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AIBU to think this man should’ve got life in prison

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OP posts:
Stressedout10 · 13/11/2019 17:11

Can we have a clicky link please

PawPawNoodle · 13/11/2019 17:30

He did get life in prison? 4 of them, in fact.

OrangeZog · 13/11/2019 17:32

Lucy’s parents completely let her down. Surely, if a man is in your teenager daughter’s room and you hear her shouting “rape” you don’t continue to condone him being around her?!

PurpleDaisies · 13/11/2019 17:34

He was given four life sentences.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 17:37

It says he’s now eligible for parole very soon?
“My dad’s now eligible for parole. Ultimately, you can’t just add on other crimes to keep someone in prison”

OP posts:
PurpleDaisies · 13/11/2019 17:38

Yes, but a life sentence is different to serving life in prison.

Look at the link I posted. The trial judge sentenced him to four life sentences.

PurpleDaisies · 13/11/2019 17:39

From the article... Mr Justice Hughes imposed three life sentences on the counts of murder and a fourth life sentence for attempted murder.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 17:40

It’s still an injustice he can be out of prison in less than 20 years after what he did.

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 13/11/2019 17:40

A life sentence should mean just that. You stay in prison until they care you out in a pine box. It's obscene that monsters like this are ever eligible for parole.

Aquamarine1029 · 13/11/2019 17:40

*cart you out

PawPawNoodle · 13/11/2019 17:43

Ah you mean he should have got a whole life order. They've very rare.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 17:43

Her parenrs did let her down but so did the justice system, the Mum and sister paid with their lives for their mistakes. This man will not change and will still treat all women like they are worthless.

OP posts:
DishingOutDone · 13/11/2019 17:45

I read this earlier, unbelievable.

The young girl talks about it as if it was in the 60s or something - saying "that's how society was at the time" ...?!! But when you realise this happened in 2000 and link it to the grooming cases you can see how this all unfolded. Yet she still refers to him as "dad". And as for the grandfather - there are just so many terrible things you run out of superlatives.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 17:59

I know less than 20 years ago! You would think it was back in the 50’s. How on earth these men got away with these crimes in broad daylight, when the police knew what was going on and they did nothing, the poor girls got the blame. Our society should hold our heads in shame for letting this happen.

OP posts:
MrsTerryPratchett · 13/11/2019 19:15

A life sentence should mean just that. You stay in prison until they care you out in a pine box. It's obscene that monsters like this are ever eligible for parole.

Easy to say. But implementing policy is very different to a black and white moralistic approach.

A few things that make full life terms less desirable.

  1. Behaviour in prison. People with nothing to lose have no incentive to behave in prison. Parole is a massive incentive to behave. American prisons are a good example of what happens when prisoners have nothing to lose.

2. Money. It's extremely expensive to hold people in prison when they are no longer a risk to society.

3. Compatible sentences. A 20 years old serves 60 years and a 60 year old serves 20.

4. The concept of rehabilitation. What is prison for? Pure punishment has not been the point for a long time. Prison should be for two things; rehabilitation and deterrent. Murder is comparatively rare and recidivism rates are the lowest of any crime. So locking someone up forever doesn't serve the purpose of prison unless the purpose is revenge and punishment, which hasn't been what we've wanted from the prison system.

5. Human rights. It's inhumane to take all hope away from anyone, even a murderer. And yes, for human rights to mean anything, they have include everyone. Which is why generally whole life terms are frowned upon by the EU, other human rights focussed organizations.
MrsTerryPratchett · 13/11/2019 19:46

Oh and I meant to say, a life sentence is a life sentence, even if it is not all served in prison. The offender is on a life licence, unlike other sentences that end.

plantainchips · 13/11/2019 19:52

Well stated @MrsTerryPratchett

Justanotherlurker · 13/11/2019 20:00

It says he’s now eligible for parole very soon?

Eligible doesn't mean he will get out, you are trying to preempt outrage

Also what MrsTerryPratchett said.

DishingOutDone · 13/11/2019 20:42

I didn't realise the documentary is being shown on BBC1 tonight in 3 parts (bizarrely all one after the other). And I hope there is outrage and continues to be outrage. But sadly I suspect the victim's daughter who calls him 'dad' is going to be drawn in to support his release.

Peanutbutteryogurt · 13/11/2019 20:54

That's really interesting MrsTerryPratchett, I'd never thought of those points before. Although I do wonder if men who commit rape and sex crimes are ever not a danger to society.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 20:56

It says her Dad is being considered for release, which means he will probably be out in a couple of weeks, I bet he treats the next woman he’s in a relationship with just the same as poor Lucy 😢

OP posts:
SeperatedSwans · 13/11/2019 21:05


I work with SO's (sex offenders) other than pedophiles, re offending rates for those convicted of rape or sexual assault are relatively low compared to other offenders such as drugs/non violent crime/anti social behaviour.

They do have CBT based offender courses, that for many make them really delve in to why they committed the offence, past trauma, behaviour towards women and rehabilitation of SO's is comparatively good compared to other types of offences.

You very rarely hear of repeat rapists compared to drug offences for example.

They always tend to be MAPA cases are on a register for 5, 10 or life if the sentence is over 3 years which for many serious sex offences they are, so if anything they tend to keep their heads down.

Pedophiles however, are different as they are sexually attracted to children and it's near on impossible to "cure an attraction" sadly.

Sunnysidegold · 13/11/2019 21:23

@MrsTerryPratchett thank you for your post - it's really made me see beyond the narrow view I had about "life meaning life". I had thought about the twenty year old - 60 year sentence Vs sixty year old - 20 year sentence before but I appreciate your other points. Food for thought.

Gin96 · 13/11/2019 21:24

Most women who are murdered by their partners have a history of abuse.

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