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To ask how long after giving birth you had sex

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Rezaminelli · 14/12/2019 00:20

Good morning, name changed for this as I have posted a few things lately and don't want them piecing together in real life.

I've recently realised my ex was abusive throughout our relationship. We have a child together.

I had sex with him 5 days after childbirth...I didn't want to. I said no and I gave in because I thought he'd cheat again or leave me if I didn't. This has made me sad.

It's left me wondering how long others waited - because I know he would say "you wanted it" but who in their right mind wants sex 5 days after childbirth? Anyone?

OP posts:
dementedma · 14/12/2019 09:12

DS is now nearly 18..years! I will let you know if we ever get round to doing it again.

Crazybunnylady123 · 14/12/2019 09:33

It was quite a while 8-10 weeks. Who wants to have sex when you have a newborn and getting over childbirth.
Absolutely no pressure at all from dp, I let him know when I was ready.

BuildBuildings · 14/12/2019 09:50

I don't have children but 5 days sounds very soon. Regardless though any time is not OK when you felt you had to do it or just gave in. Sorry you had this experience. But I'm pleased for you he's your ex.

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