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To be extremely peeved off at neighbours windchime?!

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AshBluex · 23/10/2018 07:36

Admittedly I may be hormonal due to being 39 weeks pregnant so apologies in advance. We moved in to our home about 4 months ago and have no complaints whatsoever....apart from across the road have an extremely loud windchime. It keeps me awake through the night, and as our street runs down to the sea it is extremely windy all the time. I know it's a petty problem but it isn't petty to me when I am heavily pregnant and cant sleep at all with the sound of that chiming away.

What is the best way to deal with it without causing a row? I have even though about taking it down myself when it has been 3am and I'm wide awake🙈


OP posts:

Polkasq · 23/10/2018 08:30

Elastic bands rather than sellotape.

I can't stand wind chimes!


BarbarianMum · 23/10/2018 08:33

At 39 weeks pregnant are you sure it's the wind chimes keeping you awake? I found that the constant need to pee, the calf cramps and the inability to turn over without a forklift did that.


SoupDragon · 23/10/2018 08:34

Just go and speak to them like a normal human being.


Puddlejumps · 23/10/2018 08:50

Ask them to take it down. We asked our neighbours before putting ours up and said we would take it down immediately if they didn’t like it. They responded by putting theirs up too, we are all happy. Do you leave the window open overnight?as that can let a lot of noise in.


BreakfastAtSquiffanys · 23/10/2018 08:57

Windchimes are like fingernails down a blackboard to me


haba · 23/10/2018 09:00

I love windchimes! But I live in a city with hundreds of thousands of others, who (thankfully) are mainly considerate, so no-one has them round here...


GoodbyeSummer · 23/10/2018 09:16

I'd be really tempted to tape them up with several layers of brown tape (the type that doesn't lose its stickiness when it gets wet). I'd also attach a note letting the owners know just how annoying their wind chimes are.


RiverTam · 23/10/2018 09:19

Puddle you and your neighbour do know that it's not just the pair of you that can hear your windchimes, especially in the dead of night? Take them down, FFS!


Strugglingtodomybest · 23/10/2018 09:22

Yanbu. My neighbours have loud windchimes, so bad that the neighbours on the other side of us, so two doors down from the chimes, take them down when our neighbours go on holiday.

I wish I'd snuck over and cut them because DH asked them to take them down because they keep me awake and they didn't. Selfish gits.


Oysterbabe · 23/10/2018 09:24

That's the trouble with talking to them sensibly, if they refuse to take them down then it does reduce the number of suspects when you give them a scissoring.


rockofages · 23/10/2018 09:26

I absolutely hate them. Suggest taking it down, laying it on the floor so it can’t make any noise. Repeat if put back up and leave a note. Hopefully that will sort it. If not, scissors!


happypoobum · 23/10/2018 09:31

windchimes are awful.

The problem with complaining is that then they will know it is you that comes back and chops them up if they refuse to be considerate...

I would just cut the strings.


CupMug · 23/10/2018 09:39

I had some small mirrored dangly thing in a tree in my garden and a neighbour said the glinting was annoying her so I took it down immediately - not a problem at all and I was glad the neighbour mentioned it rather than stewing over it. (and writing a MN thread)

Wind chimes are awful though and anyone that has one that could possibly be heard by neighbours is selfish and inconsiderate.


DaysOfCurlySpencer · 23/10/2018 10:57

I bet they sleep at the back of the house and don't hear it.

I like the sound of the wooden ones but only during the day so don't use them now, but someone at the back has one of those cheap tin things and it is really annoying.

Plastic ties would be quick and easy to attach, or some velcro strips, they might not even notice.


CupMug · 23/10/2018 12:18

I bet they sleep at the back of the house and don't hear it.

I don't know. Some people aren't bothered by noise. My husband can sleep through anything while I can't. Think of how many people can sleep with a ticking clock in their bedroom. I couldn't.


1Brummiemummy · 23/10/2018 12:47

This made me lol! I'm having the same discussion in my head apart from my neighbours wind chime repeatedly bang against the fence with every gust of wind. I haven't heard it for a while but once you do it's hard to block it out. You have a good excuse to do something irrational or just ask & blame the baby Grin


Gromance02 · 23/10/2018 13:05

Most decent people would want to be told if something they were doing/owned was annoying someone else needlessly.

A family down the road had a son in his 20's that had a motorbike that he revved every morning before going to work at about 7am. I lost it once and walked down asking him not to do it. He told me to fuck off. He carried on doing it but for a while but I haven't heard him for a while so hopefully he's either moved out or been killed on the road. Either way, I've got my peace back.


Fashionista101 · 23/10/2018 13:11

Wind chimes the most pointless annoying fucking invention ever #teamscizzors


justfloatingpast · 23/10/2018 13:14

I can't understand how it wouldn't occur to someone that hanging something noisy in their garden and leaving it there all night is going to annoy their neighbours.

Seriously, why would anyone living with neighbours close by do this?


Changedmynametoolikeyou · 23/10/2018 13:21

Gromance: He carried on doing it but for a while but I haven't heard him for a while so hopefully he's either moved out or been killed on the road. Either way, I've got my peace back.



QueenofCuntybollocks · 23/10/2018 13:23

Christ. Kill the fuckers. Kill them all. Nick it, ffs.


toherdoor · 23/10/2018 13:24

He carried on doing it but for a while but I haven't heard him for a while so hopefully he's either moved out or been killed on the road. Either way, I've got my peace back.

Jesus @Gromance02 😂 that's a bit much.


florafawna · 23/10/2018 13:26

No sleep after baby Grin


Rachyabbadabbadoo · 23/10/2018 13:27

Had a quick look at reviews on Amazon for windchimes and found this beaut - just be grateful you don't live next door to this dude:
"After decades of enjoying Mike Oldfields 'Tubular Bells', I have found delightful replacements that cost absolutely nothing to play, just a slight breeze. It is particularly pleasing to introduce the charming chimes so lovingly created in New York State to the southwest Highlands of Scotland. The bronze 'Pluto' chimes are not only enchanting to look at, but produce a perfect aural feast. While I fully expect the chords to need replacing over time, I anticipate the sounds will past as long as there is a slight breeze. A light application of oil to the wood and the chimes will ensure this. Can't recommend them highly enough. I was so enthralled with my purchase that I have since bought the captivating sounds of 'Mercury', the smallest planet, to tinkle in my garden as an additional treat"


Gromance02 · 23/10/2018 13:28

I don't think it's a bit much. He showed his regard for me when he told me to fuck off. I didn't know him.

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