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To feel revolted when neighbours' cats crap in my back yard?

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tiredandgrumpy · 16/07/2007 16:36

We have a small back yard with several pot plants. We have a lovely table & chairs so that we can eat outside when the weather is good. We have two young children who like to get out and explore (and get their hands into everything).

It's disgusting that I should have to clear up buckets of cat poo each time I consider sitting outside or letting the children out. It stinks beyond belief and I am not letting the kids get anywhere near it.

What can I do to stop the cats coming in? I think it's obscene that cat owners think their neighbours should clear up their pet's crap before they can enjoy their own gardens. We've got one of those ultrasonic scarer things which doesn't seem to keep them away. What else is safe for kids and not too hideous?

Nothing against cats, just those that mess in my garden.

OP posts:

Sixofone · 16/07/2007 16:39

Don't get me started on this one....


callmeovercautious · 16/07/2007 16:41

Now I love animals but the cats in my garden drive me potty! I have just chased another one off the veg patch. I also had to save a bird from ones claws the other day - why they don't put a bell on the collar I don't know!
Water seems to deter them a bit. Get a kids water pistol and spray the cat if you see it. They hate water and it does not hurt them but they soon learn that they get wet on your patch!

p.s the sonic thingies can cause distress to any nearby pet rabbits/guinea pigs and dogs as well as the cats so if it is not working I would swich it off.


Sixofone · 16/07/2007 16:43

Wonder if Weebles ever did get a reply from the Kitty Poo Poo lady?


GooseyLoosey · 16/07/2007 16:44

I'm with you on this one an dif you find an answer, I love to know it. My Grandmother has spent years waging war on cats and has tried everything (even little cat booby traps!) to no avail.


LieselVentouse · 16/07/2007 16:51

I put pepper down, however my DH puts down poison - cruel I know but apparently hes within his rights


GoodGollyMissMolly · 16/07/2007 16:51

Dont know if it actually works, but my nana told me to put citrus peeling(oranges, lemons, limes ect) down in your garden. Apparently cats dont like the smell of them and tend to stay away. It's also no invasive and safe for your DC.


I've never had this problem though as we have two dogs and cats tend to stay away as they can smell the dogs.


LieselVentouse · 16/07/2007 16:52

I remember somebody on this site who lives near Edinburgh Zoo (maybe Expat) got lion pee from the zoo and sprinkled it over their garden and it scared the sh&t out the cats.


Frizbe · 16/07/2007 16:54

Yikes for the scarer not can get those catnip bushes from the garden centre but there annual, so you have to buy them each summer.
Pellets, pain with kids though.
Airrifle? but you have to lie in wait.
Dog or cat of your own.


cornsilk · 16/07/2007 16:56

Cat poo drives me MAD! We've had far less since we had a rabbit - not sure if there's a link or coincidence.


chopster · 16/07/2007 16:58


we've had cats pooign under the trampoline, its horrible. And bloody dog walkers with dogs off the lead that run in our garden and shit. Can I use an air rifle for the owners?


geekgirl · 16/07/2007 17:01

at suggestions of shooting or poisoning a cat...


Budababe · 16/07/2007 17:03

Air rifle for the owners ? Most definitely!

Hate cat poo in gardens too. Used to buy cat pepper when lived in UK but wouldn't use with children. Used pure chilli powder in Vietnam - no children though.

Did find the ultrasconic things worked for us for a while.

Moved into a new house last March and they had a dog which kept cats away but obv now the scent has gone as have seen cats and found cat poo.

Will try the citrus peelings - had heard that one before but forgotten.


mistlethrush · 16/07/2007 17:04

You can get automatic water sprays that work on a motion sensor - those look quite good.

Plants - don't get catnip - they like this hence the cat toys with it in. However, you can get some that they dislike in some garden centres, and this might help.

Lion dung is meant to be good, although you probably don't want dcs getting their hands on that either.


SweetyDarling · 16/07/2007 17:15

Liesel, How will your husband feel if your daughter eats the poison? Within his rights?


suezee · 16/07/2007 17:18

go to pets at home......they have sprays that stops animals weeing or pooing in ur garden


Speccy · 16/07/2007 17:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kookaburra · 16/07/2007 17:22

tired and grumpy - YANBU to feel revolted, just as I was not last week, when a dog-owner let her dog into our front garden for a massive crap then refused to clear it up. I was not there, but our builder was and DS1 who was VERY upset, not so much at the dogs action but the owners plain nastiness. Our kind builder cleared it up, but was furious she had been so rude in front of DS1 (aged 9 )
What makes pet -owners so antisocial? or do they keep dogs and cats because they are too obnoxious to have human friends?


GooseyLoosey · 16/07/2007 17:29

Like the idea of the motion sensing water spray mistlethrush. Our neighbour sneaks into our garden sometimes and the thought of him getting drenched would keep me warm at nights for sometime to come. Anyone know where you can acquire one?


kookaburra · 16/07/2007 17:30

lol goosey loosey!


OrmIrian · 16/07/2007 17:36

A large plastic drinks bottle with some water in it laid on it's side is supposed to work to keep cats out. Don't if it does, don't know why it would, but I've been told it does.


LieselVentouse · 16/07/2007 17:36

Sweety darling - DD is 6 so unlikely. Would rather have poison down that cat sh*t all over my garden.


OrmIrian · 16/07/2007 17:38

Much as I sympathise, I think it would be unbeleivably cruel to put down poison. Sorry but I do


JoolsToo · 16/07/2007 17:39

I hate cats and they always go to someone elses garden to poo. Having said that they're usually quite clean and bury the stuff


mistlethrush · 16/07/2007 22:37

Just had a look for the water spray - first one I found on web: +activated+water+spray+deterrent/pid/5572568

Its not everyone that owns cats or dogs that is antisocial. My dog doesn't go into anyone else's gardens, and I clean up after her whenever we go out for a walk - so kookabura, please don't put all of us in the same boat. I sympathise with your recent problem, and I would also have been extremely cross with that dog owner - but not all dog owners are alike.


SweetyDarling · 17/07/2007 09:10

Liesel I find your attitude disgusting. I hope (kind of) that no one kills something/one you care about for the sake of tidiness.

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