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To be extremely peeved off at neighbours windchime?!

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AshBluex · 23/10/2018 07:36

Admittedly I may be hormonal due to being 39 weeks pregnant so apologies in advance. We moved in to our home about 4 months ago and have no complaints whatsoever....apart from across the road have an extremely loud windchime. It keeps me awake through the night, and as our street runs down to the sea it is extremely windy all the time. I know it's a petty problem but it isn't petty to me when I am heavily pregnant and cant sleep at all with the sound of that chiming away.

What is the best way to deal with it without causing a row? I have even though about taking it down myself when it has been 3am and I'm wide awake🙈


OP posts:

SoupDragon · 24/10/2018 09:04

Anyway, the OP's problem has been solved so I'm out.


BitOutOfPractice · 24/10/2018 09:09

Erm, bye then! Hmm


BitOutOfPractice · 24/10/2018 09:09

And could you close the door quietly behind you please? Wink


PhilomenaDeathsHeadHawkMoth · 24/10/2018 09:34


BalloonSlayer · 24/10/2018 09:39

I see they have gone now but I am not sure mentioning it at this point was a good idea, OP.. In a week's time you will have something far noisier than windchimes in your house, and the neighbours might think they can complain about that. If you hadn't moaned about the windchimes you could have complained that they woke the baby up . . . oh well.


RiverTam · 24/10/2018 10:25

Oh, nonsense. Our neighbours hardly heard DD, and we hardly heard the other side when they had a baby.


WaxOnFeckOff · 24/10/2018 10:30

There is a big difference between a thing deliberately put outside to make noise and a baby crying indoors. I'm presuming OP has no intentional of putting her baby outside to sleep during the night. I'd also have no issue with neighbours having indoor wind chimes. 😁


KC225 · 24/10/2018 11:00

A windchime on a sea road, must sound like steel drums at 2 0 the morning


EggysMom · 24/10/2018 11:08

Most windchimes are horrible.

Some windchimes are lovely because they are correctly tuned.


PumpkinKitty82 · 24/10/2018 11:23

I cannot stand noise , any kind of noise so that wind chime would be smashed up and shoved through their letter box.
Who would want to make wind noisy?? I don’t get it


RedDrink · 24/10/2018 11:24

Glad it's been solved and without destruction to the windchimes.

I have a set of windchimes of very high sentimental value, while I personally wouldn't hang them outside others might. I would be devastated if mine were destroyed.


brownbeauty · 24/10/2018 11:58

Was wondering if one of my neighbours wrote this as there is a house on our street with a wind chime and a dingly dangly bell and it absolutely pisses me off..
they work nights so are out when the street is sleeping.. or trying to
It's been about a month n no one has mentioned it to them yet
We sleep at the back of the house but can hear it in the daytime


Amlwch · 27/10/2018 17:28

Buy a sports whistle and blow it at random intervals, that's what I do to nuisance phone callers. I'm sure that your neighbours will be ok if you explain your general difficulty sleeping, the tell them that the chimes are just making it worse. Good luck.


LakieLady · 27/10/2018 17:40

Our neighbour across the road had a very strong sensor light that was angled in a way that everytime it came on it lit up our bedroom.

Aaaagh! My neighbours opposite had some of those installed a few weeks ago. It's like someone shining a searchlight at our bedroom window when they come on. They're not angled either, just bulkhead lights, 3 of the fuckers.

By contrast, I got used to next door's wind chimes after a couple of days and now find them pleasantly soothing, unless it's incredibly windy.


Ireallywantmylifeback · 27/10/2018 17:41

Urgh, my old neighbours had the most hideous ones. Asked for them to be taken down, they obliged. Now new neighbours have moved in and hung up their own. Jangling nightmare. I love pottering in my garden but that noise just drives me mad.
Congratulations on your victory tho op and wishing you all the best for when your baby arrives.


mrshousty · 27/10/2018 17:41

Also heavily pregnant 😁 congratulations!

Personally I wouldn't bother saying anything. I would take it as a sign to get double glazing in! Your sleep is over forever


TroysMammy · 27/10/2018 17:46

My neighbour has a small set of wind chimes. On a weekend if I hear them I snuggle further into bed as I know the weather is shitty.

Having a hearing impairment also helps.

I'd use the sellotape method above or blu tack.


Itsnotme123 · 27/10/2018 17:57

I feel for you. We had the same problem several years ago. We asked the neighbours to take them down as they were right outside our bedroom window. Huge great big things. The neighbours took them down, and I rushed round thanking them with cake and flowers as I was so relieved. One month later they put them back up again !!


Ellyess · 27/10/2018 18:45

44PumpLane. I agree with you!
If you try the "talking nicely" thing and they do nothing the only next step is war between you. Believe me, I tried to warn my neighbour about something which was in her interests and it was not even a complaint about her. She went ballistic. I had to call the Police. I have decided not to discuss anything with neighbours if I don't know them already - maybe even if I do; I learned recently how some friends I always thought were such good people have behaved terribly cruelly, with obvious anti-racial motives, and lied on legal forms. I'm going through a "you can't trust anyone" stage right now. It's horrible.

Find out what the local council rules are. They ought to back you up.

You are not being petty!

I hate the idiotic unmusical noise polluters in daytime let alone at night! If I want to enjoy my garden on a nice sunny day, I don't need the off-beat clatter of their imposed din battering my ears!

I think wind chimes in a built-up area (i. e. neighbours within 200 metres) are anti-social. The people who put them up are selfish show-off gits shouting "look at me with my new-age garden".


Ellyess · 27/10/2018 18:57

RiverTam (In a humbled whimper:) sorry!

Maybe, (she offered nervously,) we like discussing the subject that has been raised in a general way, because it rings a bell (ouch) with us too?


Ellyess · 27/10/2018 18:59

RiverTam whimpering still: Sorry again. I don't know why a smiley got where there should be a closed brackets... Confused


Ellyess · 27/10/2018 19:13

HoppingPavlova. Well we can't have you being "pissed if a neighbour came over to complain about them." can we? So maybe neighbours who also wish to enjoy their garden on those same precious days when the weather is perfect, should simply get some loud-speakers outside and play their favourite music, be it Brutal Death Metal, Witch House or merely Wagner's The Ring Cycle.


purplevamp · 27/10/2018 19:43

I'm a light sleeper and that would annoy me. My neighbours have got a trickling fish pond. The sound of gentle running water is fine, but theirs sounds like someone having a much needed and very long wee Shock. I haven't said anything because they're not the approachable kind.


CheshireChat · 27/10/2018 20:01

Huh, I was actually quite happy when my old neighbours got some, I like them! Never realised wind chimes could be so controversial Wink


AllTakenSoRubbishUsername · 27/10/2018 20:29

I hate those bloody things! When the wind blows I want to hear the wind, not man-made bits of bloody clanging metal and wood. Go and speak to them - they probably have no idea it's bothering you, and maybe then could put them in another area in the garden where they can't be heard.

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