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Apparently sports direct trainers aren't suitable for wearing in mud

26 replies

StealthPolarBear · 19/11/2019 19:22

I've just tried to return some as the sole fell apart and was told "but they've got mud in them, they're not suitable for wearing in mud"

OP posts:

WhenISnappedAndFarted · 19/11/2019 19:23

I'd never have expected them to replace if they had mud on them.

How long have you had the shoes?


StealthPolarBear · 19/11/2019 19:24

Really? The sole has basically melted

OP posts:

StealthPolarBear · 19/11/2019 19:25

Early september

OP posts:

StealthPolarBear · 19/11/2019 19:26

They're these airmax ones and I think te problem is with that

OP posts:

ControversialFerret · 19/11/2019 19:27

Does it say on the trainers that they aren't suitable for wearing in bad weather - which can include mud? If not then go back and tell them that under the Consumer Rights Act the product is not fit for purpose, and that it is completely unreasonable to expect you to be satisfied with trainers that have only lasted for 2.5 months.


WhenISnappedAndFarted · 19/11/2019 19:28

They should have lasted a lot longer than that!


SirHumphreyDrinkalot · 19/11/2019 19:28

Did the sole melt in the rain?


GrumpyHoonMain · 19/11/2019 19:30

Nearly all trainers aren’t suitable for mud. Most aren’t even waterproof. That is why hiking boots / hiking trainers / All weather trainers exist.


StealthPolarBear · 19/11/2019 19:34

But I didn't care of they got muddy! How does mud make the sole go flat?

OP posts:

StealthPolarBear · 19/11/2019 19:35

If you go for a run in the mud do you wear hiking boots?
What happens to trainers in the mud that's so bad?

OP posts:

lljkk · 19/11/2019 19:36

I got running in mine several times a week, usually on mud (always on trails).
Do you have a pic of yours, OP?


randomsabreuse · 19/11/2019 19:42

All my trainers get muddy and have been. To be fair my cheap Karrimor road shoes are fairly useless for running in mud (roadrunner impression, faceplant or unplanned sit down on any slope) but there's quite a lot of high end road shoes with little or no grip!


Iwantacookie · 19/11/2019 19:51

Unless they are caked in mud from you doing a mud run aren't all trainers going to have some mud of them at this time of year? Confused


OhMsBeliever · 19/11/2019 19:52

I had this with some boot I bought years ago in New Look.

I'd had them 10 days and the soles were falling apart. So I took them back. There was mud on them. Because it was winter, it had been raining, some paths had mud on them (I wasn't wading through fields of mud, just wearing them on the school run)

They tried telling me it was my own fault for wearing them out in typical British winter weather. Silly me not realising you should only wear shoes or boots in nice weather. Hmm

I hate confrontation but actually argued my point and got a refund.


Tolleshunt · 19/11/2019 19:55

Typical sports direct! I never buy from them.

It’s bollocks. They are on a hiding to nothing with the law. The trainers aren’t fit for purpose and they should refund. Threaten to take them to the small claims court.


CrohnicallyEarly · 19/11/2019 19:55

I had a similar problem with sports direct and my daughters shoes.

She wore a hole in them in less than 24 hours. She had only worn them around the house (intending to wear them in).

When I took them back, the assistant said they couldn’t be returned because they had been worn outside. I pointed out that they hadn’t, and besides shoes were meant to be worn outside, if they wore out that quickly they weren’t of sufficient quality.

In the end, I stood quietly and calmly by the counter googling my consumer rights and how to take it further, and they issued the refund. I haven’t shopped there since.


SpoonBlender · 19/11/2019 19:59

Toss them through a wash and then take them back again.


stripeypillowcase · 19/11/2019 20:01

shoes that break because they are faulty can be returned.

which guide to consumer rights


AuntieStella · 19/11/2019 20:02

If you want Nike trail shoes, then try the Pegasus rather than AirMax


AuntieStella · 19/11/2019 20:04

Sports Direct IME. have always been pretty useless when it comes to knowing anything about what trainer for what purpose.

Decathlon staff have been rather better, but can still be rather hit and miss.


stripeypillowcase · 19/11/2019 20:04

decathlon has been pretty good in the past when I needed to return faulty things and they have decent trail running shoes as well.


StealthPolarBear · 19/11/2019 20:59

I don't think we have a decathlon, not heard of it
I don't have the receipt which I know is stupid. So there's nothing to prove we'v not had them for ages, other than the sole that isn't flat is clearly not very worn iyswim. Despite wearing them in the outside. Silly me for not realising they were slipper trainers

OP posts:

JasperHale · 19/11/2019 21:06

Decathlon is million times better, because they respect consumers rights. They are very customer friendly, and I've never had any problem with returns nor exchanges.

Sports Direct once they have your money, you will never see it again, no matter how right you might be Angry


lljkk · 19/11/2019 21:47

Nearest Decathlon seems to be... 2 hours drive from my home(!)
I know people would consider that a fun day out... but meh. Sports Direct is en route on my cycle commute...

Is OP deciding the shoes are actually slippers?


RunningNinja79 · 19/11/2019 21:57

My Karrimore trail running shoes (trainers with better grip) have done me well in the past.

Decathlon is European (French I think, but I could be wrong), but they are popping up more and more over in the UK. My nearest one is in Gateshead an hour away.

I tend to find a good place for trainers.

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