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Bloody Uber eats!

29 replies

hastingsmua1 · 14/12/2019 16:16

Ordered McDonald’s for the kids last night via Uber eats. McDonald’s got one of the meals wrong: instead of the new/limited edition chicken deluxe burger ordered, they sent a mcchicken sandwich (which is an inferior/cheaper item).

However Uber eats are refusing to refund this item because I asked for a refund in March (with a different restaurant, our drinks spilt all over the food making it soggy/inedible). I sent photographic evidence both times, so yesterday I sent photos of the burger and box stating “McChicken Sandwich”. They even refused to refund the cost of placing a replacement order for the burger last night.

I only have 8 total orders so they’re saying problems occur too frequently. Whilst I understand that they have to protect themselves against fraud, I am being completely genuine. What else can I do if I have genuinely received the wrong item? Whilst it’s only about £5 so no real loss, this doesn’t sit right with me. Aibu to be annoyed?

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Far2go46 · 14/12/2019 16:26



HanginWithMyGnomies · 14/12/2019 17:25

I’d be annoyed too! Uber eats keep sending me voucher codes for £10 off, I refuse to even try them because of so many stories just like this!

It’s not the money, it’s the principle. You paid for an item, you should receive it. End of.


MidnightCircus · 14/12/2019 17:28

Only time I've had a wrong order with uber eats is from McDonald's. They should refund it, not your fault it's wrong! Not unreasonable for you to be angry, I would be too


Hastingsmua1 · 14/12/2019 17:57

The plot thickens.

Called that McDonald’s who confirmed that the item I ordered was out of stock at that restaurant yesterday & that I shouldn’t have been able to order it. So it’s almost as if they used the other burger as a substitute.

They gave me the restaurant’s email address for written confirmation but I doubt Uber will budge with this information🙄 this is why I barely use them!

OP posts:

HanginWithMyGnomies · 14/12/2019 19:23

How utterly useless must they be to not refund for that @hastingsmua1.. Uber are the pitts, I feel for the poor people who drive for them!


Rachelfromfriends1 · 14/12/2019 19:42

I just placed an order with them an hour ago, it still hasn’t arrived! God knows what state it will be in when it does arrive. You don’t even have the option to contact anyone! Useless


Far2go46 · 14/12/2019 19:43

Don't use them then


Thescrewinthetuna · 14/12/2019 19:43

I had the exact same problem, I went onto the Uber Eats UK Facebook page and complained there and they refunded me immediately on there. I’ll never use them again though.


slipperywhensparticus · 14/12/2019 19:50

I got a refund from uber eats for giving me half cup of hot chocolate and my burger was boxed upside down then turned this would not have been an issue but I'm gluten intolerant and without the bun to protect it, it looked like it had been juggled with

I also complained to McDonald's they gave me shit about it told me it was uber eats problem I said it's your restaurant that badly packed my burger and served me half a cup of chocolate so be aware and tighten up your reply 🤷‍♀️


WhenISnappedAndFarted · 14/12/2019 20:12

I've never had an issue with them. I don't ever order drinks though


hoxtonbabe · 14/12/2019 22:26

Agghhhh Uber eats and McDonald’s are the worst. It was for this exact reason I stopped using them, McDonald’s cocked up a couple things in my order and Uber only refunded one hamburger. They have been trying to lure me back in and was going to fall for it until this post reminded me why I stopped using them!

McDonald’s on the whole are shite with orders in general these days, even when I go in they cock something up and I’ve noticed it’s only been happening since the started delivery orders. I decided the other day I’m no longer going to entertain them, they are more hassle than they are worth.


Jinglebellissimo · 14/12/2019 22:37

I use Uber eats a lot - and the customer service is so hit and miss. Usually they do refund quite quickly and easily, but, as I say - use it far too much!


HanginWithMyGnomies · 14/12/2019 23:00

@hoxtonbabe McDonald’s are shite now! I never email to complain (honest) but I spent a fair whack on 5 meals, all were stone cold and just thrown together (drive they). So I did email them.

