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To think it’s not ok to call me a c**t in front of my 2 year old?

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ethelfleda · 13/12/2019 09:25

DH this morning.

I went to visit an old friend of ours last night. He was actually the one who introduced us to each other. I told DH weeks ago that it would just be him and his girlfriend wouldn’t be there and asked a couple of times if he could come to ours instead.

To not drip feed - 4 years ago I cheated on DH. It was before we married and before we had DS. I have never excused it - I never slept with the other person or anything but accepted at the time what I had done wrong and apologised and agreed to try hard to rebuild our relationship. We got married and it has hardly been mentioned since then.

Last night, he pretends not to know that my friend’s girlfriend wouldn’t be there. Then he goes abut slamming doors. I ignored him and went to bed. I then got him accusing me of cheating and shouting at me in front of DS. I did shout back but walked off. This then culminated in him coming and calling me a cunt over and over again in front of our son before storming out.

It’s not good, is it.

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pickingdaisies · 13/12/2019 23:33

Hang on. So your"d"h was trying to make it impossible for you to see mutual friend by stopping him coming to your house, I'm guessing he thought you wouldn't bother to meet him if he wasn't there too. But you went anyway and now he's throwing his toys out of the pram.
Why were you in such a dark place before, was that because of your partner's treatment of you too?

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