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AIBU think I am a genius . (lighthearted before the po faced brigade arrive)

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Parisbun · 06/11/2018 09:56

DD4 always complains that her food is too hot even when its the first plate put out. Its a struggle to get her food to a temperature she will eat while also putting the rest of the familys meals out on time. So I juggle the food and have to faff around with hers to make sure we all have food we can eat at the same time.

I was tidying the living room and putting away things we dont use at the moment. We have several of those mini fans - usb driven ( £2.99 from home bargains)which were a godsend during the heatwave. Just before I took them upstairs to store I suddenly realised that they can cool other things beside bodies. So off I went into the kitchen and made some toast - popped the fan on while I sorted the butter and marmalade and by the time I was back the toast was completely cold. ( I like cold toast BTW)

Last nights dinner was so easy - plate up everyones food at the same time - put DDs plate beside the fan and by the time the rest of the plates were on the table hers was at the right temperature for her to start eating . And i could just get on with dinner like a normal person.

I know these things are temporary - DD is the youngest so Ive been there with the older DCs but just for once I feel ahead of the game.

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Givemeallyourcucumber · 06/11/2018 15:53

NO I'M THE GENIUS... I just put their food outside! Brilliant in winter.


Parisbun · 06/11/2018 19:38

Ah Boo - more geniii (how many i's in that word?) Never thought about putting a plate in the freezer . Or the whole lot in the fridge . Ah well.

I did do room temperature milk though so I suppose that particular wheeze came back to bite me.

Cant get her to blow on the food or we would all be covered in spit and nastiness. Shes enthusiastic about everything and would see it as a competition to try and remove the food from the plate by blowing on it as hard as she can.

I prefer the gentle fan

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Queenofthestress · 07/11/2018 10:20

The engineer I had out for the freezer said it was fine to stick it all in fridge, by time I've cut his and Dd's food up and plated it and added sauce its not roasting hot, just warmer than they'd eat


SheilaBruce · 07/11/2018 10:58

Some very inspiring ideas on here.

I just make the DC sit there looking at their food warning them "it's hot, hot, hot" and "take little bites". Grin

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