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Help! House choice

38 replies

Tash171 · 14/12/2019 13:20

Hi All,
I have put an offer in on this property it is really lovely but the kitchen is tiny and can't be extended due to the staircase.
Initially I was buying and keeping my current property however since putting in this offer I have sold my current property meaning my affordability is quite increased and this dream home has come up for sale -

My thinking is the dream home really is the forever home.
🙈it's a lot of money, to not be sure..

OP posts:

Beccaishere · 14/12/2019 13:49

Love number 2 the dream home! Also doesn’t need a lot doing to it, where as number 1 there are a few things I would need to change ASAP like the colour of the hallway in the stairs! Also not keen on the landing upstairs.

If you can afford number 2 without draining every penny of your money and still be able to live a comfortable life it would be dream house all they way! Grin
Good luck


Zenithbear · 14/12/2019 13:53

Number 2


f83mx · 14/12/2019 13:56

Number 2!


TheHootiestChristmasOwl · 14/12/2019 13:57



MrBobLobLaw · 14/12/2019 13:58

Deffo number 2. Looks like a really happy home.


Finfintytint · 14/12/2019 13:59

Number 2 is lovely but I couldn’t personally live with the articial lawn so would have to spend more money to put it right.


TroysMammy · 14/12/2019 14:02

Number 2. I love the staircase.


Foxyloxy1plus1 · 14/12/2019 14:03

  1. Then you won’t need to do anything for ages.

susiella · 14/12/2019 14:08

It's so grey!


Threefaries · 14/12/2019 14:11

Number 2 house without a doubt. It is a whole lot of house for the money and the garden is a fab size. You can decorate to your own taste as and when it suits.
If you buy it then you are less likely to move again, or worry about needing more space.


BarbedBloom · 14/12/2019 14:11

I'm in Newport too. Number 2. I would need to change a lot about number 1.


Atalune · 14/12/2019 14:15

2 if you can afford it. But if you can’t, don’t.


Expressedways · 14/12/2019 14:15

Another vote for the dream house. If you can afford it then there really is no comparison between that and number 1.


Dazedandconfused10 · 14/12/2019 14:18

So much house for only a little more than my 1 bed cost! I prefer the first house to be honest, the 2nd one doesn't feel very inviting at all. But if you can afford it and it's ultimately what you want go for it.


nespressowoo · 14/12/2019 14:18

2 for sure


ChristmasSpiritsOnThRocksPleas · 14/12/2019 14:20

I’d buy the one you like. Ultimately there isn’t a huge difference in price so it shouldn’t make your repayments significantly higher.


Yetanotherwinter · 14/12/2019 14:29

Number 2 is a vision in grey. I love it. It looks lovely. I bet you could do a bit of work and make the first one as lovely though and spend less money. Even if you like number 2, you’re still paying for someone else’s taste. Don’t be swayed by the furnishings. Good luck with whatever you decide.


oohnicevase · 14/12/2019 14:32

So cheap! Is that Wales ??... anyways number 2 is much nicer for not much more money .!


Figgygal · 14/12/2019 14:35

Go for 2
If you can afford it don't compromise


cinnamonbun · 14/12/2019 14:35

I am living in the wrong area!!


MereDintofPandiculation · 14/12/2019 14:43

No 2 looks like a computer generated show home - certainly the outdoor furnishings look computer generated and so do a lot of the internal shots. The garden looks a lot small on Google streetview. It's a bit close to the river, so I'd be checking flood risk.

If you try to download the brochure for the first house, you get a message "this house either does not exist or is not on the market" which is a slight disadvantage Grin


saywhatwhatnow · 14/12/2019 14:45

Number 2 is lovely. Very grey though! I'm also intrigued as to where they keep their kids/kids stuff. Apart from the slide there is no trace! Do they live under the stairs Harry Potter style?


Oysterbabe · 14/12/2019 14:53

They're both lovely houses and cheap as chips! Definitely get the 2nd one if it's your dream home.


AdoreTheBeach · 14/12/2019 14:54

Most definitely house number 2. As you can now afford it, you’d be kicking yourself later if you didn’t. Not only bigger house (and at least to me, kitchen size is important) but the location looks better. House number 1 has the car park and us that garages to the side? Noise of that would drive me bonkers in summer.


Baxdream · 14/12/2019 14:56

Number 2 although way too much grey!

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