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To spend my £50 M&S voucher all on stuffing?

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Adogwithabone · 13/11/2019 17:08

Background: We're in the middle of having an incredibly tight budget. We scrimp and save every penny and shop at Aldi/Lidl with about £50 a week.

I'm over the moon. I've been gifted a £50 M&S gift card!!! Perfect timing as would love to get some treats in for Christmas!

I'd love to make my voucher go as far as it can. I tried the m&s pork and chestnut stuffing once and it was delicious so will add that to my list! Can anyone recommend their favourite treats from M&S. We don't really drink and have toddler DS.

OP posts:
AnAngryElf · 13/11/2019 19:27

Oh the chocolate chip cookies. I need them now😍😫

Coconutbug · 13/11/2019 19:32

The chocolate mini rolls!

The bakery section is pretty good but I wouldn't recommend freezing it.

Alot of stuff in m&s is branded stuff but repackaged for them, like the bread, ketchup etc

Oly4 · 13/11/2019 19:36

Sausage roll Yule log is definitely now going on my list. It’s ok to love M&S people... AND to talk about it on a forum.
Other things I’d recommend are their deserts (cheesecake is lush), and their own brand gold instant coffee

Adogwithabone · 13/11/2019 19:39

@littlecabbage As the voucher was already purchased, it won't count towards sales for this quarter, yay! Ah, Brilliant! The voucher was purchased in May and if I'm honest, I have had fleeting thoughts about snipping it in half out of protest but I just can't do it when we so rarely get to treat ourselves.

Alot of stuff in m&s is branded stuff but repackaged for them, like the bread, ketchup etc I didn't realise this! I've always joked that my dream job would be a M&S food taster!

OP posts:
Abibranning · 13/11/2019 19:42

Their Devon scones, my absolute favourites

Newbie1999 · 13/11/2019 19:43

YANBI. Their stuffing is amazing.

TipseyTorvey · 13/11/2019 19:43

Another one with @littlecabbage here. I class myself as a quiet but constant feminist but for some reason this m&s changing room thing has infected me with the rage of boudicca. Get men out of women's spaces and then we can giggle about percy pigs imo.

catnidge · 13/11/2019 19:48

Broccoli cheese is delicious.
Jellly babies and wine gums.
The boxed cookie selection.
Italian chocs also very good

Imsofriggingtired · 13/11/2019 19:50

Not exactly a 'treat' but their onion rings (not the frozen ones) are to die for, brought some today to go with steak for tomorrows dinner Grin

Jellykat · 13/11/2019 19:56

Their frozen bake at home croissant, and maple and raisin pancakes are yummy.

Stealthymcstealth · 13/11/2019 20:06

Like a previous poster said it won't count toward this quarters profits so enjoy your voucher OP.

I loved M&S and planned on getting all my Christmas food there, I had a fairly unsuccessful shopping trip looking for ambient food I could start getting now, I was right next to an M&S and it would of been so easy to go in and get the food I wanted but I went to waitrose which was out of my way instead.

Stuckinarut79 · 13/11/2019 20:06

Stone baked ciabatta garlic bread I could spend £50 on that, by far the best garlic bread ever!

DonKeyshot · 13/11/2019 20:08

M&S Belgian chocolates are divine:

I'm convinced they're made by my favourite Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus whose chocolates cost an arm and a leg in Harrods. You must treat yourself OP - this is one for the grown ups.

Slightaggrandising · 13/11/2019 20:28

Sell it on eBay and pocket the cash.

Slaymill · 13/11/2019 20:28

Clementine Gin Liqueur Snow Globe is pretty the Stollen slices are very tasty and the Salted Caramel fudge log chocolate bar is a must have.

BusyBB · 13/11/2019 20:37

I love the pistachio and almond cookies!

ILoveAllRainbowsx · 13/11/2019 21:25

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Stealthymcstealth · 14/11/2019 09:38

@Oly4 of course it's OK to like M&S and talk about it, I bloody love M&S and I will miss it but I can't shop there anymore, that is my choice and nobody should feel guilted or pressured into doing the same, it's important that the issues regarding womens rights are brought to peoples attention so they have all the information but what they do with that information is entirely up to them.

myusernamewastakenbyme · 14/11/2019 10:20

Id spend it on a bottle of port and lots and lots of cheese...stilton...brie...camembert be in heaven.

Mmpip · 14/11/2019 11:02

It should definitely be their delicious desserts for a special Christmas Treat for all of the family. Nothing tastes better after your Christmas Dinner than a Marksys Special Dessert....

Mmpip · 14/11/2019 11:03

Myusernamewastakenbyme Sounds perfect too...

blackteasplease · 14/11/2019 11:04

I got an M and S voucher from work and I’m spending it on stuff for Christmas dinner too! Main thing is stuffed turkey crown. Mmmmmm. and some nice cakes.

StrictlyNameChangin · 14/11/2019 11:08

The breakfast cereal with chocolate curls in 😍

If you will have any gluten free guests their gf range is to die for!

As is most of their food tbh Grin

I'm being a bit boring here but maybe add in a bra or knickers if you need any? They are so much better quality than cheaper versions and last longer (important if you're on a budget).

attillathenun · 14/11/2019 11:08

Been spending a lot of time in there while I've been preggers Blush:

percy pigs
the round biscuits covered in chocolate
any of the muffins they have in the bakery - amazing!
literally any of the Christmas desserts
cauliflower cheese

also, we had a lot of family and friends around a few weeks ago and to feed everyone I bought the trays of sandwiches from there which were really nice. I'm planning on getting our turkey from there too as we wanted one of the pre-stuffed ones.

Adogwithabone · 14/11/2019 12:03

Oh yes I'm a devil for cheese!!! Although would M&S Brie be nicer than Aldi Brie? Is all Brie not equal?

Desserts. Oh hell yes! Anything melty and chocolatey.

Chocolate cereal on the list as is that box of chocolates. Thanks for the link. They look amazing and something we definitely would never buy so would be a real treat!

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