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To ask for advice in getting through the next 48 hours?

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survivalmode · 16/10/2018 17:31

I have a 4mo and a preschooler. DH is away for work until late Thurs. I've barely been able to find time to wee today. Sat here utterly exhausted waiting for the bigger one's bedtime.

I know this is normal for some people. But I have PND and feel absolutely terrified. My mind is going to dark places 'What if I die?' 'What if one gets really ill?' 'and I feel like something awful is going to happen to us all.

How can I get through the next hour? The whole evening? The long night? I feel so alone.

OP posts:

smurfy2015 · 17/10/2018 10:41

Checking in on you as well and hope you are trying to get some rest, TV, simple food and cuddles for all. Bribery also helps the bigger one.


Shoobydooby09 · 17/10/2018 17:18

First 24 hours done OP - how are you doing ? Hope today has been ok

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