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Hair related. To expect this to be fixed for free or not pay more to cover the error

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StayClassySally · 13/12/2019 16:36

Attached is a picture of my hair. I had a balayage and wanted to go back to blonde. I understand this is a process and miracles are not to be expected. Highlights were used with a low volume bleach and strong toner. This is because my hair is snapped in places and not healthy.

This was my first visit to this highly recommended hairdresser. The hairdresser took a before picture. She said this was because the difference would be a great Instagram picture. She didn't take an after. I assume because she wasn't happy with it. She says because of the lighting due to it being dark once it was finished. When she started, it was dark. It wasn't going to get any lighter with it being night.

I have said I am not happy with the colour but can see the skill in the highlighting so didn't complain and booked another appointment. After, I got more unhappy with the colour. I messaged saying that if she cannot guarantee that she can get it to match the rest of the hair then I want a balayage again. She said balayage will be better. This is an extra £30 than the half head of highlights. £108 total. I paid £67 for the attached which was reduced as she felt so sorry for me and my past hair experience. She has said she is happy with how it turned out. If she expected it to turn out this colour surely she should have toned down the rest?

AIBU to expect either an attempt to correct it or the balayage at a reduced rate?

Hair related. To expect this to be fixed for free or not pay more to cover the error
OP posts:
halloumi2019 · 13/12/2019 17:00

I had a balayage and wanted to go back to blonde.

Are you a natural blonde? Can you explain more about what your hair was like before or post before/after photos? From my understanding balayage goes from dark to light, so I’m guessing you had a root tint to get a balayage if you’re naturally blonde, and she was trying to lighten the roots?

It’s hard to comment otherwise

StayClassySally · 13/12/2019 17:04

Sorry, I am naturally dark, almost black. I have been blonde for years but decided to try balayage in July. I then didn't get it dyed again until early/mid November so a large amount of dark root was there. All the "warm toned" area was very dark brown.

OP posts:
halloumi2019 · 13/12/2019 17:08

Actually looking at the photo again your hair is naturally brunette, you wanted her to match the darker blonde roots into the lengths.

I see why you’re unhappy but the main issue now that it’s already been done, is the condition of your hair. Do you want to risk the integrity of your hair with another bleaching session? If you do bleach it again, wait as long as you possibly can. To limit damage, maybe just add a few highlights to break up the darker blonde root so it all blends better.

Otherwise, you could ask her to paint your natural colour back in. I would expect her to paint a root free of charge. Or give you a partial refund or some treatments. Definitely tell her that you’re not happy, and now you can’t get the look you wanted as you now have to consider damage etc

StayClassySally · 13/12/2019 17:14

Not quite. I wanted to dark root to be blonde and although I didn't expect it to be the same colour as the rest of it, I also didn't expect it to be a completely different colour meaning that I paid £67 for the same amount of roots that would then be a different colour anyway. If she knew it would be the ginger it is, I would have thought she would tone down the ends.

I have an appointment on Monday and we have discussed going back to balayage as this is a mess and bother her and I are nervous about the health of my hair and whether it can take it.

But should I pay full price on Monday. This is £108.

I'm really nervous I'm not making sense now. I am not good at hair stuff and terminology.

OP posts:
halloumi2019 · 13/12/2019 17:24

I understand now.

It’s all about balancing colour with the condition of your hair. I think she’s managed to get it light enough that those areas will probably be blonde if you had another round of highlights in 2 months, & if you did wait I would ask for a refund.

But of course, you don’t like what your hair looks like now, so I would expect her to do the £108 service for free. At the very least, you shouldn’t have to pay for highlights again so soon after already having highlights so you shouldn’t be charged again as the highlights are to correct her work.

RobinBlues · 13/12/2019 17:30

I had to google, so in case other have no idea what it is.

What is a Balayage?
Pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE, balayage is actually a French word meaning 'sweeping,' as in to sweep on a hair lightener to create highlights. Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends.

Countryescape · 13/12/2019 18:28

Is the picture your “before” pic? If so I think your hair looked great in that! What did she do to it? Made it darker or lighter?

