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AIBU to think this man should’ve got life in prison

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Gin96 · 13/11/2019 17:01

Unbelievable, these women’s lives were worth so little 😢

OP posts:
TerrorMirabilis · 13/11/2019 21:26

Another factor @MrsTerryPratchett to add to your excellent post is the Age-Crime Curve. Generally speaking, as we age we become less likely to commit crime. So the public safety justification for continuing to hold someone as they get older and older may not be there.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 21:37

I’m watching the documentary now, it’s horrendous what they did to the girls, they used Lucy’s death as a threat to the other girls so they wouldn’t report the abuse.

OP posts:
Justanotherlurker · 13/11/2019 21:40

Most women who are murdered by their partners have a history of abuse.

And a significant proportian of serial killers have been abused by their mother.

You have tried to create a gendered outrage without understanding of the finer details on the legal system of incarceration.

It is OK to feel he shouldn't get release (even though he hasn't yet) but even Nordic countries accept time served, being on the side of the Daily mail as to lock them up for life is not as progressive as you tried to spin your OP as.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 21:41

You need to watch the documentary

OP posts:
EnthusiasmIsDisturbed · 13/11/2019 21:49

We simply wouldn’t be able to manage all prisoners who have received a life sentence prisons would become unmanageable

But there are too many people in the community who take a huge amount of managing and some really shouldn’t be and it becomes a waiting game.

Many violent criminals as they age their crimes change they become less violent but the crimes are still against people fraud etc

I do believe in rehabilitation but some people won’t change (especially when they have certain Personality Disorder diagnosis) There is a belief that they burn out often the crimes are just not as violent

Justanotherlurker · 13/11/2019 21:51

You need to watch the documentary

I think this sums up the thread, and not in the way you think it is.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 21:55

The thread is about this documentary, without watching it how do you know the full details?

OP posts:
MrsTerryPratchett · 13/11/2019 22:00

What they did was utterly repugnant and horrifying. That's not under discussion. What is is whether whole life terms are a good idea. And I believe they almost never are.

nancyjuice7 · 13/11/2019 22:24

@SeperatedSwans I work with men convicted of sexual offences against children and statically only 10% are truly attracted to children.
The other 90% commit those offences for a whole variety of reasons. Heinous and punishable they should be, however not every "convicted pedo" is attracted to children walking down the street.

I would argue we treat sex offenders like monsters and a different type of offending, however we fail to treat domestic violence and the amount of men killing their partners with the same risk management and overhaul of multi agency work.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 22:36

Well worth watching, Tazmin is an amazing young woman, Lucy was only 16 when she was burnt alive with her Mum and sister.
Rest in peace Lucy xx

OP posts:
SeperatedSwans · 13/11/2019 22:53

@nancyjuice7 I couldn't agree more with your post.

SO's are hung in the press on front pages, but a man who beats his wife daily Infront of the kids gets a sub column on page 6...but still he will be released in 6 months and guess what, on to the next one.

nancyjuice7 · 13/11/2019 22:56

@SeperatedSwans I agree, trial via Facebook and the daily mail is a real thing

Fraggling · 13/11/2019 22:57

I read the article today and her point that the sex offences against her mother were never really recognised let alone included in prosecution etc is valid, totally.

Terrible story so brave to tell it.

Mumoftwoyoungkids · 14/11/2019 00:09

To put th3 timeline of this in Perspective - if Lucy was alive today she would be 35.

Gin96 · 14/11/2019 07:11

The problem with his possible parole coming up in the next couple of weeks, is the gangs use Lucy’s death as a threat to the girls this could happen to you. What message does that send to the poor girls and the gang members?

OP posts:
Gin96 · 14/11/2019 07:12

And the abuse is still going on today.

OP posts:
ChristineBaskets · 15/11/2019 10:44

So sad that she calls her mother's murderer 'dad' but calls her mother by her first name. Sad

DishingOutDone · 15/11/2019 11:11

God knows what a psychologist would make of it all, I couldn't watch the documentary in the end but I still have it on record. I always think if someone has borne witness to their ordeal like that you should make an effort to understand what has happened, particularly in this case as its related to the on-going child grooming and exploitation cases.

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