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Asking for reduced rent

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Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:04

Hey guys,

So got a bit of an AIBU/WWYD situation.

Moved into a private rented flat 4 months ago, the flat included some appliances so came with integrated fridge freezer, dishwasher and a combi washer/dryer.

First month in the property there were no issues at all, although it is a bit expensive i was really happy with it. Then the washer/dryer started to play up. Started with the door jamming any time we used the dry function and the only way to fix it was to unplug it and leave it for approx 15 minutes and then re-plug it in and the door would un-jam. Was a bit inconvenient but not the end of the world so didn't tell the landlord (aware this is a big mistake). Following that then the dry function stopped working all together, so clothes were coming out steaming hot but still dripping wet.

At this point i decided to get in touch with landlord (well it's more a letting company than individual landlord). It took ages to get an engineer out and when they did eventually come out they checked a few things on the dryer and told me it was working fine but to get back in touch if we had any other issues. Right after the engineer left i tested it and it still wasn't actually drying anything (aware i probably should've tested it when the engineer was there but this is my first time ever moving out and just assumed he would've been able to tell if it was working etc). So called landlord again who arranged another visit.

The second visit the engineer admitted he hadn't actually been sent to fix the appliance but just to explain that combi washer/dryers don't dry as well and not to expect much (wtf?!?), but he actually tested putting something dry in whilst there and it came out wet so he agreed it was broken and called landlord while there who said he would arrange another visit.

We finally have another visit organised only to get a call today saying the engineer has managed to double book so we have to wait until next week now. Both me and DP work full time so we have to either take time off work or get my DM to sit in for the engineer visits and i feel so sorry for her having to deal with this. On top of all this we have now discovered the dishwasher doesn't work and doesn't appear to even be connected to a water supply.

So my AIBU/WWYD is would i be unreasonable to ask for a rent reduction due to all of this. 3 months out of the 4 i've lived there the appliances haven't been working and i have had to buy electric clothes horses just to get clothes dry quicker as the place doesn't have proper radiators (more electric space heater type things) so we can't even dry stuff the usual way.

The rent isn't cheap either we could get a 2 bed flat for almost half the price in the same area but these are new builds and were decorated exactly how i wanted with appliances so i assumed less hassle etc - evidently not. I'm just not sure if its reasonable to ask for a rent reduction since technically my rent also pays for the inclusion of appliances which aren't even working :(

Thank you to anyone who read this far haha, this was way longer than i expected haha.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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mencken · 13/11/2019 11:55

ah, we have a Guardian reader on the thread I see.

as a genuine landlord I would never advise phoning Shelter because if you have the internet there's no need. All the info is online, in fact some of the stuff on and the how to rent guide (which you have of course read...) comes from them.

you can contact the landlord if you like, you are entitled to their contact details. But they can't do any more than the agent does in this case which is to send someone round to fix things.

washer-dryers are notoriously not very good. A washing machine is around £120 and a dryer about the same, so perhaps factor that into the costs for your next rental - if there is space of course.

wet clothes hanging round a house produce mould, regardless of who owns it.

Passthecherrycoke · 13/11/2019 12:02

I agree that I wouldn’t go to shelter. This is a minor problem, fairly easily solved and not the sort of thing you need them for.

I disagree with wubbas point though. A clause stating you can’t dry clothes indoors isn’t legally enforceable. It’s not possible to try outside 365 days a year.

It is reasonable for them to ask you not to if they provide a tumble drier though.

filka · 13/11/2019 12:06

As a LL I've never provided fridge/freezer, washing machine or dryer, but I recently had a change of tenants. They offered a higher rent if I provided these, so I bought new - but the increase in rent was only £50 which I accepted on the basis that it paid for the equipment over the two years of the lease.

So that's a measure of the level of reduction you might ask for - but are unlikely to get.

If the property is managed by an agent, it's possible to have the engineer collect a key from the agent do the work then return it - if you are happy for the engineer to be alone in the house. IMO the risk of them stealing anything is fairly remote as their job would clearly be at stake.

pelirocco123 · 13/11/2019 12:26

You are probably overloading the washer dryer , they cannot dry a full load of washing
As for a rent reduction ? if there was no washer dryer it would have very little if any effect of the amount of rent they are charging
Don't be surprised if they aren't willing to renew your lease when the time comes

Passthecherrycoke · 13/11/2019 12:28

Don’t be ridiculous pelirocco, OP has every right to have the supplied appliances fixed and in working order

