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To ask for your most useless fact?

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NotChrisTarrant · 12/11/2019 13:40

Rather importantly, I’ve been named Christmas Quiz Master 2019.

This is a ridiculous tradition in our family to have the most bonkers quiz, names go in the hat for Quiz Master and this year I lost won!

So can you please share the most useless piece of information /fact you know?

I will beat the bastards this year. It’s my year!

Last year my sister had a quiz which consisted of us having to name that tune.... after she played it on a bleeding recorder. It was terrible and fantastic - yes there was lots of wine.

OP posts:
Piglet89 · 12/11/2019 22:47

Which famous composer’s son is lead singer of the band “toto”?

Mysterian · 12/11/2019 23:03

I used to be 5'6" tall.

Whatjusthappenedthere · 12/11/2019 23:11

What was Noel Edmunds swap shop number.

But I don’t know our home phone number. Grin

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 12/11/2019 23:21

I can give you endless facts about UK Scouting.

Such as Scouts can get a Pulling badge.
There is no camping badge in Cubs.
Beavers need 6 Challenge badges to get their Chief Scout Award

UhareFouxisci · 12/11/2019 23:23

@Dilkhush Cleave is not the only word that does that. The word sanction was the first other one I thought of, then I did a quick Google and found dozens here - a list that could form the basis of a question op

Dilkhush · 12/11/2019 23:43

@uharefouxisci Thank you, this is completely fascinating and has sorted my reading for the evening. I'm particularly struck that Factoid appears on the list, very appropriately in this case!

WhenPushComesToShove · 13/11/2019 00:56

Not really a quiz question but this is a link to the world population clock which is live. Fascinating to watch the numbers tick round

Goodnightseamer · 13/11/2019 01:08

You can't lick your own elbow.

Goodnightseamer · 13/11/2019 01:09

The eyes are the only body part that don't change size.

TheSandman · 13/11/2019 01:17

As in, if you farted 605 times, you would die? Or if you inhaled 605 farts?!

Or heard them?

Walnutwhipster · 13/11/2019 01:39

@AdaColeman 365. 12 Days of Christmas

MissLadyM · 13/11/2019 01:58

I can lick my elbow!

Tillygetsit · 13/11/2019 02:00

Most toilets flush in E flat.

BingoLittlesUncle · 13/11/2019 02:44

Montana is the only one of the 48 contiguous US States not to have had a battleship named for it,

PapayaCoconut · 13/11/2019 02:53

The lesser tree-shrew doesn't sleep.

PapayaCoconut · 13/11/2019 03:06

Oops, that wasn't true... I don't know where I got that from. 😳

BitOfFun · 13/11/2019 03:08

Neither Liverpool nor Everton have beaten a team above them in the league this season

SpinneyHill · 13/11/2019 03:51 20k of them....beware you may lose hours

jobbymcginty · 13/11/2019 04:03

What's postman pats surname?
Where was the last dual in Scotland held?
Do Scottish people have a larger or smaller toe next to the big toe?
Larger as in the Olden days it's was for balance walking on the hills
I'll think of more later

custardbear · 13/11/2019 05:24

What is a gossypiboma

Something a surgeon leaves in your body after surgery

Livingoncake · 13/11/2019 05:36

Female giraffes are so disinterested in sex that they will often walk away halfway through, leaving the male to crash to the ground.

So I suppose my useless fact is that male giraffes don’t really bring it in the bedroom.

KenDoddsDadsDog · 13/11/2019 05:47

Marzipan contains cyanide

sashh · 13/11/2019 05:54

The number google is 10 to the power of 100, i.e. 1 followed by 100 zeros.

No a googOL is, Google is a search engine with a spelling error. But that would give you another question.

Ayers Rock has been called Uluru for decades in Australia, it is officially Ayres Rock / Uluru but on TV and in newspapers Ayer Rock is usually dropped. Recently the local Aboriginal tribe (Pitjantjatjara Anangu) have succeeded in stopping people climbing it as it is a sacred site and they do not climb it themselves. I suppose it would be a bit like using Westminster Abbey to practice rock climbing.

WarmSausageTea · 13/11/2019 06:05

The longest country name with no repeated letters is Switzerland.

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 13/11/2019 06:19

What is the name of the murder victim in Cluedo?

Dr Black

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