I got a reply days later, with sorry basically. No refund, nothing for goodwill. Your loss basically. Never again.


Symbollove · 14/12/2019 23:08

Ergh I hate ubereats!!
They are always sending me £10 off code that don't even work!!!! I've already 2 this month. I contacted them about it, and they said because the promotion isn't in my area; well then stop sending me the damn email!!

I even shared my link which gives a friend £10 off if they use my code. So my friend (really my dh) tried using it, it accepted the code but didnt minus the £10 from the total, when he tried adding the code again it said sorry it's already been used when it hasn't. Contacted uber with screenshots and they again said It's because the promotion isn't in our area. Wth are they on



19lottie82 · 15/12/2019 00:34

Whenever we order a mdDs delivery they ALWAYS forget the straws for the drinks......... is it really that difficult?!


peachypetite · 15/12/2019 00:40

I’ve always had disaster orders when it’s mcdonalds too


lapofhonour5 · 15/12/2019 00:45

Ubereats is awful! Placed an order and it was cancelled by Ubereats an hour later (too late to order anywhere else). I called the restaurant and they said the order had been collected by the driver!


PumpkinP · 15/12/2019 02:19

This happened to me. Ordered my son pancakes and they sent pancakes with pork sausage, we don’t eat pork and I complained but Uber eats refused to refund me even though I was clearly sent the wrong order and couldn’t eat it. I even sent a picture of the wrong order but they still refused. All because I had got a refund previously when McDonalds had got the order wrong. They told me they would block my account if I complained any further. McDonald’s always, always get my orders wrong!! in store aswell so the fault obviously lies with McDonald’s but they wouldn’t have any of it.


BellyButton85 · 15/12/2019 02:32

I don't know why I feel like this as its okay in my opinion to order a 'takeaway' such as Chinese/Indian/pizza but its so wrong to order mcdonalds/KFC. It makes me think of laziness. I really can't explain why


BellyButton85 · 15/12/2019 02:36

A-ha...its just occurred to me why. Because people order during the day! Have a walk, get a bus, even drive but for godsake don't order takeaway during the day!


hoxtonbabe · 15/12/2019 06:00

I don’t be understand it and I’m now actually hoping TFL win their case against Uber. They really are taking the piss and have consistently showed that they have zero interest in their customers be it a food delivery or a driver picking you up and I feel like they need to be taken down a peg or two

If McDonald’s keep cocking up by packing wrong, or damaging orders (which they clearly do as we are from different parts of the UK saying the same thing) then Uber really need to take on board what the customer is saying and stop trying to cheat us. I find it even worse when things like dietary requirements that happened with @PumpkinP aren’t followed such as no pork and they send it with pork and tell you tough shit if the order is wrong, you suck up the bill?!?!

No other company would get an order so wrong and not replace it or refund it, but Uber orders seem to be lawless and McDonald’s always get away with it.


PatricksRum · 15/12/2019 06:21

This happened to me.
Raised a dispute with bank and was refunded.
But then uber tried to charge me for the order again as they 'didn't agree to the refund' (not how a dispute works, they had ample opportunity to respond to the dispute)
I then had to be refunded again and this put my uber account in arrears and it was closed down. Hmm
Told trading standards who couldn't give two hoots


GiveHerHellFromUs · 15/12/2019 06:47

Surely it's the responsibility of the driver to check the food is correct, like you would if you collected yourself.

To be fair though, the restaurants are normally very good and if you have the receipt they'll just give you a freebie the next time you go in. Just call them up again and say UberEats said you had to resolve with them direct.


Mumdiva99 · 15/12/2019 06:57

We used them for the first time this week for 5 McDonald's meals. All arrived as ordered and within 30 minutes.... no issue. (And we used a £15 off voucher). Personally I would have driven to collect but husband wanted to use the voucher.


WriteronaMission · 15/12/2019 21:15

I refuse to order through UberEats. Had cock ups too many times and UberEats doesn't refund after a while. In the end, I blasted them on Twitter and refuse to order through them.

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