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To ask for your tuesday morning disasters?

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recklessruby · 26/11/2019 10:08

I m wearing lovely comfortable boots which are warm and soft and dont hurt my bunion.
However I have not long ago stepped out of the car into a massive puddle in the staff car park and I have found one has a leak.
Which means I m uncomfortably squelching around a cold drama studio with a wet foot. It s grim. I wont be home till after 7pm Sad.
Oh and I have spilt sugar in my bag which means my pen and phone are horribly sticky.
What s ruining your Tuesday?

OP posts:
Lweji · 26/11/2019 15:38

Forgot to add, nothing bad so far, except that DS got all wet while going for lunch at his grandmother's who put his hoodie in the microwave! Apparently some bits didn't like it and it will have a hole in it. Thankfully it was getting older and DS has another, thicker, hoodie he almost never wears.

I'm just rolling my eyes. Whatever possessed her, I have no idea.
She had previously attempted to dry clothes (DS and a couple of other GC) with a hair drier. I always find that ironing is the best way. Grin

Lweji · 26/11/2019 15:39

Oh, and I may well get all wet on the way home. Watch this space.

MurrayTheMonk · 26/11/2019 15:51

One of my staff fiddled with the rota st work and didn't bother to tell me, so we were short on shift this morning. Then another called in sick. Then yet another ones Mum died sadly so I sent her home.
Have been running around like an idiot trying to get everything done and the rest of the week doesn't seem like it will be any better either now staffing wise.

CheshireChat · 26/11/2019 16:14

Lweji the hoodie thing made me laugh, but how old is your DS since his hoodie fits in a microwave?!

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