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To be pssed off with Mothers Of Teenagers telling me how great it is having toddlers

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morningpaper · 18/07/2007 13:06


: Oh you're so lucky to have two girls, they are best at this age.
(while cleaning up bits of pasty from the floor):
: I've got teenagers, and I only hear from them once a day!
: (crawling under pram to retrieve ripped up tissue) Sounds perfect
: (Going all serious and slightly affronted) No really, you don't know how lucky you are.


this kind of thing REALLY REALLY annoys me

OP posts:
pointydog · 19/07/2007 15:03

lily, has he got one of those flat, slapped forward, all over the face hairstyles that are mysteriously popular with teen boys? Like one big fringe

Lilymaid · 19/07/2007 15:24

No my DS wants his hair to be spiky but it goes curly if he doesn't straighten it. I don't think that hair straighteners are a normal part of rugby kit and might cause some amusement - or be used for unspeakable things - on a tour.

pointydog · 19/07/2007 15:37

ah, ok. My nephew uses straighteners and it seems fairly normal these days. Makes me smirk, though. Ponce

JammyPotter · 19/07/2007 17:10

my dd often straightens ds's hair when he wants to look "emo"

i did buy him a little pair of straighteners for 2.99 from the local chemist

mamhaf · 19/07/2007 22:27

I can remember telling dd2 when she was having a tantrum in Tesco: "Just wait until you're a teenager and I can embarrass you".
She's not quite a teenager yet, but it's payback I ignore requests like "please don't dance" (at PTA events) or "don't cheer and embarrass me" (at sports games).

Seriously, I found babies and toddlers far too much work for scant reward (cute as they were, I was just knackered all the time), and am having a ball with them now they're older - it's such fun.

Judy1234 · 19/07/2007 22:53

I've got 3 through their teenage period in the last few years and under 5s are by far much much harder.

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