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Asking for reduced rent

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Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:04

Hey guys,

So got a bit of an AIBU/WWYD situation.

Moved into a private rented flat 4 months ago, the flat included some appliances so came with integrated fridge freezer, dishwasher and a combi washer/dryer.

First month in the property there were no issues at all, although it is a bit expensive i was really happy with it. Then the washer/dryer started to play up. Started with the door jamming any time we used the dry function and the only way to fix it was to unplug it and leave it for approx 15 minutes and then re-plug it in and the door would un-jam. Was a bit inconvenient but not the end of the world so didn't tell the landlord (aware this is a big mistake). Following that then the dry function stopped working all together, so clothes were coming out steaming hot but still dripping wet.

At this point i decided to get in touch with landlord (well it's more a letting company than individual landlord). It took ages to get an engineer out and when they did eventually come out they checked a few things on the dryer and told me it was working fine but to get back in touch if we had any other issues. Right after the engineer left i tested it and it still wasn't actually drying anything (aware i probably should've tested it when the engineer was there but this is my first time ever moving out and just assumed he would've been able to tell if it was working etc). So called landlord again who arranged another visit.

The second visit the engineer admitted he hadn't actually been sent to fix the appliance but just to explain that combi washer/dryers don't dry as well and not to expect much (wtf?!?), but he actually tested putting something dry in whilst there and it came out wet so he agreed it was broken and called landlord while there who said he would arrange another visit.

We finally have another visit organised only to get a call today saying the engineer has managed to double book so we have to wait until next week now. Both me and DP work full time so we have to either take time off work or get my DM to sit in for the engineer visits and i feel so sorry for her having to deal with this. On top of all this we have now discovered the dishwasher doesn't work and doesn't appear to even be connected to a water supply.

So my AIBU/WWYD is would i be unreasonable to ask for a rent reduction due to all of this. 3 months out of the 4 i've lived there the appliances haven't been working and i have had to buy electric clothes horses just to get clothes dry quicker as the place doesn't have proper radiators (more electric space heater type things) so we can't even dry stuff the usual way.

The rent isn't cheap either we could get a 2 bed flat for almost half the price in the same area but these are new builds and were decorated exactly how i wanted with appliances so i assumed less hassle etc - evidently not. I'm just not sure if its reasonable to ask for a rent reduction since technically my rent also pays for the inclusion of appliances which aren't even working :(

Thank you to anyone who read this far haha, this was way longer than i expected haha.

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SillyMoomin · 13/11/2019 10:08

I'm not sure what you expect the landlord to do. Each time you've contacted him, he's called out an engineer. It's not the landlords fault the engineer double booked himself.
I have electric storage heaters and manage to dry clothes fine on a clothes horse.
If the place is expensive for you, then look to move to a cheaper property

MrsMaiselsMuff · 13/11/2019 10:08

No harm in asking but any reduction would be minimal. Can you ask for a Saturday morning appointment, or last call, and/ or them to call when they're on the way?

The fact that the rent is high is irrelevant, you chose to pay it.

HermioneKipper · 13/11/2019 10:10

You can ask but unlikely you’ll get anything in my experience.

MrsMaiselsMuff · 13/11/2019 10:10

Also agree with above, a normal clothes horse would be adequate. If you're using an electric one be careful you don't end up with mould!

schafernaker · 13/11/2019 10:11

You agreed to the price of the rent so complaining it is expensive comparative to other properties is neither here nor there.

Things break, and it sounds like your landlord has been reasonable in trying to get the situation sorted. I’d be surprised if he would reduce the rent. You didn’t inform him of the initial problem so I don’t think you can blame him you have been there for 3/4 months with appliances that aren’t working correctly.

He may reimburse you for a clothes horse 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’d wait and see how the repair goes and if it isn’t repaired insist on a new appliance ASAP

theruffles · 13/11/2019 10:13

You could ask for a reduction in rent but I'm not sure you'd get it. The landlord has arranged for the appliances to be fixed (or at least the ones they know about). It is annoying having to wait in for things to be fixed but I think it's just one of those things you have to accept. I can understand wanting the washer/dryer fixed but a dishwasher isn't really an essential if you have a sink. If it was, say, the oven or the shower that was broken I think asking for a rent reduction would be more justified, but a broken washer/dryer and dishwasher isn't really the same.

Namechangeforthiscancershit · 13/11/2019 10:17

I don't think you can blame the landlord can you? Or the rent as a whole as you were obviously happy enough to pay that.

How much were the clothes horses? That might be a better route?

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:17

Landlord said the engineer they use doesn't do weekends - i did ask for the weekend appointments to begin with but unfortunatley can't get weekends. Latest he could come would be 6pm but neither me or DP are back from work til nearer 7pm as we have a bit of a travel home from work so even latest appointment we would need DM or someone to be in. @MrsMaiselsMuff

@SillyMoomin I know it's not the landlords fault about the engineer double booking - i'm not annoyed with the landlord about that, stuff like that happens and of course can't be helped. It's more the fact that it's taking so long to get fixed - each time we contact it takes weeks for an appointment with an engineer (although i guess that may not necessarily be something the landlord can help if he has limited engineers etc). The place isn't expensive for me - i can afford it on my own without DP i mean it's more expensive than other places in the same sort of area.

