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Students home.

34 replies

Etinox · 20/12/2019 11:05

Usual disclaimer about light hearted etc. And I literally prepared like a Romcom set dresser with roaring fire, candles immaculate rooms right down to folded christmas pjs and slippers, Christmas playlist and supper ready. I love them to bits and am being nice!!
But would anyone care to join me with a checklist of petty gripes.
Random lights on ✔️
Constant soundscape of tinny podcasts with omg American ‘so, I’m like...’ ✔️
Water bottles everywhere ✔️
Lift requests which I don’t mind ✔️
Usually seen from behind as they critique the fridge (but still empty ✔️
Banging doors, not in anger, they’re just clutzy! ✔️
Utter disdain for the dishwasher ✔️
Chargers disappearing ✔️
They’ve been home less than 12 hours! We’ve not got to the crunchy floors and philosophical musings on our lives beliefs and jobs yet!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Blobby10 · 20/12/2019 11:30

Oh yes to all the above!! And added to that-

"Its SO cold in this house" whilst walking around in shorts and T Shirt

the need to have a fresh mug for EVERY cup of tea - apparently its too hard to rinse and re-use

"but i've come home for a rest from looking after myself" in response to the suggestion that they might like to cook dinner - just the once!

and the bags of washing which will be left around until the day before they go back thus resulting in constant use of washing machine and dryer for 3 days solid.

I love mine to bits but boy, am I glad when they all go back!!! Grin


Etinox · 20/12/2019 11:52

Oh yes! The clothes. In bags on sofas on the landing, in the bathroom! DC’s AIBU to be doing my nut in that darling smother is always 2 foot away from me offering me slippers and showing me how to use the coffee machine, open the freezer, use the squeegee after the shower...

OP posts:

Ginisatonic · 20/12/2019 12:01

And every surface in the bathroom covered in various lotions, make up, bath bombs.
My minimalist hallway full of coats draped on bannisters and chairs and shoes everywhere. Only one has arrived so far!


DaughterOfEvening · 20/12/2019 12:02

The piles of shoes in the hallway/at the bottom of the stairs/kicked under the sofas is always a good indication of the presence of students home for the holiday.


Ginfordinner · 20/12/2019 12:06

The only difference here is that I can't see DD's floor any more.

Disclaimer she had a gap year and learned how to do stuff before she went, and I think sharing a flat with some really skanky students has opened her eyes and made her more responsible.


fuzzymoon · 20/12/2019 12:10

Thinks socks and boxers disappear. Not one pair came home in humungous washing pile.

H lost ownership of the TV remote.


silencebeforethebleeps · 20/12/2019 15:34

There is no room here for the student DSC since DH has taken over their rooms with all his crap. I'd rather have the students to be honest.


Etinox · 20/12/2019 17:21

@silencebeforethebleeps is there really no space? Not cool.

OP posts:

mummagirl · 20/12/2019 17:31

Our house is exactly THE same
And 1 more to arrive home yet
It's gonna be a loooooong holiday.....


WhatshouldIdo123 · 20/12/2019 17:42

Yep.... fucking shoes EVERYWHERE. Lights left on EVERYWHERE. Back door left unlocked all night. Friendly requests to send quick text to let me know if she is.not coming home after night out ignored. Upstairs migration of every mug into her shit hole of a room...and my socks starting to disappear.


silencebeforethebleeps · 20/12/2019 17:55

@Etinox They're his kids...if he wanted them there, he would make room.


wanderings · 20/12/2019 18:00

Although I love my parents, I remember hating being the student coming home, especially in the summer, it always felt like a real loss of independence and adulthood. I'd have stayed at university over Christmas if I possibly could!


Etinox · 20/12/2019 19:34

@wanderings I’m so aware it’s a big adjustment for them too!
@silencebeforethebleeps hope you get to see them!

OP posts:

chillykiwi · 20/12/2019 19:36

All of the above but with the teens who live here.

Student home - occasion footprints from upstairs, plates and bowls disappear from the kitchen and all of a sudden the sink is full as if by magic. Scissors and sellotape disappear along with wrapping paper.


Blobby10 · 24/12/2019 11:08

two of my three have just left to spend the day with their Dad and his new wife - third one will drive himself there in a bit. I'm so relieved to have the house to myself just for a few hours and have a relief from the CONSTANT questions!!! Is it just mine? I thought I'd seen the back of the 'Muuuum where are the nail clippers?' 'Muuuum where are the cups?' 'Muuuum how do I do ..........(insert most basic task of choice here!) '.

i love them to bits and would happily put up with the constant noise for ever more rather than not see them but I'm so looking forward to today and six hours of peace Grin


MatildaTheCat · 24/12/2019 11:19

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but DS is 30 and home for Christmas and it’s exactly the same. Switches straight back in teen mode. Very affable but bloody useless.


Hingeandbracket · 24/12/2019 11:26

Argghhhhhhhh The tinny podcasts!!!!! Make it stop.


HollysBush · 24/12/2019 11:31

Yes, arghhh! But how lovely to have a house full. Also, my daughter cooked Christmas dinner for her uni friends the other week so I’ve given her job of boiling ham and toast in goose today while I’m at work.


HollysBush · 24/12/2019 11:31

😂Roasting goose


whyamidoingthis · 24/12/2019 11:33

The bags just dumped at the front door when they arrive and the grumpy “I said I’d move them” when you ask for the 10th time.

The assumption they can borrow the car whenever they like. Particularly a problem when both of them want it at the same time, dh has taken my car and I need to drop younger ds somewhere.

The complete lack of food. The cupboards and fridge were full yesterday. I’m off to the supermarket again today.

Plus everything everyone else is enduring.


Babyroobs · 24/12/2019 11:45

My student ds has been home about two weeks early due to coming home for a weekend and getting ill and needing surgery and ending up staying. He has become nocturnal, crashes around in the night, takes my car out in the night to get Mcdonalds, takes up the whole sofa ( says it's because of the surgery he needs to lie down ! ) and is generally winding everyone up. I feel your pain.


Etinox · 24/12/2019 13:38

I consider complaining about the missing wrapping paper and sellotape as humble bragging!
Youngest returnee is now keeping mil out of my hair! grannie sitting in the front room.

OP posts:

Blobby10 · 24/12/2019 14:31

Love the ‘grannie sitting ‘ 😁😁😁mymiddle one has just realised he left his passport in London - he’s flying from our local airport on 27th! After exhausting all possibilities of rail travel it means I have to drive him to London on 26 to pick up bloody passport then take him to airport the next day 😁😁 I love him to bits but long for the days when he thinks for himself 😁😁😁


Xenia · 24/12/2019 14:37

One of mine was telling me all the things other wonderful mothers do to prepare... so perhaps it is Etinox preparing like a romcom for hers which my 2 student children (who came home on Saturday) then compared with... [ not he is not seriously annoyed but he does go on about all the things these others families do at times....]

They just go back from some Christmas shopping and brought a school friend back and I just heard one of mine explaing she (that will be I the cat's mother...) bought XYZ [ something about Christmas food being a strange choice].

They are lovely to have home however and 2 of their older sibilngs will be here to stay later today.


Etinox · 24/12/2019 14:43

@Xenia I was working until 8pm the night before they came home and thought fuckit, I’ll get done. Started clearing at midnight, got to bed at 4, was swayey tired at work then literally spent half hour lighting fire. Sorry if romcoming that’s not place isn’t sisterly of me- I bloody moan about it to them so there’s no question of them thinking it’s just what mum does! Xmas Wink
@Blobby10 grr! That sounds exhausting! FlowersXmas Angry

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