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Missed 3 hours of lunch break

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ThereIsNoLeftFalangie · 21/11/2019 05:48

AIBU to feel quite pissed off that I've missed out on 3 hours of my lunch break.
Work in a school, have been on quite a few trips for the last term. On trips the children get 30 mins lunch with staff eating alongside and supervising. Normally at school staff will get an hour lunch which is not paid. I don't mind missing out 30mins on the odd trip but it's taking the micky when im owed 2 hours. We're all expected to do things out of goodwill but thoses favours are never reciprocated by management. If they had to pay me for all the times I've worked passed my finish time they'd be in for a shock. Should I mention the 3 hours im owed?

OP posts:
Bringonspring · 23/11/2019 22:04

This must be a joke! Come follow round everyone I know and you’ll find they routinely work overtime!!!

Walkaround · 24/11/2019 00:24

If the terms of someone's employment contract allow for paid overtime, why on earth tell them they should do it unpaid?

OhHellllooooo · 24/11/2019 00:28

Wow, don't ever get an office job... I think it's been 6 years since I took an hour for lunch, or finished on time... and don't get paid for either lunch or overtime

Walkaround · 24/11/2019 00:58

OhHelloooo - after 6 years of consistently breaching the terms of your employment contract, it's time you negotiated an accurate employment contract.

adaline · 24/11/2019 02:43

@OhHellllooooo just because you're willing to accept shit pay and conditions, doesn't mean other people should Hmm

More fool you if you're willing to give your time and expertise away for free!

adaline · 24/11/2019 02:45

@bringinspring - why should OP work overtime if she's not being paid for it?

If you want to work unpaid, fine, but don't encourage other people to accept such shitty conditions!

If my company want me to work overtime I expect to get paid for it. If they won't pay me then I'll go home when my working day is up.

bigmummydragon · 24/11/2019 05:23

TAs constantly put in extra hours and cover teaching duties for no extra pay and it’s been that way for years! It’s about time TAs felt able to start standing up for themselves without fear of being seen as ‘that person’ And people should support that rather than helping to perpetuate a culture where employers routinely take the piss out of their (mostly female) staff by devaluing their time and expecting them to work for free.

Ritascornershop · 24/11/2019 06:23

All the people on this thread who think it’s a sign of virtue working unpaid all the time - it’s not, you’re a mug, they’re taking advantage of you. If you need to work more to keep on top then they need to hire more staff. You have just the one incarnation, spend it with the people you love, not in the service of a misguided “work ethic”.

Lexplorer · 24/11/2019 06:40

The reasons TAs don't stand up for themselves is usually because
a) they are told they are lucky there is still funding for them so effectively don't make a fuss otherwise we will get rid of you
b) there will be a mile-long queue for their job from the 'mums' army', schools think nothing of getting rid of someone with years of experience in covering classes and behaviour management and replacing them with someone whose only relevant qualification is having had a child of their own and
c) there is very rarely anyone in SLT who can be arsed to listen and act on TAs' concerns.
Why do we stick it? Good question!

Parttimers · 24/11/2019 08:13

If you need to work more to keep on top then they need to hire more staff

Either that or you need to manage your time better!! Some ppls time management is piss poor to be honest. They just let themselves down.

adaline · 24/11/2019 08:21

@parttimers if people have poor time management then that's something their manager/boss needs to deal with.

It doesn't mean they deserve to work unpaid for several hours a week.

Lipperfromchipper · 24/11/2019 09:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

adaline · 24/11/2019 09:35

@lipperfromchipper have you had a name change fail?!

I agree that people who martyr themselves for their jobs are fools - I used to have a colleague who refused to take her breaks - then complained when everyone else did!

Lexplorer · 24/11/2019 09:55

This thread wasn't originally about poor time-management it was about being told to work outside contracted hours with no recompense. I once had to take children from my school to another school every day for a week which was 1.5 hours a day extra. When I asked the HT about how to fill in to claim for these hours her response was, well, I don't know what to say, if you claim for these hours then all TAs will want to do the same! YES. THAT'S RIGHT. AND SO THEY SHOULD! Happy to say that since becoming a MAT our terms and conditions have improved and working overtime (when told to do so) for nothing is a thing of the past.

Walkaround · 24/11/2019 10:00

Lexplorer - it's true schools don't have enough money and support staff are generally the first to go, because primary schools cannot actually get rid of teachers, anyway, unless they are tiny schools with small classes (and thus totally financially unviable in this economic climate), and secondary schools which offer hardly any subjects will be slaughtered by Ofsted and parents will look elsewhere. However, this is not because of having to pay the odd £20 here and there in overtime (you're unlikely to get much, if any, more than minimum wage in overtime pay as an entitlement), it's because they cannot afford the basic salary.

Btw, unless someone is only recently employed, redundancy is itself pretty expensive and complicated, so schools will avoid going down that path, too, as absolutely long as possible - not out of niceness, out of cost factors... So don't be the person who saves them money by not claiming the overtime you are allowed, then leaving of your own accord because of the working conditions, and not bringing a claim for that, either. You aren't saving your job that way, or even delaying the inevitable. They won't be in a rush to make you redundant, because that is hugely more expensive than overtime pay! Recruitment to replace you also costs money, so you won't be replaced if you leave (then your colleagues can get your pay in overtime claims!). And a school would be idiotic to happily wave off a qualified teacher who is working on TA pay that they are getting away with asking to fulfil duties outside normal TA duties as a result, and replace her with a parent with no experience whatsoever.
If in your school, teachers are still insisting on getting their PPA time, despite the huge cost of this to the school, then they aren't letting their contracts be ripped up and chucked down the toilet, either, so why should you? Either they need you or they don't. If they didn't need you, you wouldn't be there.

Walkaround · 24/11/2019 10:41

In fact, working overtime is clear evidence they need more of you, not that they can afford to let you go.

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