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AIBU or is my friend just a knob?

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MrsDylanBlue · 04/11/2018 21:00

Went out a few weeks ago with my friend.

Saw him last night and he said when I hugged him goodbye I got make up on his new t-shirt and he has washed it and it hasn’t come out.

He didn’t use stain remover Hmm

He is now demanding £25 off me to buy a replacement.

What do I do? Give him the money or just cut him out of my life?

OP posts:
YouTheCat · 04/11/2018 21:01

How does he know it was your make up?

user1473878824 · 04/11/2018 21:01

How old are the two of you?!

Biancadelriosback · 04/11/2018 21:01

That's a bit drastic!

ny20005 · 04/11/2018 21:02

How is it your fault he doesn't know how to remove stains 🙄

Icklepup · 04/11/2018 21:03

Tell him to use stain remover then

Singlenotsingle · 04/11/2018 21:04

Tell him to get on his bike!

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 04/11/2018 21:09

I have found that if you don’t use stain remover before washing it’s useless after. I can well imagine that he took it off and washed it without inspecting it. How much make up are you wearing that you can ruin other people’s clothes?

Mummymummums · 04/11/2018 21:17

Definitely don't pay. It was presumably a mutual hug. He's a knob.

Bestseller · 04/11/2018 21:20

I hug for a friend leaves your make up over his clothes.

I'd have thought it was something to talk about and resolve rather than black and white pay up or cut him off

GuyFawkesN1ght · 04/11/2018 21:27

I think you should give him the money. I don’t wear make up but even hugging some people I don’t like it because they feel plastered in it. I would be cross if my clothes were ruined by someone else’s make up. I wouldn’t ask for the money but he has so I think you should pay him . Be careful in future and maybe do an “air” hug.

SomeKnobend · 05/11/2018 02:09

Nobody needs a friend like this.

Olderbyaminute · 05/11/2018 02:11

I hope he enjoyed that hug because it’d be the last one he got from me

Coolaschmoola · 05/11/2018 02:13

How much make up do you wear?! Shock

I honestly I'd pay. It's not his fault your make up rubbed off on his new top. You must have either rubbed your face on him or have been wearing quite a lot for it to transfer on touch.

wafflyversatile · 05/11/2018 02:13

Pay half. You both hugged with scant regard to the hazards.

Rednaxela · 05/11/2018 02:23

He can put shaving foam on it, leave it for 20 mins, rinse and repeat.

Then fottfsofawygtfosm

JustJoinedRightNow · 05/11/2018 02:35

Then what Rednaxela?

I don’t think you should pay for his shirt, seems strange he would demand money for it.

PersonaNonGarter · 05/11/2018 02:40

Seriously, how old are you?! And how come he doesn’t think he was involved in this big? And how weird that you would fall out over it. And even if it was all your fault - where does the amount of £25 come from?

moredoll · 05/11/2018 02:44

Tell him you'll wash his shirt and use stain remover.

mokapot · 05/11/2018 02:45

A t-shirt that’s 25 quid...hardly fecking haute couture..could easily have got ruined if he’d vomited all over it after a bender, got into a fight etc as 18 year old lads do.....
Cos he’s 18 right?


Seniorschoolmum · 05/11/2018 02:46

That’s ridiculous. Your friend is a knob. And an incompetent one too.

Offer to show this sad man child how to wash a tshirt properly.

AjasLipstick · 05/11/2018 03:56

my sister's dog ate my DD"s new hat which had cost me 35 pounds. Damn right I wanted the money!

If you spoil someone else's belonging then pay up!

Zbag · 05/11/2018 06:15

Tell him to not be so wasteful and learn how to use a stain remover. I'd offer to clean it for him, and if all else fails I'd pay half.


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Thisreallyisafarce · 05/11/2018 06:18

He isn't really a very good friend, is he? I would block him.

Alfie190 · 05/11/2018 06:25

I wouldn’t demand money off my sister, but I think dog eating hat is a bit different to a hug that two people equally participated in.

I might give him £25 but it would be the last time he would see me.

whymewhyme · 05/11/2018 06:31

What a total idiot! I would seriously rethink my friendship!

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