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By hanging out my bedroom window - screeching "Do you mind not letting your dog shit right outside tmy house?"

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tiredemma · 18/07/2007 14:13


WOman who walks her two mange ridden mutts up and down and up an down the street all day - let one of them squat and crap right at the end of my path.

She just shouted "Sorry - he has to go to the toilet somewhere"

I was flabbergasted.

Afraid I swore like a navvy and told her to clean it up.

She stuck her two fingers up to me, told me to piss off and mind my own business and tootled off with horrid looking mongrels up the street.


OP posts:

Imawurzel · 18/07/2007 14:14

Wurz runs away.


Tortington · 18/07/2007 14:15

do you know where she lives?


lisad123 · 18/07/2007 14:16

I would take a spade, pick it up and put infront of her door

Someone did this and everytime we got out of car, walked straight inot poo

Next time she passes, give her a handful of bagsa dnsay, thought you might need these.


Tortington · 18/07/2007 14:17

or shit on her path


TenaLady · 18/07/2007 14:18

Never mind a spade, scoop it up and wrap it in newspaper. Before wrapping put a few lovely cuttings out of the garden, forsythia or sommat and shove it through her letter box.



tiredemma · 18/07/2007 14:19

I dont know exatcly where she lives, she walks up and down a couple of times.

Im shocked- I thought she apologise- not verbally abuse me!

OP posts:

alicet · 18/07/2007 14:19

Think I would have had the same reaction as you!!! If you know where she lives I'd pick it up in a bag and stick it through her letter box.

Fully aware that this makes me unreasonable in the extreme but this is well out of order. She should clear up her dog turds wherever they do them.

Having said that if this was me and the dogs (it wasn't!!!) and you swore at me out of your window I think that I would think stuff you and leave it.

Again this is me being unreasonable AND childish I know!


mumblechum · 18/07/2007 14:21

if she has any decency she'll get over being shouted at and clean it up next time she's passing.

If not, put a sign on your gatepost saying something embarrassing (describe her and her dogs so all passers by know about it).

Libel Shmibel.


mytwopenceworth · 18/07/2007 14:23

I grew up on quite a rough estate. If someone was pissed off, it was not unheard of for them to wrap up a doggie poop in newspaper, set the paper on fire and shove it thru the letter box of the person they were cross with, then knock on the door.

When the person saw the paper on fire, obviously they would stamp down very hard.

Sending hot, melted doggie poop squelching everywhere.

Disclaimer - I am in no way suggesting this as revenge upon your foul neighbour. Ahem.


mumofSlytherinsmonsters · 18/07/2007 14:27

MTPW, i grew up on a rough estate too but the dog poo in a flaming bag is tame compared to what would have happened had you yelled at someone in teh street i grew up in! You would be lucky to come home to a ransacked house!

Not unreasonable but very odd to shout like that!


nutcracker · 18/07/2007 14:29

I know someone who lives by you emma, who followed a dog owner home that let their dog do exactly that, and he then deposited the shite on their doorstep, knocked the door and said 'you left this behind'.


donnie · 18/07/2007 14:31

smear the poo across their door!


TenaLady · 18/07/2007 14:32

Like it nutcracker but stick a flower in the top too, nice touch dont you think?


tiredemma · 18/07/2007 14:32

was she the middle aged woman, always dressed in black with two little rats?

OP posts:

tiredemma · 18/07/2007 14:33

I grew up on rough estate also- would have my windows put through there!

OP posts:

nutcracker · 18/07/2007 14:34

LOL, I dunno emma, will ask my dad later [girn]


nutcracker · 18/07/2007 14:34

Or even


tiredemma · 18/07/2007 14:39

me and harry saw your dad last week in his yellow car- harry said 'coool- look at that american car!'

OP posts:

Greensleeves · 18/07/2007 14:41

I would follow her home and stick it through her fucking letter box. With a fucking pink ribbon tied round it.

Filthy cow.


UCM · 18/07/2007 14:43

Filthy mouth GS wash it out - now!


lionheart · 18/07/2007 14:52

I'd be thinking camerasnap-shotmutiple copies--on lamposts and fences.



Greensleeves · 18/07/2007 14:53


ipanemagirl · 18/07/2007 15:06

I think it's illegal isn't it?
Don't get mad - get a photograph and take her to court!
Although she'd be a waste of our money being kept in prison.

My dh would shoot her if he had a gun. Honestly he would MURDER someone who did that so flagrantly.

All our local dogshitting owners are furtive and you can't spot them letting their vile beasts crap everywhere!!


ipanemagirl · 18/07/2007 15:07

of course, he wouldn't really murder her but he'd blow his top completely at her and call the police!


Wisteria · 18/07/2007 15:10

£500 fine here for that - I notice it is only the older generation ie - 50+ that do it here.

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