StayClassySally · 13/12/2019 19:24

No that's the after picture. It cost £67 to look like that. I'm not a selfie person so have no pictures of before but effectively, where it is ginger, it was brown.

OP posts:
coldlighthappier · 13/12/2019 19:31

I can’t see any ginger?

EarringsandLipstick · 13/12/2019 19:33

I can't see any ginger either.

I also think it's impossible to judge from that angle, but from what I can see, I think it looks well - struggling to see why you are so unhappy?

StayClassySally · 13/12/2019 19:35

Because there are two completely separate colours in my hair with a thick line separating them? Can no one else see that? It's all meant to be one colour.

OP posts:
Scarydinosaurs · 13/12/2019 19:38

I can’t see what you’re unhappy about.

I think if your hair is in bad condition, you always risk losing/damaging hair vs getting the colour you want.

WaterSheep · 13/12/2019 19:39

Ginger? I think I need to go to Specsavers, I can't see any ginger. Confused

Is there any chance of a better picture?

Sagradafamiliar · 13/12/2019 19:48

😱 I would expect a reduced rate re-balayage. She should have been honest with you that the unified colour wouldn't really be achievable. If it is achievable, then she hasn't delivered.
(Personally I would give your hair a rest and go back to your natural colour as it grows)

needsomehelptoday · 13/12/2019 19:54

There's no ginger in your hair.

To lighten dark brown up to light blonde using highlights (eg without turning your hair to straw) can sometimes take a few times.

Your hair looks nice, I don't see the issue.

EarringsandLipstick · 13/12/2019 19:56


Because there are two completely separate colours in my hair with a thick line separating them? Can no one else see that? It's all meant to be one colour.

No. I can't see this. Yes I see the roots are darker but that makes sense given what you said. I can't see any thick line. The way you've taken the photo doesn't help.

From what I can see of the lower part of your hair it looks lovely

EarringsandLipstick · 13/12/2019 19:57

I also think you did really well to get this for £67

Thelnebriati · 13/12/2019 20:01

The blonde part looks lovely, there isn't any ginger showing in the photo.
But the root colour has such a straight cut off that it looks like root growth.

Jimjamjooney · 13/12/2019 20:04

Balayage is supposed to be a graduation of colour, so I would expect to see two colours like this

If you wanted it all blonde shouldn't you have had it bleached and toned instead?

Rosepetals30 · 13/12/2019 20:04

I know what you are trying to get at by saying ginger. That is by far a warmer blonde than the rest, and in no way the same colour, if that was what you were trying to achieve.

However there’s no way I’d be doing any more to correct this for a while now. Your hair will struggle to cope

StayClassySally · 13/12/2019 20:06

This isn't the balayage. This is meant to not be balayage and have gotten rid of the balayage. I hope that's clear. I had balayage, wanted to get rid of it, got this and will be going back to balayage to get rid.

The bottom part of my hair was there before and I am happy with the colour of that. It is all meant to be that colour. She had got the top to a very warm colour. Some may say ginger and others just call it warm. Either way it doesn't match the rest.

I've tried to take pictures but just can't get a better one than that. I'll draw in the previos one.

OP posts:
anon2000000000 · 13/12/2019 20:08

Your hairs brassy.

An ash toner would lift the brassy tones out.

StayClassySally · 13/12/2019 20:11

And some call it brassy Grin I agree, it is. I've used silver shampoo a lot since it was done but no difference. I can't write on the picture. Here is a close up.

See a line of where it is all blonde and then some warmer tone that's not got the same coverage?

Hair related. To expect this to be fixed for free or not pay more to cover the error
OP posts:
Mooserp · 13/12/2019 20:13

I can see what you mean - the top few inches of hair are a different colour to the rest.

I wouldn't expect to pay any more to get it put right

YeahNahWhal · 13/12/2019 20:13

I think she has done well, considering how dark your natural colour is. I'd recommend a toner next week, to take out the warmth that's worrying you, then wait a month or two to get more bleach on there. Your ends have been bleached lots of times and you said they're unhealthy - you risk your hair snapping off at the roots by bleaching again so soon.

I also think your new colour has more depth and dimension. It looks lovely, I'm sorry it's upset you.

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