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To wonder why people who choose to stay home are obsessed with judging those who don't?

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eleusis · 24/07/2007 18:27

Why do you give a toss if Johnny down the street has had a full time nanny since the day he was born? ANd even if you do care, how does that qualifiy you to judges parents choices?

OP posts:

eleusis · 24/07/2007 18:28

This is a sarcastic response to another thread. Just couldn't resist. It is not directed at all people who stay home, just those who harp on about those who don't.

OP posts:

drosophila · 24/07/2007 18:29

Elusis have you a specific experience? I worry that SAHM and WOHM judge each other. You can't do right for doing wrong I find.


eleusis · 24/07/2007 18:29

And on that note, my shut down this contraption and go pick up my kiddies.

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alicet · 24/07/2007 18:29

Have to say that in my experience people's choices are respected not judged. And if someone wanted to judge me based on my choices without being interested in why I wouldn't have a lot of time for them.


BocoBeak · 24/07/2007 18:29

ha i like your subtitle / explanation and disclaimer.


kittywits · 24/07/2007 18:30

I only judge parent's choices If their choices negatively impinge on the lives of myself or my children.


eleusis · 24/07/2007 18:31

In that case kitty, this isn't directed at you.

OP posts:

drosophila · 24/07/2007 18:36

Ah I see.....


americantrish · 24/07/2007 18:45

ahh i read that thread and commented on it...


TiredFedUpNanny · 25/07/2007 18:46

Incidentally, my charge is called Johnnie


2shoes · 25/07/2007 19:14

there are a certain few on here who tend to judge sahm's one in partigular who is very strong in her mad views.
personaly I think mums who go to work should be admired as I don't know how they manage. and sahm's are to be admired for the same reason...each to their own


LoveAngel · 25/07/2007 19:21

Oh please shut the fuck up about this.


handlemecarefully · 25/07/2007 19:23

To be human is to judge - of course it is. But it is more civilised to keep opinions like this (which may cause hurt) to yourself or just discuss them with your closest friends who share your sentiments


LoveAngel · 25/07/2007 19:25

bla blah blah

all women who work are selfish ruthless career obssessed bitches who shouldnt have had kids

all women who stay at home are dumbo skivvies destined to a life of serfdom and slavery who are a bad example to womankind etc etc

bla bla blah

God I love these intelligent MN debates


IcingOnTheCake · 25/07/2007 19:25

I'm a sahm and to be honest i couldn't a f*ck what other parents do with their children. If a mother wants to live in straw hut and live off of green jelly then that's her business, no one elses


Leati · 25/07/2007 19:28


Oooh. I remember the other thread. I just don't see why people care so much. I think everyone decides what is best for them and thier family.

I just want to note I stay home but as I said on the other thread...I watched a news special a while ago that said something to the extent of,

Mothers who work usually value the time they spend with their children more, and that they are often better parents because of this.

To Each Thier Own...Don't let it get to you and no you are not being unreasonable.


hatrickjacqueline · 25/07/2007 19:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

harpsichordcarrier · 25/07/2007 19:30

hmc the voice of blardy reason


greensleeves · 25/07/2007 19:34

how may more times am I going to have to say "fuck off" today?


Malfoynomore · 25/07/2007 19:44

lol Eleusus
What 2shoes said
And lol at Greensleeves, too


Malfoynomore · 25/07/2007 19:44

just realised why eleusu always looks so wrong when I type it, and cause it's you are called eleusis, lol....


2shoes · 25/07/2007 22:37

LoveAngelsorry but you forget to add that we use sex to pay our way


Rachmumoftwo · 25/07/2007 22:46

Why are we always judging each other? Where is the unity FGS?!!
Stay at home, go to work, whatever, just don't all think your way is the only way- it obviously isn't or these threads wouldn't get so long!
Not aimed at anyone in particular, but wanted to say it for a while, and this seemed a nice safe place....


2shoes · 25/07/2007 22:52

you have a VRY good point. unfortunaly a certain poster is of the "my way on the highway" school


gogetter · 25/07/2007 22:54

LOL - It's a thread on an internet chat site - not a national protest chastising peoples choices - I think the threads regarding this have done their day - and I started the feckin thread!

Can someone start another completely different highly cotreversial thread so we can all get on our high horses about something else?

What about abortion/ethnic cleansing/racial prejudice/free health care/education/midwifery crisis/greys anatomy or desperate housewifes/smoking in public/inclusion of Eastern Europe in the EU.........

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