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mummyof2ds · 26/12/2019 04:05

Who's up at this time

OP posts:
Bunnybaubles · 26/12/2019 04:11

I'm up. Both my babies are asleep BUT if I go near them they will wake. So I am stuck with MNGrin

Mandatorymongoose · 26/12/2019 04:16

I'm up (well awake anyway). Fell asleep about 11, woke up about half an hour ago and can't get back to sleep.

flounderfish · 26/12/2019 04:17

I'm up. DS has been sick multiple times. I can't sleep now!

steff13 · 26/12/2019 04:18

I am. But it's only 11:15pm here.

PrincessJasmine123 · 26/12/2019 04:20

I’m up 32 weeks pregnant can’t sleep

PrincessJasmine123 · 26/12/2019 04:20

How was everyone’s Christmas??

Toomuchgoingon · 26/12/2019 04:21

I am. Have really bad acid reflux so am having cup of tea and sitting up until it reduces enough to be able to go back to sleep

aggitatedstate · 26/12/2019 04:22

Me! Why oh why!? Feeling a bit queasy and DC had a nightmare so he's in with me

OccasionalNachos · 26/12/2019 04:22

I’m up. Second. Igbo in a row after a short run of better sleeping. I’m blaming festive disruption.

OccasionalNachos · 26/12/2019 04:23

Igbo? Second night in a row!

GeePipe · 26/12/2019 04:23

Im up. A lot of very fucked up stuff has happened tonight and i have work in the morning but i wont be able to sleep now.

aggitatedstate · 26/12/2019 04:23

Oh no flounder .... hope it passes quick. Too much festive cheer?

GeePipe · 26/12/2019 04:27

Steff where about in the world are you?

PhoneLock · 26/12/2019 04:37

I'm up. Just letting my lunch settle and then I'm off out into town.

fluffyjumper · 26/12/2019 04:51

Me. 38 weeks pregnant, mega heartburn (self inflicted) and a 6yr old dd was sick at midnight then all over my bed just now. So we are camping in the living room, shes taken it all in her stride.

3kidsnomore · 26/12/2019 04:52

I'm up drinking,chuffed the kids had a good day and are happy with their things

WalkAwaySugarbear · 26/12/2019 05:03

Yep, had trouble sleeping for the last few nights. I don't mind though as its preparation for our flight tomorrow.

CilantroChili · 26/12/2019 05:11

Yeah I’m up
I’m insomniac and it’s lovely not to feel bad about it

mummyof2ds · 26/12/2019 05:15

I am up cos got the d&v bug off the kids 😷😷

OP posts:
FrenchyQ · 26/12/2019 05:23

I'm up... Dogs woke me up and now can't get back to sleep.
Christmas was better than expected, although Dd20 made it all about her, she's exhausting to be around when she's like that.

LittleLongDog · 26/12/2019 05:25

I’m up with heartburn!

nixso29 · 26/12/2019 05:25

I've been awake since 4 think I ate and drank way too much yesterday!

LittleLongDog · 26/12/2019 05:26

I think 20-25 is such an awkward age for some @FrenchyQ It sounds like a grown up age but really they’re just glorified teenagers.

In what way did your DD make it all about her?

Minxmumma · 26/12/2019 05:33

Me yet again Confused. Wish.I wasn't but way to much on my mind to sleep.

Dh is snoring and grinding his teeth so much I keep poking him to try and stop the racket (think pebbles in a washing machine on spin!)Grin

cherryblossomgin · 26/12/2019 05:36

Me. Dads family are coming for Christmas dinner. So I have to start cooking soon. It's my first time doing it.

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