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Lapland disappointment

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AbagailsFancy · 23/12/2019 08:44

I know this is a first world problem but am upset and need to get perspective so would appreciate some common sense.

Took the kids (8 and 6) to see the real Santa in the Santa Village in Lapland this week. Long trip and some hard saving to get there. Lovely day in the snow, saw reindeer etc but kids were both in tears after Santa visit - huge queues, he just nodded to them and asked they sit for a photo. We tried to talk a bit but frankly were caught on the hop as he said nothing!

I’m really gutted. Not only did it put a huge damper on the day, but both are very meh about Christmas now. Am just so disappointed that this is what they’ll remember for years and just can’t shake it off.

DH thinks I’m being ridiculous and overly obsessed with everything being magical. I know (somewhere deep deep down) that he’s right but can someone please just give my head a wobble? Thank you!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Poetryinaction · 23/12/2019 08:46

They will remember the snow, reindeer, time together as a family. In the meantime make sure you make a complaint.


SkeletonSkins · 23/12/2019 08:46

I think I’d make light of it and make a joke of
It - ‘even Santa has grumpy days haha’ and then ‘well he’s very busy at work at the minute isn’t he’ etc, make light of it and move on to something else today. There must be loads the kids will remember, just focus on those bits and let grumpy Santa fade away.


BillHadersNewWife · 23/12/2019 08:48

You're setting their mood. You're in charge. YOU have to be the one who says "Wow! That was the REAL Father Christmas!"

Not the person who says "This isn't good enough."

Create the magic yourself. No expense needed for that.


Alte · 23/12/2019 08:50

It is upsetting for the kids, but would you be able to sit for hours and talk to everyone that comes past? Especially if you were near the end of the line, he's only human.


kingkuta · 23/12/2019 08:51

That's strange, doesn't sound like the normal lapland santa experience. That must be so disappointing for you, its expensive and that santa visit is why people pay the money for it. As pp said I would definitely complain.


FudgeBrownie2019 · 23/12/2019 08:55

In the kindest way possible, YAB a little U. From your perspective it wasn't magical or wonderful, from your DC perspective I'd hazard they recall it being very different, but this time of year is manic and it's likely it's just overloaded them a little.

Complain if you need to, because it should be magical from start to end, but it doesn't sound particularly awful. Travelling to the arctic circle is long and tough; going there and back in a day tougher still.


AbagailsFancy · 23/12/2019 08:56

Yes, we did complain but really, there wasn’t much to be done. DD refused to go back and see him again later.

@BillHadersNewWife, I think you’re right - I did a really bad recovery job which compounded it. Was just so disappointed I guess.

OP posts:

Ivalueloyaltyaboveallelse · 23/12/2019 08:59

I feel for you OP not in same league but I took my DC for weekend break to Chessington to see Father Christmas and it was awful. The Father Christmas hardly spoke apart from sit down. To be honest he seemed a bit out of it. My youngest DC who is still very young and has ASD was so upset. My eldest DC who doesn’t believe thank goodness said I think Father Christmas was a bit drunk. My youngest heard and now runs around telling everyone he saw drunk Santa Blush I can not imagine how annoyed you are feeling after paying all that money out.


RozHuntleysStump · 23/12/2019 09:00

I'd be angry too OP. It's a lot of money for such an experience to be unsatisfactory. Being tired isn't an excuse. It's his JOB. Maybe they should have some more Santas.


sparepantsandtoothbrush · 23/12/2019 09:00

Does Santa at Lapland speak English? I'm guessing there will be lots of different languages visiting him and if he speaks to one he'll be expected to speak to them all which, unless he's multi-lingual, isn't going to be easy


wanderlustgirl · 23/12/2019 09:02

My parents took us to Lapland as children on the day trips as a surprise. Except the queue for seeing Santa was long so we did everything else and was planning on returning to him at the end. Expect he had gone and we never saw him. I still talk about the is trip 25 years later as the most magical thing, it was so special and I can't wait to do it again with my own children one day!


