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Who the fork is Flop! (Bing) wtf?

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MediumBags · 23/03/2019 19:39

What the hell?

Who is this small old meek (but very patient) creature in charge of a very demanding small bunny?

It's weird?

And worrying??

I don't understand!!!

OP posts:
livinglongerwithcalgon · 24/03/2019 00:49

I had just assumed that the adults caring for the children were foster carers.

No idea why that was my natural assumption, but that’s what I’ve always thought!

MediumBags · 24/03/2019 04:05

What about when Flop was really sick and had a bad cold? Surely he'd have called in sick if he was a nanny??

OP posts:
jaseyraex · 24/03/2019 07:29

I thought Flop was a peanut?

Grin I don't know what Flop is but from now on he is a peanut.

NotLikeThis · 27/03/2019 14:56

Oh my days I've just found out that Flop is voiced by Mark Rylance!!!! I am so shocked for some reason!

SamBaileys · 27/03/2019 14:58

Winds me up when he says "its a Bing thing" its not, these are things that happen to everyone! Annoys me more than it should...

fluffylittleclouds · 27/03/2019 15:29

There is an episode where they are measuring Bing and he gets worried that he’s ‘growing down’ rather than getting taller but it turns out they’d just measured him wrong or something.

That confused me because the adults are smaller than the children so surely it would be expected that Bing would begin to shrink as he aged? What will Bing look like as an adult? Why are there no giant adults in their universe if Bing and Sula etc are going to get bigger. It is all very bizarre.

Apparently in the story books that came before the TV series, Bing has parents and Flop is actually his toy stuffed rabbit. So maybe it just progressed from there and the result was this nonsensical world where the caregivers are small and there are no parents.

Another theory is the programme reflects a child’s point of view so the other children are larger whilst the adults are smaller and less significant in their worlds

OneForTheRoadThen · 27/03/2019 15:31

He is an enabler

WeCameToDance · 27/03/2019 15:42

I think Bing lives with Flop and Flop is his dad figure. So either foster carer, adoptive parent, bio dad don't want to think about it. He is also a childminder though so thats why he babysits all the other brats so often. In the opening credits you see another sock puppet on a phone obviously supposed to be working dropping off Coco and Charlie. Padget is Pando's carer and owns the shop that seems to sell everything! Amma is Sula's carer and she runs a tuck shop thing that's attached to her house in the park.
I hate Bing, what has my life come to.

Silversun83 · 27/03/2019 15:50

@csigeek - I've read those explanations before Grin

Personally I like the one where Flop and all the other 'carers' are a figment of Bing's imagination to cope with the reality that all the adults have died from a apocalyptic Virus. As you can probably tell, I dislike Bing immensely Grin

Silversun83 · 27/03/2019 15:50

An* even!

MediumBags · 27/03/2019 16:45

The darker the explanation... the more it makes sense! 🤣

OP posts:
Amanduh · 27/03/2019 16:47

I love Bing 😍

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha · 27/03/2019 16:53

I suspect it is a scenario like Never Let Me Go. Bing, Sula, Pando et Al are clones being raised for organ harvest. Flop, Ama et al are their carers/guards - they have been told the "children" don't have feelings like real people, but they are starting to wonder if this is true.

Flop is patient because of the guilt.

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