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 13:42

@filka Yes that's my plan of action next to ask LL to give the engineer a key! The only valuable really would be a TV or DP's playstation (which i would happily have disappear hahah)

OP posts:
Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 13:43

@Wubbawubba i wouldn't have any other option but to dry clothes indoors as there's no gardens etc - it's a block of flats so the only option is to either use the dryer provided or hang clothes in the property

OP posts:
Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 13:44

@Passthecherrycoke yeah not planning on contacting Shelter tbh - as pp said all info is online anyways

OP posts:
Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 13:46

@pelirocco123 yes - aware it's only a small load, we have even tried only washing 3 single items - it still does not function as it should. Bit ridiculous to suggest a LL wouldn't renew my tenancy on the basis i've asked for appliances supplied to be fixed... hmm

OP posts:
Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 13:46

Smiley fail right there whoops

OP posts:
Alwayscheerful · 13/11/2019 13:52

Washer dryers are not efficient. You should only attempt to dry 50% of the wash load. An 8kg wash needs to be split to 2 x 4 Kg dry loads. I don't rate washer dryers at all.
The government have reduced/removed many of the buy to let allowances so many landlords are no longer including white goods, however if the appliances were included in your inventory you are entitled to working appliances. I wouldn't use a washer dryer it's more efficient to use a heated airer.
Contact the letting agent and follow up your requests in Writing.

Confusedbeetle · 13/11/2019 13:58

This is why many landlords do not provide white goods. Is a drier essential? Not very envirinmentally friendly. I havenet used one for 20 years

Passthecherrycoke · 13/11/2019 14:00

It’s completely standard to divide white goods in private market rentals. If anything it’s more common now than ever

Passthecherrycoke · 13/11/2019 14:00

Provide not divide

ItsNotMeItsNotMe · 13/11/2019 14:11

I don’t really see why you should have to use a laundrette or buy equipment to dry your clothes when the appliances should be working already. Maybe leave a message for the landlord that your not happy with having extra costs to wash/dry clothes can it be sorted ASAP

Redglitter · 13/11/2019 14:12

I know this might sound like stating the obvious but is the dryer definitely faulty? I've got a washer/dryer and using the drying programme once basically has my clothes the same as you describe. To get them completely dry takes about 3 runs of the programme. They're nothing like tumble dryers when it comes to drying.

It might be worth checking there is definitely a fault rather than it's just you're expecting too much of it

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 14:39

@Redglitter it's definitely faulty - worked perfect the first month. Tested it by placing a dry towel in and it came out of a dry cycle wet. Even tried running a dry cycle twice and the clothes still came out literally dripping to the point i could ring water out of them

OP posts:
Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 14:41

@Alwayscheerful yeah if i had the space i would just get a dryer and have the washer separate! I definitely don't rate them! The only place i think i could possibly fit a dryer would be in my cupboard but there's no plugs etc and it'd be a very very tight squeeze

OP posts:
LIZS · 13/11/2019 14:49

Is it a condensor dryer, do you need to empty a container somewhere otherwise the water will recirculate as it heats.

Frenchw1fe · 13/11/2019 15:04

Within the first 4 months our tenants contacted us to say the dishwasher kept cutting out , I got it replaced within a fortnight, 2 months later the washer/ dryer made loud noises, the bearings had gone. Again replaced within a fortnight.
Both times I got my engineer to liaise with the tenant and just contact me for approval of new product.
Unfortunately your LL is probably dealing with warranty regs. Ask him for the engineers number and sort out appts yourself.
Never leave a problem, LL can't do anything if he doesn't know.
I take my tenants seriously because I want them to respect my property.
Your LL will not mind how many times you call if you have a legitimate problem.
I have an agent but I still sort out any repairs because I like to know who's doing what to my property.

ferntwist · 13/11/2019 15:09

If the appliances come with the property it is the landlord’s responsibility by law to ensure they are in working order.

SinkGirl · 13/11/2019 15:13

Your landlord is trying to fix it. You wouldn’t get a rent reduction. You could claim back for the costs associated with having no laundry facilities (laundrette, clothes airer etc).

Zebulon2002 · 13/11/2019 15:19

You can ask for repairs, but not money back

ChileConCarne · 13/11/2019 16:47

I dry all of our washing on a wooden clothes horse in a room with the radiator switched off.

LightsInOtherPeoplesHouses · 13/11/2019 16:56

I dry all of our washing on a wooden clothes horse in a room with the radiator switched off.

How long does that take? And how do you stop the clothes from smelling?

And why do you do it? There are other options!

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