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... to think that Live Earth is a stupid and hypocritical idea?

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Ponka · 07/07/2007 21:31

I've not heard of it until I've just switched the TV on tonight.

So, to raise awareness about each individual caring for the environment and to remind us that it's the little things that count (switching off lights, making less journeys etc.) they decide to put on a massive worldwide concert, with an incredible amount of electric equipment and lighting. They get thousands and thousands of people to travel to these concerts, all the bands, all their equipment needs to be moved to the concerts.

It just doesn't make sense.

OP posts:

DoubleBluff · 07/07/2007 21:33

Yes but those pop stars really care about the issue.
And they are driving them around in bio oil cars so that makes all the difference.
Get it?


Ponka · 07/07/2007 21:40

Oh I see. That makes it alright then.

OP posts:

2shoesmiddlenamereallyisjane · 07/07/2007 21:46

you are so not unreasonable.this is why we are watching leathal weapon not that rubbish


MadamePlatypus · 07/07/2007 21:57

I was really confused about it too - I thought it was the Diana thing again at first.


RedLorryYellowLorry · 07/07/2007 21:58

Did the bnds from the U.S row over or come by balloon?


KittenKat · 07/07/2007 21:59

In theory I do think its a bit hyprocitical, but just watched Foo fighters. And well, who cares, they ROCKED!


EnidJane · 07/07/2007 22:00

agree ponka

also agree that the foos rocked

and it was a sin to cut metallica


KittenKat · 07/07/2007 22:00

Got to speculate to accumulate, so they say...


KittenKat · 07/07/2007 22:01

Aw they cut metallica? Missed that....rubbish


EnidJane · 07/07/2007 22:02

they cut them and went to crowded house in sydney

I love big concerts but agree the message is crap - lights etc


theUrbanDryad · 07/07/2007 22:04

yes it is a pile of shite.

the main problem as i see it is the same as the Live8 thing last year (or whenever it was) - a load of people went to a concert and then thought "Great! We've made poverty history!"

same here - people will come back from this concert thinking They've Done Their Bit.



KittenKat · 07/07/2007 22:05

Crowded bloody house?! .

Well, people are taking notice of how much lighting etc is being used, which means the message is sinking in, that this very debate occurs.

And I did not go, I watched it front of the tele, which means I contributed to saving the planet. As I was going to go...


trippleshot · 07/07/2007 22:07

Biggest sin was cutting Spinal Tap. Fortunately large number of comedians with modicum of self awareness balancing out all the hypocrisy.


PeachesMcLean · 07/07/2007 22:09

Someone should really tell Madonna not to speak though. She's got all the cool of Delia Smith. "Come on mother f**kers, jump up and down. Yah"


trippleshot · 07/07/2007 22:10

1940's tea dress and electric guitar...not working for me.


KittenKat · 07/07/2007 22:11

Urban - I disagree with 'pointless' I usually spend ages flicking through the tele then turn it off as its all shite. Tonight however, I watched some cool dancers in Rio, added that to my list of places to visit once I have stored up my carbon quota, and I watched Foo fighters. Absolutely not pointless. I shall dream pleasant dreams now!

And I will be more likely to remember it that the Live8 concert! I cant even now remember who played there


expatinscotland · 07/07/2007 22:13

I find it pretty much a pile of wank.


trippleshot · 07/07/2007 22:14

What!!! Pink Floyd reformed for was amazing.


emwad · 07/07/2007 22:15

Don't think it will make a differnece - but neither will me re cycling all the cans ~I;m drinking tonight unless everyone does it


theUrbanDryad · 07/07/2007 22:15

KittenKat - if i asked you this time next year who played tonight would you remember?

apparently, the most pollution caused by the concert was by people driving to it!

the lights/set etc are mostly made out of recycled stuff i think, though i'm not sure exactly how. still use a lot of juice to power it all, unless they've got 10 billion hamsters out back with a dynamo and a generator...


ruddynorah · 07/07/2007 22:16

al gore said it will set the standard for 'green' eventing for the future.


PeachesMcLean · 07/07/2007 22:17

"If you want to save the planet, let me see you jump". hmm.

So instead of hamsters, perhaps the audience have little electricity generators attached to their feet so the jumping makes the stage lights work. Double hmm.


KittenKat · 07/07/2007 22:21

Urban - oh yes. I have a good memory of all the foo fighter concerts I missed. He is just soo.....



KittenKat · 07/07/2007 22:22

Urban - did you not see the shots of little hampsters...they were having a break, swigging out of little water bottles. Very cute it was.

Oh, I remember Pink Floyd now from Live 8


pigleto · 07/07/2007 22:34

quite surreal and pointless IMO. Someone obviously has an album coming out soon.

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