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To be pssed off with Mothers Of Teenagers telling me how great it is having toddlers

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morningpaper · 18/07/2007 13:06


: Oh you're so lucky to have two girls, they are best at this age.
(while cleaning up bits of pasty from the floor):
: I've got teenagers, and I only hear from them once a day!
: (crawling under pram to retrieve ripped up tissue) Sounds perfect
: (Going all serious and slightly affronted) No really, you don't know how lucky you are.


this kind of thing REALLY REALLY annoys me

OP posts:
fortyplus · 18/07/2007 13:44

Mine two (12 & 13) are great, though we have 'teen' moments occasionally. I worshipped them when they were toddlers, but I wouldn't turn the clock back - they're such brilliant, independent people now.

saggermakersknockturnalley · 18/07/2007 13:44

You could Kathy, but he'd get distracted on the way and then spend the milk money on a Playstation magazine.

Justaboutmanaging · 18/07/2007 13:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

happystory · 18/07/2007 13:49

Doesn't happen, soupydragon! Ds has NEVER shut up since he was born and at 15 is still going strong. Factor in drums, guitar, keyboard, phone calls from mates at midnight, wanting to 'talk' when you're trying to work on the phone etc....dream on!

MaloryTowers · 18/07/2007 13:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

francagoestohollywood · 18/07/2007 13:53

think I'm with Malory. Toddlers are physically tiring, I agree, but the thought of teenagers... shivers....

Wisteria · 18/07/2007 13:55

MP - I've said that to people. I'm sorry.........

When you are losing your dcs to teenage rebellion, unsuitable clothes, hair, makeup, friends (the list is endless and will get worse I am promised) you wish for the toddlers they once were, no matter how hard it was then - honest!

MaloryTowers · 18/07/2007 13:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SJLTM · 18/07/2007 13:56

you can enjoy all ages, Last night I had a girls night in with my 2 big girls (21,16) we had wine, chocolates, face packs etc, ( i will add 16 yr old does not like wine) and this morning I have had a dollies picnic in the living room with my 3yr old, who I will add is a minx!!!

Wisteria · 18/07/2007 13:56

Kathy - Or he'd tell you that you need the exercise more than him (as you're always on about wanting to lose the extra inch etc and he's really got to do something important on MSN msngr

TootyFrooty · 18/07/2007 13:57

My toddlers are pretty easy going but my god I wish they'd sleep in til 10 o'clock for a change.

mumblechum · 18/07/2007 13:58

Yes that is one very big plus of teens.

Our ds never emerges till 10.30 at weekends (then again, neither do we)

curiouscat · 18/07/2007 14:07

I think people with teenagers who complain

  1. forget the exhaustion and boredom of looking after toddlers

  2. are jealous they're not needed so much any more.

    I can't wait for mine to get older
sandyballs · 18/07/2007 14:08

I think I prefer teenagers to toddlers. At least they don't cry for an hour because their juice is in the wrong cup or their toast on the wrong plate.

Wisteria · 18/07/2007 14:10

I used to say that curiouscat . Really believed it too - we're planning 2 more now so I shall be objective this time next year hopefull!

Lilymaid · 18/07/2007 14:13

As a mother of teenagers, all I can say is that our DSs look gorgeous in the photos from their early years. However, I have a vague recollection that they were PITAs much of the time. Perhaps these ladies only remember the photos, not the reality. (BTW my DSs as teenagers aren't too bad but are not nearly as photogenic as they were!)

hotbot · 18/07/2007 14:18

loved this thread and the
"battle of the last banana" hilarious

Tortington · 18/07/2007 14:21

wisteria have to disagree.

their own sense of clothes and what they term "originality" is much like the BT add where the kid has his hair dyed.

you try not to laugh. Whilst in their kurt cobain t-shirt ( that you remember having first time round) and chained up jeans - daring to give you the "what the fuck are you wearing?" look - when i have my lovely monsoon skirt on.

brimfull · 18/07/2007 14:21

morningpaper-you are so funny,a;ways make me laugh!

I have a 4yr old and a 15 yr old

4 yr old getting easier,but I am not missing the toddler stage,can't wait until he starts school.

Teenagers are great!

OrmIrian · 18/07/2007 14:22

Well, with a 10yr old already perfecting teenage sulks and door slamming, and a 4 yr old who is still cute (if wearing) I tend to agree with them TBH.

scampadoodle · 18/07/2007 14:23

Parents of older or grown-up children completely forget the lack of sleep thing, how debilitating it is, & how equally wearing it is being constantly screeched at for daring to go to the loo, or make yourself something to eat. I can't stand it when PoT say, "Oh, we have to DRAG ours out of bed!" as though that's worse than being woken up frequently in the night & then having them get up at 5.30. Every morning.

& I know there are negatives to teenagers but surely it's great to be able to say to them "I'm just popping out for some milk" & they don't have to go with you

Wisteria · 18/07/2007 14:24

Custy - you wouldn't laugh if you saw what my dd came back from town with last week I promise you!

I would love the Kurt t-shirt and chains, could even cope with goths/ chains/ piercings/ mohicans etc etc.

No the grebbiest (according to my dd1) mother has ended up with a CHAV for a dd how did it happen????

mumblechum · 18/07/2007 14:25


new one on me.

What did she buy?

sallystrawberry · 18/07/2007 14:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ellceeell · 18/07/2007 14:27

My teenagers are great! and so is my 5 yr old. They all have their difficult moments at times - but overall they bring me great joy. It is so easy to moan about the bad bits and not comment publicly on the unexpected cup of tea - or ds unblocking the loo that dd2 put a toilet roll down this morning. and I know I'm lucky when the big ones still come for cuddles (even if they are a bit heavy sitting on my lap )

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