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AIBU to stay in pjs on Christmas day?

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Pushpushpoosh · 28/11/2019 09:14

We have DC's 3 and 18 montns, this is the first Christmas we will be staying at home all day, we have family coming to us for Christmas dinner but it's going to be a very relaxed Christmas day for us all due to bereavements in the family this year.
I've got the 4 of us matching Christmas PJ's (cheesy I know but DS was so excited) and was going to change into them on Christmas morning and wear thrm for the day so we will all be comfortable. I don't see the point in getting dressed in our best to stay at home and eat all the festive treats Grin
However some have mentioned they wouldn't dream of having a pj day on Christmas Day (not those coming for dinner).
So AIBU does anyone else do it or is it Christmas best for you?

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Mammyloveswine · 28/11/2019 09:29

If you weren't having people over I'd say go for it!

EpcotForever · 28/11/2019 09:34

I would do a pj day if I didn't have guests coming over.

Dementedmagpie · 28/11/2019 09:35

I'd say do what you want!! If your guests have no problem with it , what's the issue? (And actually if you're the host then the guests shouldn't really have cause to complain what you wear in your own home, as long as it's not indecent!)
If I wasn't going out I would consider it much to DH disgust but I usually feel a bit cabin feverish if I don't leave the house

NoSauce · 28/11/2019 09:41

I wouldn’t personally but if you’re happy to then crack on!

whyamidoingthis · 28/11/2019 09:46

Personally, I wouldn't feel particularly comfortable if my hosts were wearing pjs. It would feel like I was intruding.

Turquoisetamborine · 28/11/2019 09:50

It's your house so wear whatever you want. I couldn't bring myself to care if I was invited to your house.

Hannahlou3 · 28/11/2019 09:51

I never got dressed on Christmas day until I started visiting my partners parents but we have Christmas Dinner at my parents house and I'll happily turn up there in pj's. Christmas day should be about family and fun and comfort. Matching pj's sounds great

ElfrideSwancourt · 28/11/2019 09:51

We always have a pj day on Christmas day! We don't have visitors though, just the 4 of us and lots of food and telly.

mummmy2017 · 28/11/2019 09:52

How many do you have coming?
As can you tell them to wear or bring PJs too.
Or buy as gifts

CactusPat · 28/11/2019 09:53

Can the family get matching pjs too? Grin

BlobbyTheLump · 28/11/2019 09:55

I wouldn't care, in fact I'd rather you told me so I could come in my pyjamas too!

Itsnotlikemilkingacow · 28/11/2019 09:55

One of my favourite memories of Christmas as a child was getting fancy new pyjamas as a present from my grandparents, and I insisted on wearing them all day! I think I was about 6 or 7. Go for it!

Parker231 · 28/11/2019 09:57

Sounds perfect!

crustycrab · 28/11/2019 09:58

Warn your guests if you're doing this! Or just get dressed

billandbenflowerpotmen1 · 28/11/2019 10:03

I think it's more polite to get dressed ( doesn't need to be fancy just showing an effort)
Dd and dgs and I practically live in pjs in either of our houses but we wouldn't sit in pjs eating Christmas lunch. We'd get into them after lunch

ShinyGiratina · 28/11/2019 10:05

Fine if you're on your own. A bit odd if guests are involved.
You could warn them... I would feel odd getting dressed up into pyjamas to go out visiting though!

Dontlikeoranges · 28/11/2019 10:06

Personally I wouldn't if I had guests coming. I'd wear them Xmas Eve and Xmas day morning then change for the day and pop them back on in the evening.

If you do decide to wear them all day do warn your guests - lots of people dress up for the day and your guests might feel a bit awkward

ChaosMoon · 28/11/2019 10:06

I love the idea of getting your family matching PJs too. Same as yours, or a matching set per clan... I'm actually considering doing this myself now. V

Amys136 · 28/11/2019 10:07

I’d offer to get your guests matching pjs too or say they could bring there own. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. As a compromise could you wear your pjs Xmas eve, change for hosting time then change back once they’ve gone?

We are having family round in the morning and I plan on still being in my pjs. Me and the baby have matching ones but my husband didn’t want to join him (grinch Grin)

umberellaonesie · 28/11/2019 10:07

We do this every year, but are not entertaining. We don't go over the door on Christmas day and no one comes over door.

JPharm · 28/11/2019 10:09

It’s your house, do what you want.

greenlynx · 28/11/2019 10:10

I wouldn’t if I have guests coming even if it’s very close relatives or even one relative.

MilkTrayLimeBarrel · 28/11/2019 10:11

I wouldn't personally - Christmas in our family was/is a day for dressing up in your best clothes, not to slob around in pyjamas. Sorry, it just doesn't feel right.

GameSetMatch · 28/11/2019 10:12

I love a Christmas Day pre lunch walk so I wouldn’t but if you want to why not? Do what you want in your own home.

Ponoka7 · 28/11/2019 10:13

We all got matching Pj's one year, just put a coat over them to get in a taxi. We get the Alderhey one's because it's our local hospital.

You can get dog ones as well.

I suppose it depends on who your guests are.

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