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Who the fork is Flop! (Bing) wtf?

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MediumBags · 23/03/2019 19:39

What the hell?

Who is this small old meek (but very patient) creature in charge of a very demanding small bunny?

It's weird?

And worrying??

I don't understand!!!

OP posts:
Barbie222 · 23/03/2019 19:46

Pay good attention! He never puts a foot wrong. I often fin myself wondering what Flop would do in this situation.

SlimGin · 23/03/2019 19:47

The parental figures in this programme confuse me too. I've no idea.

fblake · 23/03/2019 20:02

I love Flop! He's so mellow 😊

BesmirchingMotherhood · 23/03/2019 20:06

Flop exists purely to make you know that you’re a shit parent, who will never ever live up to the standards set by the non-shouty, ever-patient, indulgent but firm, weird bunny.

I hated Flop.

TeddyIsaHe · 23/03/2019 20:08

“What would Flop do?” is one of my better parenting ideas. Because sometimes I have just about had enough of tantrums/continuous whining and thinking about what Flop would do stops me shouting in frustration.

There’s a theory that he’s in purgatory for his previous sins and can only leave if he never ever loses his mind. I’d have had Bing in a pie a long time ago tbh. Horrid little creature.

Morgan12 · 23/03/2019 20:09

I honestly don't know how he hasn't slapped Bing a thousand times. He is infuriating.

MediumBags · 23/03/2019 20:09

Bing is very annoying

Flop is a saint... but, what is he? The nanny? Where are Bing's parents???

OP posts:
FrozenMargarita17 · 23/03/2019 20:11

I honestly think that either the adults turn into weird sack people when they grow up, OR they're all abducted children.

BendydickCuminsnatch · 23/03/2019 20:12

I always assumed they’re childcare people! Parents out at work all hours perhaps. The whole show is fuuuuuuucking annoying though. Puddles are not a fucking bing thing. Ugh. And grow a spine, Flop!! No wonder Bing is so whiney!!!!!

NerrSnerr · 23/03/2019 20:16

I have always assumed they're a network of foster carers.

Smiler1972 · 23/03/2019 20:26

Ok so that didn't work! Will try again.

Roscommonet · 23/03/2019 20:27

He’s also Cromwell in “wolf hall”

Smiler1972 · 23/03/2019 20:28
donquixotedelamancha · 23/03/2019 20:48

I once got drunk with a bloke called Ted Dewan, who explained his inspiration in creating Bing to me:

Bingworld is one of the circles of hell.

Flop and all the other 'carers' are the souls of the damned. They all did something awful to children when they were alive.

Bing and the other animals are demons who eternally torment the damned. Flop et al are cursed so that they are unable to express any anger with their charges or do anything except look after them.

Hersheys · 23/03/2019 21:10

God don't get me started!
Flop is quite frankly a saint, that Bing is a right shit that needs some firm words. I just wish Flop would give them along with a tanned arse to him

Biancadelrioisback · 23/03/2019 21:32

But what is flop? Paget (I think?) is an elephant. But flop is a sort of bear? No idea.
All the children are different animals to their carers. Nothing makes sense!!!

moreismore · 23/03/2019 21:37

Flop is a rabbit! I love flop! It’s one of the only tv programmes I can tolerate because the narrator is a genius actor and his voice is infinitely soothing.

MediumBags · 23/03/2019 22:52

@donquixotedelamancha 🤣🤣

OP posts:
MyElbowIsItchy · 23/03/2019 23:03

I thought Flop was a peanut?

I love him but I hate Bing and that Sula brat.

Inapickle230 · 23/03/2019 23:13

Yes I thought foster carer as he puts bing to bed sometimes. Ive given it far too much thought too!

LizzyMac40 · 23/03/2019 23:28

Flop is a carer while the parent/s are at work.Sula does my head in. She is a brat. The episode with the picnic in her bedroom sums her up. Bing wanted his toy to have a bit more cake, Sula threw a strop and took bing's toy from him and dumped it in a box. Yes, I know, sad I know all this but I was subjected to it constantly as my daughter loves Bing. Thankfully, I am weaning her off this and she is now on racing cars (the animated film, Cars). 😬

Biancadelrioisback · 24/03/2019 00:33

But how can the parents be at work? Flop does all bedtimes and mornings so the parents would literally never see the kids?

Dohangoversgetworseasyougetold · 24/03/2019 00:44

And why is Coco and Charlie's parent/ carer only glimpsed briefly on a mobile phone disappearing into a taxi in the title sequence? I imagine they're probably heading off to bitch about Flop and Amma over a big glass of wine, but who has Coco and Charlie most of the time?

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