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to be expecting bad news?

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BornStar · 15/10/2018 13:59

Been in hospital for a doppler after being admitted last week because there was an absent diastolic flow through the umbilical cord. They let me home a couple of days ago but want to do close monitoring.

I couldn't make out what the doppler said, but the sonographer said 'hmm, still looks high' and also asked if I had been leaking amniotic fluid (I don't think I have?).

The doppler was two hours ago and I'm still sat in the waiting area waiting to talk to someone about it. I don't want to be a pain and ask how long it's going to be, but I can only assume that if everything was okay they would've sent me home by now?

Freaking out a little and don't know how much longer I can wait. Seems like a lifetime...

AIBU to think they have bad news for me? Sat here trying not to cry as my anxiety is going up every minute that passes...

OP posts:
rainbowgrimm · 15/10/2018 14:05

Born star-go to the reception desk and ask if you've been forgotten about. I wonder if you have been.

Funnyface1 · 15/10/2018 14:06

Definitely go ask.

Crunchymum · 15/10/2018 14:07

Yes OP, go and ask.

I can only think if it were terrible news, you wouldn't have been left sitting around. .

How many weeks are you? Anyone who can come and keep you company?

taratill · 15/10/2018 14:08

i had lots of hospital admissions with DS1.

I wouldn't place anything on this at all. It's likely they are just too busy to do the discharge paperwork.

All the best.

Stormwhale · 15/10/2018 14:09

I would explain that you are feeling very anxious and ask if there is any news. 2 hours is a long time to be left waiting with no information about what is happening.

ButAIBUtho · 15/10/2018 14:10

How far along are you? How long ago was the Doppler?

They are probably waiting for a doctor to review that can take some time.

C0untDucku1a · 15/10/2018 14:12

Two hours sat there with no information is a long time. I hooe youve now gone to ask.

GreatDuckCookery6211 · 15/10/2018 14:13

Two hours is a long time to wait, you're not being a pain in asking if they have the results yet. Hope everything is ok x

EyeDrops · 15/10/2018 14:14

Definitely go and ask - it may just be that there's something else holding appointments up. Hope you're seen soon and it's good news.

PossibiliTea · 15/10/2018 14:14

Hope everything is ok, waiting is horrible but sometimes you do get forgotten about so please go ask x

Hortonlovesahoo · 15/10/2018 14:15

I'd also ask for an update. I had a long wait after being admitted as they were busy with a flux of women at one time! Hope everything's ok OP

HollowTalk · 15/10/2018 14:15

I would have thought you'd be seen quickly if something was wrong. I hope everything's ok.

smallfootpercy · 15/10/2018 14:15

Hand hold while you’re waiting OP. Go ask.

MynameisJune · 15/10/2018 14:17

Go and ask, two hours with no communication is not acceptable. If you’re not great at advocating for yourself (and lots of people aren’t especially women) can you call a friend or relative to come and sit with you and maybe help? I always stand up for my friends much better than I do for myself!

M3lon · 15/10/2018 14:20

This happened to my Mum when pregnant with me. Everyone sent on except her...4 hours fearing the worst...she has been left off the list - all was fine.

Fingers crossed for the same outcome for you. Please ask!

Bigboobiebish · 15/10/2018 14:22

Definitely go and ask.

How far along are you?

In my experience they will monitor you a lot over the next few days/weeks.
I had absent flow, which then went into reverse flow, which meant I had to go into delivery at 26 weeks (everything turned out fine!)
Don't worry, they know what they're doing.
Poor they've kept you waiting so long though, used to drive me mad!

Good luck Thanks

Bigboobiebish · 15/10/2018 14:26

God, I've just realised my post probably wouldn't do much to ease your anxiety, I apologise Thanks

Things turned out wonderfully for me in the end, even at that gestation, so please try not to worry.

If they were really worried then they would t have you hanging around for 2 hours... they'd be straight on it. All the best.

roses2 · 15/10/2018 14:27

A 2 hour wait for the consultant to review was normal when I had hospital tests for pregnancy issues

C0untDucku1a · 15/10/2018 15:04

If it is the normal
waiting time, then there is no excuse at all for
not communicating that.

BornStar · 15/10/2018 15:05

Been seen by the midwife. They want another growth scan on Thursday and if no improvement they're going to admit me Sad not what I wanted to hear but at least it is an answer. You were right. They were just waiting to speak to the consultant about my results. Bummer!

OP posts:
ButAIBUtho · 15/10/2018 16:15

How far along are you?

BornStar · 15/10/2018 19:28

@ButAIBUtho I'm 37 weeks!

OP posts:

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Bigboobiebish · 15/10/2018 19:29

Why are you worried then? You're full term?

(I don't mean that as arsey as it sounds, I'm genuinely wondering what your concerns are?)

Shoobydooby09 · 15/10/2018 19:46

Even if baby arrives earlier than planned 37 weeks is classed as full term.

RememberWhenRibenaTastedNice · 15/10/2018 20:01

That's good then.
So you have a full term baby.

Best of luck with the birth.

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