PurpleCrazyHorse · 23/12/2019 09:03

The trouble is that expectation is high so no wonder you're disappointed. I find that myself. Maybe do some research for a good Santa experience for next year

I would try to make the trip less about Santa and much more about something (anything) else. Can you enjoy the snow? Make a snow man, buy a sledge, have a snow ball fight? Make some lovely family memories which you can talk about with loads of enthusiasm, rather than only having Santa to talk about.


Mrsjayy · 23/12/2019 09:04

Maybe santa doesn't speak very good English ?he has lots of children to meet a day he doesn't have much time to chat you didn't manage the childrens expectations very well imo


DialANumber · 23/12/2019 09:04

I think the snow etc is what makes Laplamd so different and actually less of the dc memories will be about the santa meeting. Print some photos of the rest of the day out too and talk about it. You can ensure you all lay down positive memories about your visit by changing the chat.

That said, we paid a silly amount to visit the santa at CP one year and I was SO disappointed. He asked where we were from and then commented on the traffic caused by the new junction layout and motorway merging Hmm


Peasplease21 · 23/12/2019 09:05

Lapland santa is usually multilingual


PurpleCrazyHorse · 23/12/2019 09:06

Sorry, I didn't finish the sentence above before posting... maybe do some research for a good Santa experience for next year... somewhere local, doesn't cost too much, get some recommendations from friends, maybe go with another family to share the memories/fum. Lower cost, lower expectations, sometimes you find a real gem. Less pressure on the whole thing.

Wishing you a fun rest of your trip though, hoping you can turn it around a little. If they were my kids, they'd just be delighted going on the plane!!! You might be surprised at what they remember Grin


Tellmetruth4 · 23/12/2019 09:08

Try and make Christmas Day special and about family as opposed to Santa. In parallel write a strong letter of complaint. They must know people spend a lot of money for this once in a lifetime trip so ‘Santa’ must act the part for every child. He can’t have an off day. I’d be pretty pissed off too as I know it’s not cheap and it’s not even about the money it’s about the experience. I know people who went as kids and have said it was an amazing experience that they’ll never forget it.


kingkuta · 23/12/2019 09:09

but this time of year is manic and it's likely it's just overloaded them a little
This is hilarious. It's the Santa Village FFS, this is the only time of year they are geared up for and people have been going for decades, it's well organised, being 'overloaded' is not an excuse.
OP was it the actual santa village in Rovaniemi? I'm just wondering if they have started shipping day traveller's somewhere different because that's such a contrast to our visit. It really was magical.


AbagailsFancy · 23/12/2019 09:09

I thought the same @sparepantsandtoothbrush but he said ‘hello’, nodded a bit and then had enough English to say ‘please sit down for the photo!

OP posts:

Wasrelaxing · 23/12/2019 09:10

Can I ask which company you used please?


SheRaTheAllPowerful · 23/12/2019 09:11

We went a few years ago with Santa’s Lapland. It was amazing each family went on a snowmobile through the woods to his house to meet him, it really was amazing.
He told my girls to be kind to each other and eat their vegetables. I’m sorry you had a disappointing time, I’d be gutted too after all the expense, saving and build up :(


ivykaty44 · 23/12/2019 09:13

I can’t quite get over that you went to see the “real” Father Christmas....


Spacebowlisback · 23/12/2019 09:13

It’s so tricky with stuff that’s so heavily anticipated and costs a fortune. The stakes are so high! I can totally understand why you’d be upset.


maddening · 23/12/2019 09:14

For. Next year the national trust Santas are usually V good.


AbagailsFancy · 23/12/2019 09:15

Yes @kingkuta, it was Santa Village in Rovaniemi - had done a lot of research so we wouldn’t end up at the wrong one!

Thanks to all who have commented about the snow and yes, we did make a snowman and do some sledging as thankfully - for once! - my DH doesn’t buy into magical Santa Christmas so was focused on that.

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