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Aibu to ask where you hide your *toys* and books

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BoreOffDrumpf · 05/11/2018 11:17

I used to keep them in a box under the bed todether with erotic books. Teenage dd is very nosey and always in my things. I don’t want her to find this.

I could not find a cash box type thing that would fit my hitachi wand.

There is one I’ve seen that hangs in a wardrobe but dd is in my clothes ( I should be flattered I guess).

I can’t afford to change the door of the bedroom to one that locks on the outside.

Yes, dd 14 should stop snooping but she does not listen.

OP posts:

DunkandEggAgain · 05/11/2018 14:16

Yeah but if they're wrapped up as gifts then how is the OP supposed to use them?


Sethis · 05/11/2018 14:21

I don't know, can you get waterproof wrapping paper?

Just make sure it's not glittery paper so you don't look like you've had a Vajazzle or whatever the hell it's called.

Hiding in plain sight is often best. A small shoebox sized thing could have anything in it. Several large boxes all containing bed linen (possibly with "Summer duvet" and "Winter duvet" written on the side) will probably arouse less suspicion.


Kewqueue · 05/11/2018 14:43

Yeah but if they're wrapped up as gifts then how is the OP supposed to use them?
Put them in a gift box and tie a ribbon round it. No more hassle than opening a padlock.


BoreOffDrumpf · 05/11/2018 20:19

If it’s an easily opened box she’ll be in there. In the January sales I had bought some toiletries as ‘obligation’ gifts. I found her using one of the lotions, having taken apart a gift set. ‘Oh, I thought they were just spaaaare’.

I got a small travel padlock at lunch. I just need to remember the combination when the time comes.

OP posts:

Betsy86 · 05/11/2018 20:25

machinebee you have made my night well probably week Grin


Rixera · 05/11/2018 20:49

We have a lot of BDSM kit which I would not want found... It's all in a blanket chest, under layers of blankets, with a lock on it. One day that lock might be enticing. Hopefully sneaking into it and being disappointed by actual blankets will be enough excitement and she won't need to delve beneath them :')


MachineBee · 05/11/2018 23:14

I probably did misunderstand. But having read it back, still stand by them. Will certainly give DD pause for thought. 😂😂😂😂😂


user1473878824 · 05/11/2018 23:22

@MachineBee amazing

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