistake, or if you find it's not what you wanted.

DickDewy · 27/12/2019 17:43

I love my Kindle - great for taking on holiday, or for reading in bed or the bath.

iklboo · 27/12/2019 17:45

I tapped the side of a page in a real life book to turn it the other week Blush. To be fair it was a very engrossing book.

Foodtheif · 27/12/2019 17:49

@Namethecat borrow box sounds fab as I usually buy my books second hand for about £1 so don’t really want to be spending out more. Stupid question though do I download that app on my phone which will then link to my kindle through my amazon account?

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Foodtheif · 27/12/2019 17:50

Assuming you can’t once you’ve read them though! Good to know if I do something by accident.

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coconuttelegraph · 27/12/2019 17:54

I wasn't sure if I'd take to it but now I love mine, so convenient to be able to carry so many books around, no need for bookmarks and loads of free or very cheap books

I've read so many more books since I got one

Namethecat · 27/12/2019 18:01

Download it on kindle. Go to apps , type in borrowbox, select kindle and away you go.

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