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To wonder why people who choose to stay home are obsessed with judging those who don't?

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eleusis · 24/07/2007 18:27

Why do you give a toss if Johnny down the street has had a full time nanny since the day he was born? ANd even if you do care, how does that qualifiy you to judges parents choices?

OP posts:
gogetter · 25/07/2007 22:55

contreversial - sorry spelling police.

handlemecarefully · 25/07/2007 23:07


Sorry, but I couldn't let it go

gogetter · 25/07/2007 23:10

ah feck. whoops!

handlemecarefully · 25/07/2007 23:12

s'not that it really matters or anything...

StrwBry · 25/07/2007 23:14

I stay home all's great, I get to play games, watch dvd's, paint, glue, go to toddler groups, baby massage, and rhyme time etc.

The kids however, go to school ROFL!

Seriously though, who gives a cack in hell what other Mother's do, if you want to go to work, go, if you want to stay at home, stay, what's the problem?

Leati · 25/07/2007 23:18


You are too funny!

Rachmumoftwo · 28/07/2007 11:28

I stay at home and spend all my time on the pooter!

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