@HermioneKipper yeah i did think they'd probably say no or it'd be minimal.

The comment about rent being high was meant as in i could get somewhere else cheaper without appliances - i choose the more expensive place because the appliances came with the property so meant i had less things to buy - which is why it's disappointing that things have broken within a month of living there

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Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:21

@MrsMaiselsMuff I got the electric one as the normal one we had placed in front of the radiator was taking around 2-3 days to dry things so we were never having work uniform cleaned and dried quick enough - definitely trying to avoid mould! Usually crack the window slightly in the room the clothes horse is in to let the moisture out

Definitely think you guys are probably right - i don't think i'd get much in terms of a reduction in rent. Thanks guys!

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Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:22

@Namechangeforthiscancershit The normal one was £15 and the electric one was £40ish (if i remember correctly)

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Cohle · 13/11/2019 10:23

I doubt you'd get a reduction to be honest. It sounds like the landlord is acting reasonably in trying to get it fixed and it's just an unfortunate series of issues that means it's taking so long.

Things like your own availability, and the way you've communicated with the engineer are also clearly a contributing factor.

VaggieMight · 13/11/2019 10:25

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at poster's request.

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:29

Definitely agree everyone, you're all right the rent really isn't connected to the appliances and i guess it's just a waiting game now. Thank you all!

While we're at it if anyone has any tips on air drying clothes quickly i'll take them haha

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WeBuiltCisCityOnSexistRoles · 13/11/2019 10:30

It's a new build? I imagine the appliances are under warranty so the landlord (and you) are tied to this engineer/repair company.

It sucks you have to wait I understand, but if you were the owner you would have the same problems under the warranty conditions.

ComtesseDeSpair · 13/11/2019 10:30

I think you’re expecting a bit much. The landlord has responded to your requests to fix things and if it were your own place you’d have the same inconvenience of waiting in for appointments - it’s just how it is sometimes, unfortunately. You can ask for a reduction but even if your landlord is generous it probably isn’t going to be more than about £25 a month for the inconvenience.

If the dishwasher isn’t connected to a water supply then that’s probably why it isn’t working. If you don’t want to wait in for another appointment for that it’s pretty simple to plumb it in yourself, I’ve plumbed in every washing machine and dishwasher I’ve ever owned rather than pay for the service.

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:30

@Cohle My own availability has been an annoyance yeah, as for communication with the engineer I've not had any unfortunately - everything has had to go through the landlord, although now i realise i maybe should've asked the landlord for a number for the engineer.

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Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:32

@ComtesseDeSpair Yeah maybe i am tbh, with this being my first time living away from parents it's all a learning curve tbh as never had to deal with this yet!

The dishwasher i wouldn't even know how to plumb it in haha, might have to look up some YouTube vids haha

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 13/11/2019 10:34

Combi washer/driers are notorious for being shit tbh. They take forever to dry and can't do a whole wash load ime.

I don't think you're being fair to ask for a reduction.

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:35

@WeBuiltCisCityOnSexistRoles Yeah it is a new build - good point about the warranty

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Mumdiva99 · 13/11/2019 10:35

To help with drying clothes open all the windows as much as you can - I know that doesn't help when you aren't there. But a good breeze across the clothed really does help. Also only load the machine half full as mine come out so much dryer where there is less in the machine. Finally put as many on hangers as you can so there is air circulating all around them - and hang them from doorways. (Although that doesn't allow your heated drying rail to help).

VardySheWrote · 13/11/2019 10:36

Some landlords can't afford to be landlords, the rent cover their mortgage and they don't foresee problems like this.

I agree if anyone doesn't up the rent enough to cover all the costs they shouldn't be landlord!

OP, imagine it's YOUR property and be a bit more proactive, I would start getting annoyed with someone like you.
You either don't notice (dishwasher) or don't report (washer/dryer) the problems, but then complain there are there! If you don't tell the landlord, do you expect him to come to your property and check appliances weekly?
Then an engineer comes, does a crap job but you don't even test the machine! If you know there's a fault and they tell you it's working fine, you know they are wrong, insist and show them!

YANBU to be annoyed, but YABU not to take responsibility. Again, imagine YOU are the home owner, what would you do.

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:36

@MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Yeah i've just had a quick research and they do get bad reviews. Maybe if i could fit a drier in my cupboard i'd be best of buying one

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HugoSpritz · 13/11/2019 10:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jurassiclover · 13/11/2019 10:37

@VardySheWrote I definitely need to work on being more persistent! At least i know these things for next time the engineer comes :)

OP posts:
MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 13/11/2019 10:38

I've used lots of makes as they tend to be in holiday let's and even the Meile we had ourselves went back after a month as it was so shit. The engineer said he wouldn't recommend them at all.

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