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To want DS to go to nursery rather than MIL?

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Yellowpansy234 · 23/11/2019 09:07

mil is somewhat a difficult character.
There are many little things that have added up to me not wanting her to have him while we're at work...
DS is 1 year old.
She has no concern for my routine and the needs of DS, she does what she likes when she likes.
Ie... taking him out in the pram at 3.30pm, 2 hours later OH is texting me panicking that she still isn't back with him, it's dark, it's freezing, her phone is going straight to answerphone.
Or giving him whole grapes... As long as they are peeled, that's!?

I try to tell her and she just talks over me and doesn't listen to the way I'd like things done.
She makes sarcastic comments to DS about us in front of us, he doesn't understand at the mo, but he will one day.

Tbh - I rather he went into nursery than mil to have him.
I know this is going to cause issues... My mum has him one day of the week, but of course if trust my mum 100% with him and she doesn't do silly things putting him at risk.
So AIBU???

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Kokeshi123 · 23/11/2019 10:44

My MIL is lovely and is great with kids, and I still prefer a nursery.

Grandparents unless they are very young get tired. It can be hard to find the energy to keep up with a relentless young toddler, they create so much mess around the house which then has to be cleaned up. Grandparents get knackered with dealing with this for hour after hour, which is not fair on them for a start, and then it gets tempting for the grandparent to do screen time, sweets, crappy plastic toy purchases etc. to keep the toddler quiet and happy. I prefer a structured environment where they see other children and several different faces, as well as having a schedule of child friendly activities and no TV or junk food.

Your MIL sounds like she is not very safe or effective around children so I really really would not want even temporary childcare from her.

Grasspigeons · 23/11/2019 10:55

You do need to trust the person looking after your child. Its as simple as that.

RockinHippy · 23/11/2019 11:27

Bollocks to whether it puts MILs nose out of joint or not. She is atrocious & it will only get worse, no way would I be giving her anymore opportunity to ignore my wishes as far as MY DC goes. Nursery end of

Yellowpansy234 · 23/11/2019 20:01

Thank you!
I feel less of a b**#h about it 😂
I know it's going to cause a major row, and it will cost me more money, i just would worry all day she's got him while I'm at work.

It's just different with my mum, she sends me updates all day and it's lovely ☺️

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