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Beef for Xmas day?

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Fruitbatdancer · 22/12/2019 22:09

We always have beef for Xmas lunch. GranDad was a poultry and pig farmer, by time Xmas cake around he couldn’t bare sight of turkey/ capon/ chicken and pork. And had ‘swapped’ with several beef farmers. So had a fridge/ freezer if beef!
Having talked about it at work I was surprised how many people also don’t do turkey/ chicken.
So yanbu = we have something different too
YABU = get out of town you freak turkey all the way

Final drip feed- our beef comes with horseradish, Yorkshire pudding, pugs in blankets and sage and onion stuffing 😊

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Am I being unreasonable?

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bigbubbles · 22/12/2019 22:11

We have beef and turkey- I think most people do?
Yorkshires all the way

BarbedBloom · 22/12/2019 22:12

We are having venison this year and had duck last year. Have whatever you fancy. The butcher told us doesn't sell many turkeys anymore

Sparklesocks · 22/12/2019 22:12

Do whatever you like! There aren’t any ‘rules’ Smile

TheCrookedHorse · 22/12/2019 22:13

I'm more disturbed by the pugs in blankets than by the beef.

PurpleDaisies · 22/12/2019 22:14

No meat at all in our house.

Do what works for your family.

ShetlandWife · 22/12/2019 22:14

Pugs in blankets? Xmas Shock

PureAlchemy · 22/12/2019 22:14

We’re doing lamb this Christmas.

bigbubbles · 22/12/2019 22:15

Pugs in blankets?

No pugs in blankets here. We have cockapoo in a Christmas jumper though

PiggyInTheMiddle19 · 22/12/2019 22:15

Beef and turkey. Inlaws wanted pork so having all 3.. Ah well as long as everyone is happy eh.

pallisers · 22/12/2019 22:15

I do beef. We have turkey at thanksgiving. I don't even like Turkey so never do it for xmas. I do fillet of beef with gravy (my beef stock is simmering away right now) and bluecheese/sherry/cream sauce. I also make sausage stuffing and regular stuffing since it isn't a celebration in our house without those.

BentNeckLady · 22/12/2019 22:16

If it were down to me and dh we’d have beef but we both like it very rare and no-one does so we’re having turkey and ham to keep the peace.

Turkey is crap though. I could happily never eat it again!

Fruitbatdancer · 22/12/2019 22:16

Shock pigs. Obvs. Not pugs BlushXmas Grin

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halocompanach · 22/12/2019 22:16

Have what you enjoy most. We're going out and I don't think any of us have ordered turkey.

BIWI · 22/12/2019 22:17

We generally have beef. When I was growing up we never had turkey as my dad didn't like it, and DH's family usually had chicken. So turkey is never associated with Christmas for either of us.

Generally we have beef fillet. This year it will be roasted with a peppercorn crust, and served on roasted balsamic onions with thyme. Will serve with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, Yorkshire puddings, sprouts with lardons and chestnuts.

SuntanC · 22/12/2019 22:18

We have fillet steak. In previous years have had duck a couple of times and paella a couple of times. We do not entertain turkey!

Fruitbatdancer · 22/12/2019 22:20

78% non turkey/ chicken so far! Interesting... @BIWI I want to come to yours!

OP posts:
mineofuselessinformation · 22/12/2019 22:20

I've had many different meats over the years, including pheasant.
It's a day to eat what you like.

kinsss · 22/12/2019 22:20

Eat what you want, no one will care, and if they do it's most likely because they would LOVE beef and yorkies but family and tradition rules in favour of a flavourless piece of fowl and a skinny old sausage wrapped in bacon or something. But each to their own!

We have poached salmon with baby prawns in a white wine and lemon/dill sauce. Just because A. it's dead easy, and B. no kids here either. We just plop it all on a bed of oh so creamy mash and eat. Vegetables are optional. But fish is very delicate, so we don't usually bother OMG!

More room for Tiramisu after I say.

BIWI · 22/12/2019 22:23

@Fruitbatdancer You're very welcome! Just make sure you bring gallons of Champagne Grin

Mypathtriedtokillme · 22/12/2019 22:26

My in-laws are Italian we have lasagna, prawns, Arancini, salads, cheeses, bread and salami and deserts like tiramisu.

This year I’m adding a roast lamb shoulder wrapped in bacon, cheesecake and pavlova.

pallisers · 22/12/2019 22:28

Mypath, do your inlaws do the seven fishes thing on xmas eve? Loads of Italian americans where I live and I salivate when they describe it. My mother and I did a version one year.

fleariddenmoggie · 22/12/2019 22:30

We are having rib of beef for the first time this year (vegans are having mushroom wellington). It will be accompanied by pigs in blankets, sausage meat stuffing (sorry vegans), Yorkshire puddings and lots of traditional veggies

christmasathome · 22/12/2019 22:30

My dh does beef and turkey. He was thinking of doing venison and chicken for a change but after much consideration has bought beef and turkey again 😂

MaryShelley1818 · 22/12/2019 22:33

We're having bacon sandwiches and party food :)

DotBall · 22/12/2019 22:39

We always have pork and a small turkey crown.

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